When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


22. Unexpectedly

Josh started the old rusty car and Sara noted that the car barely started. Nevertheless, he started the engine and drove them out of the village. He turned into a dirt road and then he stopped at a lake. It was in the middle of the woods and she saw not a single house. It was in nowhere land!
"I always go here to think." he said and looked at her. "No one in the village like the forest, because they are afraid of the supernatural, but I know that this lake is everything else."
She looked toward the lake and wondered what he was talking about. She let her gaze drift over the calm waters. The trees was reflected in the water and it looked like something out of a movie or from a photograph.
"I like it ..." whispered Sarah, and then she smiled at him. "I'm not afraid of the supernatural and there's nothing here that can hurt us here."
Josh looked straight into her eyes and it was like he didn't want to let her go. He seemed to change the thoughts about her, and a faint smile appeared.
"Do you know the fact that I like you? You have something special over you and I could spend hole my life to find out what it is."
Sara blushed and almost forgot who she was. She wished she had met Josh before she became a vampire and was attracted by Niall. 


Josh jumped out of the car and Sara followed. He walked up to the water and looked at her with amused eyes.
"Have you gone swimming nude before?"
Sara swallowed and shook directly on her head. Josh pulled his shirt off and showed her that he wasn't afraid of nudity.
"Then this will be the first time." he said cheerfully, and then ripped the rest of the outfit. He turned around and looked at her. "Come on!"
Sara blushed and tried to not looking at his lower part.
"Do I really ...."
He came up to her and let his hands slide around her body. He grabbed the zipper on her dress and pulled it down. The dress slipped off her body and landed under her. Josh continued to snap of her bra and then he pulled down her panties.
"It wasn't so difficult?" he whispered, and remained standing in front of her. He looked straight into her eyes and Sara felt how their bodies almost met. It was as if they avoided each other, but at the same time they couldn't help to feel that they wanted to do more. Josh took her hand and pulled her towards the water.


The water was wonderful and they swam around each other. Sara had never before met a guy who was like Josh. He was absolutely wonderful and at the same time, it felt wrong. She was married to Niall, but the feelings attracted her towards another direction. She felt the desire to Josh and it was like it was meant to be. She wasn't really sure of anything, but she knew she would never bite him. She didn't want his blood, but she wanted his body.


When they both froze they went up on the beach. They lay down on their back in the sand and looked up at the clear blue sky. The sun was hot and it felt on the skin that it really was summer.
"You know what?" Josh whispered and looked at her. "I want you to stay to tomorrow, or are you in a hurry to go away?"
She swallowed and tried to think clearly. She avoided looking at him and followed instead a cloud that drifted across the sky.
"I don't know." she replied. "I must leave the village soon and I need to continue my journey."
Josh laid on his side and watched her closely.
Sara closed her eyes. She wanted to tell him about it all, but she knew it would be like to break the law. Likewise, she was afraid that he wouldn't believe her or that he would be afraid of her.
"Just because!"
She felt Josh hand. He put it on her stomach and began to caress her skin. Slowly his hand slid up over her body and stopped at one of her breasts. She felt how he cupped his hand and stroked her tenderly. She moaned, through the whole body was in rebellion. Josh hand then went up to her neck and then he stroked her face tenderly. She refused to open her eyes and enjoyed instead of every second.


Josh's lips met hers and it was enough. She took her arms around his body and he moved his body so that he landed on top of her. She spread her legs and felt how he pressed himself against her. Josh let his tongue slip in between Sarah's lips and pretty soon she was like crazy. They spun around in the sand and finally she landed on top of him. Without Josh needed to ask her, she let him penetrate. She felt how he filled her and she began to ride him. Josh took his arms tightly around her waist and followed her every move. Her lips slid desperately from his and she kissed him on the cheek, down to the neck. She didn't want the blood, but only the desire to make love with him even more. She increased the pace and felt a tingle all over. Smack noises were heard as soon as she landed on him. She was moving faster and faster. It was as if she didn't get enough of his cock and that if she wanted to get him stuck inside her. Eventually she orgasm come. She sat straight up in the back and moved her body faster. She felt her whole pussy convulsed. She felt a wonderful feeling spread through her ​​body and she screamed almost straight out. She didn't know if time stood still or not. All she knew was that her body slowly let the orgasm ebbing out of her.


Sara opened her eyes and met directly his scruffy look. He smiled big at her and revealed that he also wanted to come. Sara spun around so that he ended up on top of her again. Direct Josh began to moved on the hip and he kissed her. She felt how he pushed his cock in and out. He bounced against her body and he moaned in pleasure. Finally he came and started pushing one last time into her. He shook and squeezed out the sperm right into her. Sara smiled and took her arms around his body. He moaned one last time and then lay panting remaining on her.


"Sara ...." he whispered in her ear. "I want you to stay."
She came back to reality and realized what had happened. She had let lust take over and she knew she could never stay. She was created to travel and not to have a normal life ever.
"I can't."
Josh raised his head and looked straight into her eyes.
Sara swallowed and shook her  head.
"I just can't stay here. It doesn't matter why and you can't come with me."
Josh continued to look into her eyes. He let his hands caress her hair and he looked generally sad.
"Please tell me why. Otherwise, I will tie you in my bed."
She smiled weakly and just shook her head. Josh didn't give up. He gave her a light kiss and watched her face closely.
"I love you!"
Sara just wanted to cry, she wanted to scream right out and she wanted all her life undone.
"Josh, you can't love me. You have to forget me."
He shook his head.
"No, I will not forget you. Don't you see that we have something special between us? I felt it as soon as you came into the store and I knew it when you chose the book. You are unique and I don't want you to leave me. Not ever!"

Sara tried to get him away from her, but Josh low hard left against her body.
"Don't resist!" he whispered tenderly. "I see at you that you feel the same. I see at you that you want me as much as I want you."
Sara closed her eyes and felt the tears almost came.
"Josh, please don't ask more and don't ask me to stay."
He kissed her again and let his lips almost eat her up. He wanted to show how much he felt for her and his desire to get her to stay.

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