When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


11. To preserve virginity

Niall placed Sara in front of him on the couch and he sat down on the table. He took out a box from his pocket and smiled at her.
"I spent half the night to search for information online." he said happily. "I learned how to do it."
Sara giggled and watched him as he knelt before her. He took out a crumpled piece of paper and blushed slightly.
"I wrote a speech. Want to hear it?"
She felt her whole body became warm. He had made an effort to do everything the right way and she saw how his hands shook. She nodded and immediately cleared Niall his throat.
"I have lived a life without love." he started with. "I have searched through the whole world to find you and I had no idea you were here. My life was empty, until the day when you showed up in my life. You fill me with the love that I never thought existed. I love you so much that it hurts."
Niall looked straight into her eyes and put away the note.
"I can't promise that we will not argue. I can't promise that we will always feel like this. But I promise you, I'll give you my heart and I promise to try every day to make you happy."
Sara shook with excitement, happiness and love. She had tears in her eyes and couldn't help but smile as big as she could. Niall opened the box and she saw two rings. A plain gold ring and a ring with a large red diamond. She was breathless and had to swallow to not pass out.
"Will you marry me?"
She nodded and looked directly into his eyes.
"Yeah Niall. There's no other than you I want more that I want you right now."
He smiled and picked up the ring. He took it on her finger and then she took on him his ring. She felt she was shaking and he did the same. It was a magical moment and time stood nearly still.


Niall kissed Sara. He kissed her hard and ended up on top of her on the sofa. She felt him pressed himself against her body and the way his hands moved over her back. She was surprised when she spread her legs and felt a tingle between her legs. He caused her to forget to preserve her virginity. He got her to totally fall into his hands, and she enjoyed every second. When she moaned Niall ended the kiss and smiled at her.
"We shouldn't go further today?"
Sara wanted! She was ready to rip off her clothes, let him do what he wanted and give him everything she had. Still, she saw at him he was serious.
Niall caressed her face with his hands and shook his head.
"I have promised myself to do as you do. We're getting married and then we go all the way."
Sara was disappointed, but she had herself to blame. Why was she so damn adorned? Why couldn't she do as all the other girls? She wanted to have sex with him. She wanted to feel his bare skin against hers, but Niall sat up and pulled her up, so that she sat on the couch again.
"We will not destroy you." he whispered. "I don't wanna do something you'll regret in the morning and we have the rest of eternity to do it."
She giggled at his choice of words.
Niall blushed immediately and looked away from her.
"I meant the rest of our lives!"
She hugged him directly and straddled in his lap. She took her arms around his neck and forced him to look at her.
"Niall, you can do what you want with me. I'm yours!"
He smiled and took his arms around her body. He kissed her neck lightly and pressed her against him.
"No honey. I want to do it properly."
Sara released her borders. She dropped everything she believed in and started kissing him again. She pressed herself against his member, creating friction so he reacted. Niall groaned and she felt one of his hands slid inside her dress. The hand went up at her skin and landed right on her back. She wanted! She took therefore up his shirt and let her hands caress his naked chest. She let her tongue meet his and she showed with her whole body what she wanted. Niall tried to resist, but Sara was determined to go all the way. She managed to get off him the shirt and she felt that he was getting more and more intense. She felt his hands play with her ​​skin on her back and he held her tightly. Her pulse rose and she forgot about everything that was normal. The only thing that was available was Niall and she wanted him fully. He tore off her dress and she felt how he then took off to her bra. He caressed her breasts tenderly. Sara moaned and she let her hands looking up his pants. She folded them up and tried to pull them down. Direct Niall took away her hands and put her on her back, on the floor. He ended up on top of her body and tore off her panties. Sara wasn't ashamed that she was naked. Instead, she wanted him to see her. He would understand that her whole body was his. He had to do what he wanted and she wanted everything. Niall let the kiss go down over her breasts. He took care of her nipples and she took her hands hard through his hair. She felt his hand took the way to her clitoris and he began to caress it. She nearly screamed with pleasure and spread her legs as much as she could. Niall slid down and let his tongue meet her skin. He kissed her, licked her and sucked on her. He landed between her legs and when he started to take care of her most sensitive part, she moaned even more with pleasure. She hadn't felt that before and it was wonderful. Sara didn't know what he was doing. The only thing she felt was his tongue against her clit and he got her to forget time and space.


After a while it started to almost tickle between her legs. Sara felt herself pressed up against Nialls face and she opened her mouth wide open. Her whole body began to shake and she felt a pleasure going straight through her whole body. She screamed and didn't know where she was going. It took a while before she realized it was an orgasm.


When she had calmed down, Niall looked up at her and smiled.
"You're still a virgin darling, but I did something for you."
She just puffed and dried barely move. Niall sat up and looked at her with satisfaction.
"We shouldn't have sex until we get married."
Sara gave him the right to think so. He nevertheless had given her something to remember forever.
"How did you know how you would do it?" she asked him. Niall smiled and looked at her entire body with a curious gaze.
"I know what you want and I know what I'll do. You are like me and I'm like you."
She chose to smile weakly and she liked that he looked at her. She loved his eyes, that they curiously slid over her breasts and down to her lower body. He seemed to love what he saw, and she wanted him to love her body. It was a new thought, and she had never given another person the opportunity to see her naked before. She had instead asked the guys to go to hell (literally) when they had attempted to touch her. With Niall it was different. She loved the idea that he looked at her, he touched her and that he wanted her.

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