When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


14. The wedding

Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia woke Sara up in the morning. They took with them all that she would be wearing, and pretty soon was Sarah's house filled with sounds and movements. They had brought food and other stuff that would made them survived till they should go to the meadow.
"You should take a bath." was the first thing that Perrie said, and she laughed. "We read that Niall may not see you until you're getting married, so we told him to stay away."
Sara just smiled and obeyed them. She took a bath and Eleanor poured the oil in the water so that she became smooth all over the skin. Sophia made so that Sarah got a mud pack and Sara enjoyed the attention. All cared about her and there was much laughter in the air.

"Niall was really nervous today." Eleanor mumbled and looked at the other girls. "Or?"
Everyone agreed and looked at Sara. She just smiled in response and felt she was equally nervous. It felt like it was in the air, that day would be different and it felt throughout the body.
"I know anyway that I make the right choice." she replied in the end and everyone looked at her. Sara smiled weakly and leapt out of the bath.


The wedding dress was wonderful. There wasn't much extraordinary to it, but instead it had been placed beads around the arms, waist and in the front of the dress. Sara looked in the mirror how she slowly turned into a fairy princess. Eleanor put up her hair and a simple crown in gold with red beads was placed on her head. She got on the jewellery which she had received, and all the other things that were going to were. Last, located Eleanor the veil nicely on her head and smiled contentedly.
"You're beautiful Sara. Believe nothing else!"
It was as if time stood still and Sara could do nothing but smile. She was really beautiful and envisioned a completely different girl from what she was.


"You know about what happens to night?" Sophia whispered suddenly and looked at her. Sara laughed direct and nodded a little bit embarrassed.
"I lose my virginity."
The girls looked at each other and immediately knew Sara that maybe it was something else that they were aimed at.
"Or what did you mean?"
Perrie smiled reassuring to her.
"Yes, you lose your virginity." she said, and seemed almost believe her words. "It's a great thing to marry a man and unite with a man."
Sara nodded uncertainly.
"Niall wanted to preserve my virginity, and tonight he'll get to take it from me."
"It's great." Perrie whispered directly and smiled. Yet it was as if the truth didn't arrived. Sara felt throughout the body that there was something more would happen, but what?


A car came and picked up Sara and the girls. Louis was driving the car and when he saw Sarah, he smiled with his whole face. He nodded with satisfaction and watched her closely.
"You look like one of those chick in movies!"
Sara blushed and giggled. She jumped in the car and felt the entire stomach tingled. The other was placed in the car too, then drove Louis them toward the meadow.


When they arrived at the meadow, it was like a dream. Everyone in the village was there, but kept their distance from the area where Niall and Sarah would be at. She saw how a way had been made to the altar. It was an odd altar. It reminded not to something that Sarah had seen before and was completely black. On the altar was a chalice, candle and a book. Niall stood right in front of it with Sam and he looked curiously toward the car. Nelly's parents were among the villagers and seemed proud over their daughter.
"Are you ready?" Sophia asked her. Sara nodded and swallowed.
"How many people are here?"
Perrie agreed and smiled at her.
"Nobody wanted to miss this and it certainly is amazing that a village can have such cohesion?"
Sara agreed but felt unsure. Never before had the whole village been on one place and everyone was there for her.


Nelly went slowly to the altar and she didn't let Niall go with her eyes. A small stereo played a melody, as she had never heard before, and she wondered if it was Nialls choice? She couldn't care and went to Niall. She saw how he smiled at her. He shone like the sun, and he just looked at her. It felt as if she was still dreaming, but she knew it was happening.


When Niall stood by her side, she took direct his shaking in her and she looked at him. Sam was getting ready and the music was turned off.
"We are gathered here today to experience something different." Sam said to them and to all who were there. "We will join Sara and Niall in marriage and let them create a common future. At ages are they joined in the band and their generation will have to bring together two different people."
Sara asked directly her self what he was talking about, but she didn't interrupt Sam. Instead, she stopped listening and just looked at Niall. The blue eyes were gorgeous and he smiled so that all the teeth sparkled in the sunlight.


"Niall!" suddenly said Sam and both Sara and Niall looked at him. "You want Sara to be your wife. Will you love her for all the best and worst. Are you ready to take the plunge into twosomeness and protect her from the dangers?"
Strange words? Sara didn't dare say anything now either, and she swallowed. Niall said yes and then asked Sam to her almost the same thing.
"You want Niall to your man? Will you love Niall for all the best and worst? Let you him protect you and your future children from danger and toward those who don't share our opinion?"
She wanted to ask what the words meant, but she didn't dare question it.
"Yes!" she said instead, smiling. Sam raised his hands in the air and closed his eyes.
"I give you more energy, I give you a riches life, and I give you my protection. In eternity forever, I and our society going to protect you. We will protect you for your love and we will always take care of you."
He opened his eyes and lowered his eyes.
"Niall, you may now kiss the bride!"


Cheers were heard from anyone who was there. Niall kissed Sara and he pressed her hard against him. Sara took her arms around his shoulders and answered the kiss. It tingled in her body and she knew that life took a new turn. When Niall had finished the kiss he looked at her and raised two rings from his pocket.
"We don't have this tradition about the rings, but I bought these to make it the way you want it." he whispered. Sara wanted to scream with happiness, but she managed to stay calm. Niall took the ring on her finger and then looked at her.
"Now you're mine forever."
She nodded and laughed a little bit.
"Till death do us part."
Niall was startled and then seemed to consider her words. She took his ring on his finger and smiled at him again.
"The Church's traditions say so. Till death do us part!"
Niall smiled uncertainly.
"I just don't like talking about death."

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