When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


23. The truth about me

At night, Josh fell asleep in his bed. He kept his arms around Sara's body and she felt  how he breathed against her cheek. She lay still and looked up at the ceiling. She wanted to stay, but at the same time she knew that it was impossible. Josh would never understand and she couldn't explain why. It was like coming to a dead end, and she came out of nowhere.


The choice was easy. She crept quietly out of his arms and stood down on the floor. She quickly took her clothes on and picked up the backpack. She even took the vampire book, which she had received. Then Sara was leaving quiet the house and leaving Josh behind. He would live on and she knew that one day he would forget her.


It was humid air outside. The fog was thick over the ground and she quickly moved along the road. Not a car drove by and she heard the sounds of the night envelop her. Far away she heard a howling wolf and she could hear the owls and bats fighting over food. All the voices ended up in her mind and she tried to remember what it was like to not hear so much. One time she had been normal and back then she had been able to choose Josh instead of Niall. The choices she had made in life wasn't exactly thought through and she knew she had been naive. To falling for Niall had been a big mistake, but as Josh said. Without Niall had she never met Josh.


Stealthily sound! Small breaths and a trap was laid out. Sara heard a guy was moving in the woods. He wasn't a hunter who was looking for her, but he was a hunter who captured innocent animals. She felt the scent he smelled bad and he drank liquor. He laid out a trap and he laid out leghold traps. Her deadly side took over and she could feel his blood boil in his veins. This was a man that no one would miss, and she saw the opportunity to get food. Sara was quick, she moved silently through the forest. All her senses were awake and she could hear the guy's every move. He out himself to a tree and opened a bottle. He was oblivious to her presence and he didn't see her red eyes. She went  fast against the victim. She appeared out of the mist like a ghost and she stabbed him quickly with her teeth against his vein. She pressed up his disgusting body against the tree and sucked out from him all the blood. Slowly he vanished away, and eventually he was dead. Sara felt how she got back the energy and she felt she began to live again. She dropped the body and let it remain under the tree. Then she gathered together quickly all the traps and destroyed them. It was then that she realized what she really wanted to do. She quickly began to go back to Josh's house. She wasn't ready to leave him yet.


Sara showered and made sure that all traces of blood disappeared. She threw the clothes out and made sure that Josh couldn't find them. Then she crawled naked into bed and crawled into his lap. Directly she felt how her body relaxed. She realized that she loved him, but she knew that their days were numbered. She was able to stay a short time, but no more. She knew that this was just a quick fix, but at the same time, she wanted to be with Josh.


In the morning woke Sara due kisses along the spine. She was laying on her stomach and had Josh over her back. He kissed her so tenderly and she felt his hands slide over her skin. Sara groaned and tried to spin around. She lay down on her back and immediately met Josh her ​​lips. He kissed her and put all his weight on her. She spread her legs and felt that they couldn't get enough of each other. He was so loving towards her and she felt his heart pounding. He penetrated and moved quickly to the hip. He groaned against her and he showed with the whole body that he didn't get enough of her. Sara just smiled and took her legs around his waist. She let him take her, she let him love her and she didn't want him to stop. Josh came and he pressed himself hard into her. She heard his toned and his whole body shook. She felt him slowly relaxed and finally he looked at her again. They said nothing to each other, but he let his hand slide down between her legs. He started fondling her and immediately she moaned in pleasure. He had two fingers penetrate and his thumb caressed her clit quickly. She spread her legs and closed her eyes. Josh knew what she wanted and he got her to climax. Her whole body began to shake and she pressed against his hand. She whimpered, she was panting and finally orgasm through her ​​whole body and she was shaking.


"Josh, I stay only a few days!" she whispered in his ear. "Then, you must forget me."
He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. She saw that he didn't like what she said, and he wouldn't listen.
"Tell me why?"
Sara swallowed and she was so close to telling the truth. She wanted to tell him all about who she was.
"I can't ...."
Josh didn't give up.
"Have it with vampires that do?" he said quickly. "Every time the topic pops up, you are like a quiet mouse and I understand that there are someone who chasing you."
Sara were paff. He suspected that she wasn't like him?
"I can't tell you anything!" she whispered, but he just smiled at her.
"Well, you can tell everything. I don't care if a vampire chasing you or if you are looking for revenge on them. I want to know!"
Sara took up her courage. She looked into his eyes and hoppads of understanding.
"Do you promise not to be afraid, angry or yell?"
He nodded.
"Of course I promise that."
Sara swallowed and gathered up the thoughts. She knew she couldn't tell all at once, but she could bring the most important.
"I met Niall in my village and I fell for his charm. He and his brothers, with their wives, moved into a house and everyone in the village started loving them. It took time for me to axeptera them, but once I let them into my life, I became like one of them. I chose to say yes when Niall proposed to me and I really wanted to have him."

Josh lay down beside her and he listened. He showed her to continue and she smiled faintly.
"We got married in a meadow, because Niall hate the church., We left the country and went to Ireland. Niall had rented a castle and we would spend two weeks there and then go back home., That's what I thought! Instead of continuing be a normal couple, it turned out that he wasn't human and he made ​​me to be the same as he was. "
Josh frowned.
"What do you mean?"
Sara swallowed again and closed her eyes to avoid seeing his reaction.
"Josh, I'm a vampire!"
A minute passed before she dared to open her eyes and she met a pensive gaze. Josh just stared at her and he didn't know if he could trust her or not.
"Are you serious?"
Sara nodded.
"Yes, I'm serious. I need blood and I will never die. I don't get sick and I can perceive more than you people can do."
He swallowed
"And you want me to believe in you?"
Sara felt the tears came and she began to sob.
"I knew you ...!"
Josh put his hand over her mouth and looked straight into her eyes.
"I believe in you, but it's a lot to digest. Okay?"
Sara nodded and took his hand away.
"We have destroyer after us who want to kill us. Therefore, we can't I stay and I need food. I can't feed myself on the people here. It would be dangerous for them and for me."

Josh thought for a bit and then smiled.
"Why haven't you bitten me?"
Sara swallowed and wiped away the last tears that came.
"I love you and I can't kill a person that I love."
Josh caressed her cheek with his hand. She saw that he was still unsure, but he tried to digest the truth.
"Thank you!" he whispered. "I love you, and I don't care who you are or have been. I love you Sara for the girl who you are."
She took a deep breath.
"But it can't be an us... I'm vampire, I'm married and you shouldn't have to become such person as I am."
"Why did you leave Niall?"
Sara stuck to the truth.
"He wants to have children and that isn't me right now. Then I killed my first victim and Niall got mad at me. I felt that we drifted a part and we no longer felt the same thing. I chose to leave him without talking about it with him. He doesn't know where I am."
Josh thought for some.
"Okay, so you're left alone? How many vampires are there?"
Sara had no answer.
"I don't know if there's more!"
"Okay ..." whacked Josh again. "Then you're vampire and you can't stay. Couldn't I go with you?"
She shook her head.
"No, you should stay here. It's not safe with me. I can't protect you and you shouldn't become as rootless as I am. And you got your mom to take care of."
"I have no life here ..." still continued Josh and she understood that he wanted to persuade her. "My mom son't care about me and I'm just waiting to be rescued. Couldn't you save me from my life?"
Sara shook her head.
"I left my village and I regret to this day that I married Niall. I have a mother and a father who will never see me again. I wouldn't want your mother run into the same thing."
Yet saw Josh praying at her and she saw that he really meant the words.
"I want to fly with you and I don't want to live this life. Mom don't direct got any ties to me and she hates me to a certain extent. I can leave it all without getting guilt."
Sara just shook on her head.
"No and don't ask again. I stay a few days here, but then I travel away. You live your life here and you will meet a girl one day that suits you better and you will grow old together."

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