When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


16. The night it happened

Night came!

"Let's go to the bedroom ..." Niall whispered tenderly and brought Sara out of her thoughts. Directly she came to think about what would happen and she avoided his gaze. Niall laughed right away and stood up.  He reached out to her and got her to go with him. Sara's legs shook and she felt that she almost ended up in a daze. Now it would happen, and she kept telling herself that Niall would be wonderful to her.


When they came into the bedroom, Niall smiled big. The staff at the castle had lit candles all over the bedroom. On the bed they had sprinkled red rose petals and in the background was played soft music. Sara just stared at it all and didn't notice that Niall began to strip naked. She didn't see it until he came up to her.
"Sara, I love you." he whispered tenderly, and took her face between his hands. He looked straight into her eyes. "Tonight, things will change, but remember that I'm the same Niall as I am now. I love you and I will forever be yours."
Sara nodded slightly and felt her legs just shook more. Niall slowly began to strip her naked. He took his time and it was as if he enjoyed every second, of every article of clothing he had to undress her.


When Sarah was completely naked, he took her hand and led her over to the bed. He lifted her in his arms and laid her down on the soft mattress. Without a word, he lay down beside her and let his hand slowly caress her body. Sara smiled weakly and tried not to blush. It was this moment she had dreamed about and now she wasn't sure if she wanted to.
"You're beautiful, so beautiful!" Niall got hoarse out and he leaned slowly toward her face. Their lips met and Sara took her arms around his neck. She moaned as he lay on top of her and his hands caressed her bare skin. She spread her legs and felt his member was pressed between her legs. He moved slowly across her and moaned quietly against her lips. He let his tongue pass through her mouth and slowly began to play with her ​​tongue. Sara forgot all doubts and felt how him slowly made ​​her spurred up. Like so many times before, he got her to become horny. She moved in his movements and ended up in the fog. Niall was touching her more intensely and his hand went down to her most sensitive part. She moaned louder and felt how he took care of her. He got her to give up, she let him decide and he managed to get her to forget about time and space.


Niall took his member against he and penetrated. Sara was filled with his meat and she felt him fill her out. She moaned loudly and closed her eyes. Niall continued to kiss her, and finally he had penetrated all the way.
"Does it hurt?" he whispered, but Sara just shook her head and took her legs around his waist. Niall smiled and he slowly started to move on the hip. He groaned against her and she felt how he got her whole body to react. She took her arms tighter around his body, and she followed his pace. She tried to be calm, but throughout she screamed for more. Niall stepped up the pace and she felt how he continued to do the right things with her. He began to kiss her again and this time they were intense. She caressed his body, she drew her nails at his back and she moaned with pleasure. Niall groaned louder and she heard him moan higher. He kissed her hard and their tongues almost got stuck together. Two sweaty bodies, and it felt like a single unit. It was as if they flowed together and the boundaries between them disappeared.


Sara opened her eyes and saw Niall in a daze. She saw his face, which made grimaces of pleasure. She loved his face, and she loved the whole Niall. He was her husband, and just the thought made ​​her move the body more quickly toward him. It wasn't until her whole body shook as she saw a change. Nialls otherwise blue eyes had become red. Nialls otherwise so white and perfect teeth had changed. She saw fangs. Sarah's first thought it was she who did see him wrong in the dark, but the more she looked at Nialls face, the more real it became. Yet she made no resistance. Nialls change didn't affect her, and she couldn't think clearly. He pushed his cock harder into her and for every move he made, he became more and more intense and rough. She moaned and felt how his body held her firmly and finally something happened.


A pain appeared on her neck. Niall bit her and she felt how he pressed his teeth into her vein. Yet she couldn't say no. She moaned just louder and followed his movements. It was as if she were in a trance and she lacked self-will. She couldn't push him away and she couldn't open her mouth to ask what he did. Niall had her where he wanted and he decided everything. The orgasm came and it was sharp. Sara shook and she screamed. Niall stopped biting her and she saw that he had blood in his mouth. His eyes were almost black now and although he looked nasty, she wasn't afraid. Instead, she moaned with pleasure and felt the body was imbued with the orgasm. As soon as she landed on her back, came Niall. He pressed his body against her and she felt him shaking. He filled her with cum and he screamed her name. After that, all was like in a fog. She disappeared and wasn't aware of what happened. She felt Niall kissed her and he put her on trial in the bed. She couldn't move her body and slowly everything began to turn black. The last thing she heard was Nialls voice.
"Now you're mine forever, baby!"

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