When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


24. The meeting

Josh did everything so that Sarah would like to be with him. He cooked, he took her to various places in the surroundings aria and he made love to her every night. Sara ended up in a space. Life became so that she would live it if she was normal, but she was living in an illusion. For each day that passed, she felt more and more restless. She didn't want to become attached to stay and she didn't want to get caught. The man that she had killed, the police found, but the case was considered as natural. It was believed that he had been dead a long time and that the body was wiped out by the time. They wrote almost nothing about the man and he fell into oblivion. Yet knew Sara that the destroyers were going to find the case and they would find the village. Sometimes she wondered what they looked like? Those who chased after her and who Liam were so afraid of. She understood that there must be one or more, but no one had given her any number.


Sara finally made the choice to leave Josh. They went and lay down in bed as usual and as soon as he had fallen asleep, she crept away. She chose another path towards the last time, that she would have left him. She walked quickly, and she was aware that the future was uncertain. The heart ached because she already was missing Josh, but she was determined not to expose him to more danger.


After one day Sara came up with a great city. She didn't care about making connections, or to find out what the town was named. She melted into people's lives and she sneaked past them a few days. She began to feel the urge for blood come and she was anything but quiet inside. Finally chose Sarah to go to a pub. There were many guests and she tried to figure out who she would choose. She saw a blond guy, who reminded of Niall and direct, she chose him. It felt like a natural choice, and she got the guy to take her home to his apartment. When she had bitten him and killed him, she put the corpse in a sack. She wandered around his home and tried to imagine what it would be like to live a normal life. He had a simple apartment, but still it was a home. Sara buried the sack, with the body, on the lawn. She found the perfect place and she removed all traces of that she had been in the apartment. No fingerprints were left and not even the smell of blood. It was as if she was turned into a killer and the only thing she wanted was blood. Loneliness was also a burden, and she realized how little she actually was. Life wasn't fun, because she always had to struggle to come foreward. She saw cities, villages, people, and she tried not to get to know a single person.


Sara had a choice to maybe look up Niall, Liam or any of the others. She was thinking about how a vampire found another vampire? Maybe she could smell them wherever they were? Maybe she could listen and hear them? It sounded like a bad plan, but she didn't want to continue the journey alone. Nor did she want to leave the country. She knew that Josh was there and it gave her some comfort.


Sara turned around and saw Niall. He stood a bit away from her, and he looked tired. Sara was happy, but she didn't know if she would hug him or not. Still, she had betrayed him by leaving him. She hadn't any feelings for him and she didn't want to play with his, if he still loved her.
"Where have you been?" Niall whispered, and seemed just as unsure as she was.
"A little bit here and there!" she replied. She saw that he suffered over that Sara wasn't more loving to him. Maybe he thought she would come back?
"You have the rings?"
She nodded
"We are still married according to the papers."
He nodded slightly and looked down at the ground. There was silence between them, and she was close to walking away. Niall had time to go up to her and he looked straight into her eyes.
"Don't leave me!"
Sara looked into his eyes and she could do nothing but feel sorry for him. He suffered, but at the same time he had changed somehow.
"I don't love you anymore."
Niall gulped and nodded a little bit lame.
"I know, but I love you."
She saw at him that he wanted to hug her. She saw how much he had missed her and she saw that he could at any time kiss her. Therefore, she backed off a few steps.
"Niall, if I stay, we are just friends? I don't want anything from you and I have found another guy, but he's not a vampire!"
Niall was startled and just stared at her.
"What did you say?"
she swallowed
"I've found another guy that I love. I left him, but my heart belongs to him now, I have no feelings for you."
It was as if Niall didn't believe her. He didn't understand the words, and he didn't want to listen.
"You belong to me!" said he coldly. "It's I who created you and you are mine forever."
She shook her head
"You want to have kids and you want to live a different life. I struggle every day and I don't want to expose others to danger."
Niall seemed to get angry and he looked menacingly at her. It was as if he had to choose between killing her or let her live.
"Sara, you can't do this to me? I have given you everything, and you know you're mine."
She shook directly on the head
"No Niall! You just gave me an eternal life, which I didn't want."
Gone was the shy Niall, the charming Niall. Left was just a bitter vampire and he seemed to have completely lost control of everything. He took a few steps toward her and showed with the whole body that he wouldn't surrender.
"I created you and I can kill you!"
She smiled weakly.
"Be so good Niall, I can die if that's what you want. This life's still nothing that I have chosen, and death would be a good next step."
He looked coldly at her, and he was furious. He had expected a different answer, and she realized that he had lost control of her. Sara was no longer his creation and she didn't think according to his will. She was a private person and she didn't obey him.
"I will stay here a few days!" she said quietly. "If you seek me up again, do it because you care. Search never me up if you want to have control over me. That part of Sara's long since dead and it's just me left."
Niall should say something, but he didn't get a sound out. Sara smiled and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. Then she went away. She didn't want to argue with him and she realized that it would be wrong to look up any of the others. She was altered and didn't need them anymore.

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