When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


8. The end of the evening

Sara caught herself to like everyone. Louis turned out to be entertaining and he was joking all the time. Zayn appeared suspicious and gave Sara wondering looks all night. Harry did brooder and seemed to think before he spoke. Liam was the one who cared and made sure everyone was happy. Eleanor sat and most just looked at all. She seemed to be in the valley of dreams and didn't say much. Perrie talked on, trying all the time to catch Zayns attention. Sophia was just there and looked at Liam all the time. You could see that she loved him. Niall sat near Sara and kept his arm around her shoulder. He looked at her often and showed with the entire body how interested he was in her.


"Do you like scary movies?" suddenly asked Liam her and Sara met his gaze.
"Do you mean movies in general?"
Liam laughed a little bit.
"Vampire Movies?"
Sara blushed immediately and looked down at her hands.
"I'm not much for such films. It always ends up that I'm afraid."
Harry looked directly at her and he seemed startled by her reply.
"So you're more of a bore one?"
Direct Niall defended her.
"Come on, Haz! Everyone can't look at that kind of movies, and just because she's afraid you can't draw a conclusion."
Harry snorted lightly.
"She should get used to the idea of ​​vampires!"
Liam gave Harry a warning glance. Then he looked at Sara again.
"Do you believe in supernatural or vampires?"
It was a strange question. Sara wondered if he was looking for a specific answer, or if he was just curious. She didn't know what she would answer.
"I only believe in God's power." she replied therefore uncertain. "That kind of mysterious things have never attracted me and I didn't looked at such movies when I was growing up. My mom thinks it's the devil's work."
Everyone was totally silent and just stared at her. Sara realized that she had given the wrong answer and direct blushed.
"You can believe it if you want, but I have trouble believing that there are vampires and other things that are supernatural., It's just horror movie."
"Are you sure?"
It was Eleanor who said those words, and Sara met her gaze.
"Do you mean that there are werewolves and vampires?"
Eleanor smiled weakly and looked at all the others.
"What do you say?"
Liam didn't like the talk or question. He stood up and seemed impatient.
"Shouldn't we let Sara go home now? It's late and she may need to sleep?"
Niall didn't seem to like the idea, but he said not against Liam. Instead, he smiled at her and took away his arm from her shoulders.
"I follow you?"
Sara smiled at him and nodded. Niall stood up and showed that she would go with him. Sara obeyed and took his hand in hers.
"Bye!" she said, then to all the others. "It was a great evening."
All hugged her and then pulled Niall with her ​​toward the woods.


"Will you excuse their questions?" Niall said as soon as they came out of earshot of the others. "It's just that we believe in a lot of stuff in mine family."
She smiled weakly and looked at him. Niall didn't seem like the type who believed in the supernatural, but she accepted his religion. All weren't Christians, and all wasn't like him. She still saw at him as a person and didn't feel that he was the devil.
"Mom has wacky ideas." she defended herself with. "She didn't allow me to do many things when I was little and maybe I also had believed, if I had been able to do so?"
He laughed a little bit and gave her a quick glance.
"Sara, you must be who you are. Don't change yourself for me or them."
She was warm all over and felt he intertwined their fingers together.
"Thank you!" she whispered directly.


Right as it was stopped Niall . He released her hand and took instead his arms around her waist . He pressed her against him and kissed her. Sarah was almost surprised, but accepted the kiss . She took her arms around his neck and she didn't resist. It was as if they were meant for each other and actually, she began to see him as a future husband. She envisioned how they went into the church and how he entered the ring on her finger. It almost felt strange to get those thoughts and she blushed slightly.


When Niall ended the kiss, she looked straight into his eyes and smiled weakly. They stood in the dark forest and she could just make out his face.
"I think I have feelings for you." she whispered, and was proud that she had the courage to admit it. She felt Nialls hands almost massaged her back and she hoped he smiled.
"I love you." he said directly and got her to just shake more with desire. "I've loved you since the first time I saw you."
Sara didn't know what she would say. She was in seventh heaven and she almost couldn't handle all the emotions that came through her ​​body. The tears began to flow and she had never felt so happy.
"I love you." she got out of herself and was surprised that she said those words. Niall raised a hand and wiped away her tears. She was surprised that he saw that she was crying, but didn't dare to ask how he knew about it. She felt his hand caressed her cheek and it felt just wonderful. He released her and cleared his throat lightly.
"I promised to take you home." he whispered uncertainly. "I want you to stay, but I know I can't guarantee your safety."
Sara balked.
"My Safety?"
Niall nodded and watched her closely.
"I will rip your clothes off and I will do everything with you that I want to do."
Sara blushed. He meant sex? She didn't know if she would agree to it, or if she should go home. It felt strange that a guy wanted to do it with her and they weren't even married.
"It's probably best that I go home?" she replied uncertainly. Niall took her hand in his again. Then he pulled her quickly through the forest.


Sara could hardly sleep that night. She still felt the pressure of Nialls body against her and how wonderful the kiss had been. She wished she could have that feeling in her body for the rest of her life. It was just wonderful and she realized that Niall really was the man she wanted. Her mom would be happy about the choice. The whole town would gossip about them, but that she would bid on. People could say what they wanted about her. She knew what she felt and Niall felt the same for her.

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