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Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


15. The castle

All came to the house in the woods and celebrated that Sara and Niall had now been married. It was almost too much for her and she didn't even have time to be sitting next to Niall. Everyone wanted to hug, congratulate her and talk. Sara felt like a celebrity and wondered how long it would last? She wanted to go back to the old life, but along with Niall. Slowly she realized that it could never be the same again.


Amid all the talk, she suddenly felt Niall get his arms around her body and he hugged her gently. Sara felt safe in his arms and smiled at him .
"I thought you left the party?" she said jokingly. Niall laughed and shook his head.
"Now I can never leave you. You are my forever Sara!"
He kissed her lightly and then he let his lips brush against her ear.
"In about one hour, you and I leave this place."
She was surprised, but realized that Perrie and the other had had talked something about the honeymoon. Niall had arranged everything for her and immediately she became curious.
"Where are we going?"
Niall laughed a little bit and shook his head. She understood that he wouldn't talk about it.
"Please!" she asked nicely, but Niall continued to shake his head and looked into her eyes.
"I want you to be surprised. I don't want you to know about everything. The only thing you should know is that there are clothes where we will stay. We go as we are and leave everything else behind us for two weeks."
"But my job?"
Niall was amused and he looked at her with amused eyes.


After an hour it come a white car to the house. Everyone gathered in the courtyard and Niall took Sarah's hand in his.
"Now begins the adventure." he said, raising one eyebrow. "Are you ready?"
Sara nodded and she felt her whole body tingled. They ran out from the house and into the car. Niall didn't want to be standing in the yard, talking to all people and Sara understood him. There were too many around them and they just wanted to be alone. As soon as the car door had closed, gassed the car off and Niall held her hand tightly.
"Sara, here we go!" he said and looked at her. "Tonight you will be mine at all levels."
She giggled and could hardly wait until they arrived to whatever they would go to.
"I know Niall." she whispered, but to her surprise seemed Niall serious. He looked at her and seemed almost to dream himself away.


A small plane was waiting for them outside the village. Niall took her into the plane and quickly they lifted off the ground. They flew over the forests, higher and higher. Eventually they were almost up under the clouds and Sara stared out the window.
"I haven't been from home in a long time." she whispered. Niall smiled reassuring to her and looked at her for long.
"A deep breath." he said happily. "You're in safe hands sweetie."
Sara laughed a little bit and looked at him. Niall looked calm and he was safe, although they were sitting in a plane.
"I know!" she replied, but chose to peek out the window again. She had never flown before, and it felt like an adventure already.


To Sara's surprise, the plane landed in Ireland. A car was waiting for them and Niall took her out of the plane. He had really planned everything and she enjoyed every second. The car drove through the green landscape. They drove through small villages and major cities. Right as it was swung the car into the private area. Two gates were closed behind them and they came to a castle. It was a large building made ​​of stone. Sara hadn't seen such a castle before and she looked surprised at Niall.
"Is this the place?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"You'll find out everything. First we switch clothes, eat some food and spend time with just each other. The are staff in the castle, but they have promised not to disturb us."


Niall showed Sara into a large bedroom. It looked like in the Middle Ages with great fabrics over the windows and dark colours. She loved still the room and couldn't help but smile. Niall opened a closet and showed her where clothes were. Then he pointed toward the toilet.
"Get ready, take a shower and take of you those clothes." he gave her a quick kiss. "I get changed in another room and then I'll come and get you."
She nodded and smiled contentedly. It was nice that she didn't have to undress in front of him. It didn't feel like the right moment and she wanted actually to take a shower and get ready.


In the wardrobe was all new. It was none of her old clothes, but the clothes had her size. She realized that Niall had arranged with the part, and she picked out a dress with care. Then she dried her hair and made ​​sure she looked like she would. It took a long time before Niall came, so she could stand at the window and looked out into the yard. She saw the forest, a field, bushes and the back of the castle. It was a wonderful sight and she couldn't help but wonder what it cost Niall to let her stay there.


"Are you ready?"
Sara jumped and spun around. Niall stood in the doorway and he had changed clothes. He looked so clean and he seemed to have spent some time on the hair. She laughed a little bit and nodded. She followed with him out of the room and went down the stairs. Niall showed her into a large dining room with a large table for secure twenty people. On one side it was laid out for two.
"Oops!" she said to him. "Large table?"
Niall smiled at her and pulled out the chair.
"My beloved wife should sit here."
She sat down and followed Niall with her eyes. He went to one side of the room and got a bottle of wine. He filled their glasses. Then he sat down on the other side of the table and smiled at her.
"It's perhaps too large room?"
Sara nodded and looked around the room. The walls had pictures of people who had owned the castle. A chair fireplace was on one wall and a fire crackled in order to keep the room warm.


The food was delicious and Sara ate until she couldn't eat any more. The wine made ​​her relax and pretty soon they laughed together. Niall entertained her.
"So who owns the castle?" she got up and Niall smiled cool against her. He swallowed and seemed to think about the answer.
"Let's just say I know the owner."
She looked upon him, and a lot of other issues began to pop up in her head. She wondered if it was time to ask?
"And how is it that we are right here?"
Niall looked at her and he seemed unsure if he would answer or not.
"I'm from Ireland and my family lived here in the area. These are my roots."
Sarah was quiet. Actually she just loved the castle even more, now when she found out more things about Niall.
"They worked for one who owned the castle." he said, looking down at the plate. "They toiled from early morning to late evening, only to be told they weren't needed any more."
Sara sat firmly on the chair and saw that Niall felt suffering. There was something about the story that nevertheless caused her to ask more questions.
"Couldn't they contact the union?"
Niall smiled weakly and avoided her gaze.
"At that time there were no places that helped the poor worker. You had to take the job that you had and try to make the money last for food."
Sara didn't really understand him.
"Couldn't they move?"
Niall shook his head.
"Dad owned just a small house and had nothing of value. Mamma took care of us children as best she could, but moving costs money."
Niall looked at her and immediately she noted a change. It was as if another man sat in front of her and he didn't fit into the present. She was startled and swallowed.
"Niall, but my parents can afford to move?"
He swallowed and didn't seem to like the subject.
"I can tell you about that time I met Harry and the others?"
Sara sighed. He changed topic and she didn't know why?


As the sun began to go down, Niall showed her into a living room. There was no electricity or television. Just a fireplace, chairs, table and board games. They sat by the fire on a couch and she crawled into the Nialls arms. He held his arms tightly around her and they enjoyed the quiet moment.
"Sara?" said Niall suddenly. "There's a lot you don't know about, but do you have to know everything?"
She looked up at him.
"I want to know everything, but you can wait until you want to tell me?"
He smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
"You are so wonderful and you are understanding."
She smiled and nodded
"You chose me for your wife, so that's what you get."

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