When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


25. Reunited

Niall came back. He appeared in front of Sara when she sat at a café. She drank coffee, ate a cinnamon bun and read a book. The sun was shining and she enjoyed the day. Niall sat quietly down on the chair in front of her and he cleared his throat lightly. Sara looked up, but showed no delight that he was there.
"You're right!" Niall whispered and smiled weakly. "I wanted to decide everything for you and I thought you would look up to me all the time. Maybe I wasn't as understanding as I should have been, but I don't want you to leave me completely alone. We are friends and I don't want to lose you. "
Sara saw that he was serious and she laid the book down on the table.
"And that means I'm a private person and don't belong to you or any other guy. You can't get back what we had."
He nodded tired.
"I promise!"


Actually, it was nice to have company and after a few days noticed Sara that Niall kept his word. They chose to take off their rings and they broke the marriage between them. It was like they got to know each other again and all the old was gone.


The demand for blood came back and finally convinced Sara Niall that they would kill two idiots that no one would miss. They went in on a regular pub with ordinary people. Nelly took with Niall to a table and smiled at him.
"The only thing you need to do is to find a girl or guy that nobody cares about. I choose the ones that hurt others."
Niall sighed and looked a little towards the bar. They had the ability to see how a person was deep down, but he didn't like the idea. There were all kinds of people there. Those who were rich, snobbish and who thought they owned the world. It was the kind who didn't dare to contradict others. Then there was the kind of person who just was a kind, compassionate and cared about everything and everyone.


"It's hard!" murmured Niall and look more to the people around them. Nelly laughed a little bit and nodded.
"I know, but once you've found a victim, it's easy. Never mind that you're going to kill!"
Nialls eyes got stuck on the bar and he seemed to stare at one person.
"Seen one?" asked Sara directly, but Niall shook his head.
"No, it's a guy who just stares at you!"
Sara swallowed and tried to see the sly against whoever it was. She was breathless. At the bar was Josh. He looked uncertainly at her, but she saw that he was happy to see her.
"There he is!" she whispered. Niall looked at her questioningly.
She nodded.
"He whom I love ..."


Sara finally went up to Josh and had no idea what she would say. She was happy to see him, but why was he there? He lived several mile away and it was maybe a coincidence that they once again met?
"Hello?" he mumbled uncertainly. "I've been looking ....!"
Sara couldn't help but smile slightly. She threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly.
"Your stupid fool! You shouldn't find me ..."
Josh held her tightly and smiled. He had been looking through the country and followed the few tracks that she had left behind. It was as if he had won the first prize and he wouldn't let her go again.
"I love you and I couldn't just stay home." he said, looking into her eyes. "I told my mother that I would seek for my destiny and that's you. It doesn't matter that you are who you are, I want you all the time with me."
Sara blushed immediately and couldn't help but smile.
"So, you was looking for me?"
Josh nodded and smiled to her.
"Of course I did it?"
She kissed him. She kissed him with all her heart and it felt as if she came home. Josh took his arms tightly around her and kissed her back. They couldn't stop and eventually they heard a hawking and Niall appeared.
"Sorry to interrupt, but Sara and I have other things to do."
Sara giggled lightly and met Nialls gaze.
"This is Josh," she said drekt happily. "He has been looking for me."
Niall reluctantly took his hand out to him.
"And I'm Niall!"
Josh was startled and realized that her husband stood before him.
"Oh, hey?"
Niall smiled weakly and knew that Josh wasn't sure.
"That's cool! Sara told me about you and said that she left you. I know everything."


It was a strange evening. Niall disappeared away to get blood, but Sara stayed with Josh. She couldn't let him off and she was just too excited to look for food.
"You can bite me?" he whispered uncertainly. "You don't have to kill me, but you can always make me a vampire?"
Sara shook directly on the head.
"No, you can't make me do it. I love you and I will not kill a person who I care so much about."
He looked into her eyes and saw she was serious.
"So I will die before you?"
She nodded
"That's how I want it. We get the time on earth as we should have and no more."
Josh ran his hand through her ​​hair.
"You sure you want that?"
She nodded

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