When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


13. Planning

Niall found the most perfect place to get married on. In the woods there was a meadow with thousands of wildflowers. The trees were around the meadow like a wall and the sky opened up like a roof over the ground. Sara just stared at the place and without Niall had to explain why she went along with it.
"Perfect,,," she whispered and smiled big. Niall nodded and pointed to the ground.
"I will make sure the grass is cut here and it'll be like a walking up to the man that will marry us. Those who come here and are looking at us may stand here,,,,,"
Sara just stared at Niall. He told her in detail how it would be and Sara felt only warmth in the body.
"Perfect." she said again as it was the only thing as she got out. "Just perfect."


Louis found a man who would marry them. To Sara's surprise, he wasn't an ordinary priest but a different one. He was pale, he had almost gray shadows under the eyes and he didn't look human. Sara first became afraid and he gave her a long looks that was anything but normal.
"Who's he?" she asked Niall directly.
"Sam? He's an old friend of the family." was the reply. "He has watched over us many times and he makes sure we survive."
Sara looked wonderingly at Niall.
Niall just smiled and gave her a reassuring look.,
"Trust me, Sam's perfect!"
Sara felt so bad over the choice but had to agree to choose that man, although she didn't like him.


As that day approached, Niall sent out invitations to the closest family. Sarah's mother and father were overjoyed. From the school came the headmaster and some teachers, as Louis said that the work must be included. Sara let everyone else take care of the details and she put more weight on the dress. It began to take shape and it was white. Eleanor had managed to get the fabric perfectly. While she and the other did everything on the dress, Sara just felt as it was perfect.
"I'll make a veil too!" Perrie whispered to Sara and giggled. "We have found a real crown to put on your head."
Sara laughed a little bit
"And the shoes?"
Perrie was proud that they had done wonders.
"We have shoes, we have everything you need and even underwear."
Sara just blushed and looked down at the ground.
"It will be good?"
Eleanor came up to them and nodded.
"This is the funniest thing that happened to us in a hundred years."
Sara laughed at her comment.
"You're funny! Hundred years?"
Direct silent Eleanor and Perry changed the subject right away.
"And I'll make the cake."
Sara looked at her in surprise.
Perrie nodded
"We're having a party here afterwards and everyone will get a taste of the world's most delicious cake. Though we ordered the food and everything that goes with it."
Sara just wanted to hug them.
"You are too nice to me. Is there something I can do?"
Eleanor shook her head.
"We have everything under control and we have taken out all the information online., You'll be dancing in the evening, then you go on the honeymoon."
Sara paused and realized she hadn't thought abut that journey. She had totally forgotten that they would go on honeymoon.
"Where are we going?"
Eleanor laughed a little bit and gave Perrie a quick glance, they would be silent.
"Niall has arranged it and he doesn't want you to know where you're going."
Sarah's stomach tingling. She understood that there were many secrets that they had behind her back. In a way, it was exciting, but at the same time she didn't like surprises.


A few days before the wedding Sara noted that the entire village talked behind her back. She wondered what they gossiped about, but she could sense about what. 
"It will be so fun!" said the teachers at the school. "We will come everybody and we told Louis that it's indelicate to not include everyone."
Sara felt she just got more and more nervous. Her dream was a small wedding but she felt that the whole village would surely attend.
"Me and my family will come." Jon said as she walked past the garage. It was then that she realized how big it had become. It was no longer a simple wedding, but something big stunt that everyone wanted to be at.


"Take it easy!" Niall said to her. "It doesn't matter if everyone comes. I'm just happy that they get to see me say yes to the world's most beautiful person."
Sara sighed and swallowed.
"Niall, I didn't mean this as a negative thing. I just want it to be our families there and not all the others."
Niall took her face between his hands and kissed her on the tip of the nose.
"Honey, take a deep breath." he smiled. "It's all right and it's not them you should worry about. It's you and me."
Niall nodded and laughed a little bit. He looked straight into her eyes.
"What if you say no? Then my whole world will fall apart and I would be devastated."
She smiled big and felt how he calmed her down with his eyes.
"I will not say no ..."
Niall smiled with satisfaction and gave her a light kiss on the lips.
"Good, I will not either."


Liam took Sara into the housing office and walked to the safe. He keyed in a code, and opened the door. Then he took out a box and placed on the desktop. He looked straight at her and she saw the seriousness as the moment was .
"Sara, I want to welcome you into the family before everyone else do it." he said with a solemn voice. "You will enjoy to stay with us and I know that Niall loves you with all his heart."
Sara sat down on a chair and looked curious case. Then she looked up at Liam, who began to smile at her.
"Inside the box, there are jewellery passed down in our family. You are the first who gets into our family and I would like you to inherit a necklace, ear pendants and bracelets that we had with us since the sixteenth century."
Sara swallowed and just gaped.
"I can't accept it."
Liam laughed and opened the box. Sara saw the content, which was made of pure gold and had bright red stones in it.
"You shall inherit it." said Liam seriously "You're Nialls wife soon and our first in-laws. Therefore it's only right to give these to you."
Sara got tears in her eyes and didn't know what she would say. She looked up at Liam and he showed the entire body that she just should take the jewellery. Sara nodded slightly and swallowed.
"I'll have them on me when I'll get married?"
Liam nodded
"It's the thought and Perrie have found a gold crown that fits perfectly with the jewellery. You will be so beautiful and bright red stones suit you perfectly."


"Is this a dream?" Sara whispered to Niall the night before the wedding. "It feels as if reality doesn't exist any more."
Niall took his arms around her body and kissed her tenderly.
"Tomorrow everything will change. We will not be the same person any more!"
Sara looked wonderingly at him.
"What do you mean?"
Niall pulled his  hands through her ​​hair and smiled big.
"We are Mr. and Mrs. Horan."
She laughed a little bit.
"But it will not change us as individuals?"
Niall gulped and became serious.
"Well, Sara. It will change much, but in a good way."
Sara raised directly her eyebrows.
"Are you nervous?"
Niall shook his head and looked dreamily at her.
"Not the slightest!"
"Well you are!" Sara whispered and laughed a little bit. "I think you're more nervous than I am."
He smiled and backed off a few steps. It was as if he wanted to look at her one last time and remember this moment forever.
"Tomorrow we will say yes and then you will find out our secrets. You will understand things. You will come to an understanding."
Sara became serious.
"Is it something I should worry about?"
Niall shook his head and took her hands in his.
"No honey. You shouldn't worry about anything."

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