When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


12. Not to know

Sara's mom began calling daily again. Everything just because her daughter had gotten together with Niall.
"When do you get married in church?" she asked, and it sounded so obvious. Nelly gulped and chose to be honest with her.
"Niall isn't a Christian and don't want us to marry in church," she said and swallowed. "They have a different religion and has much against Christianity."
There was silence in the handset and Sara thought it would stay that way, but instead cleared her mom her throat and said something unexpected.
"But then you must do as he pleases. You can't force him to go to church?"
Sara gasped, but at the same time she wondered why there was no discussion. Not even a single negative word was said.
"I will not force him."
It sounded as if her mom was happy again.
"Good for you, you mustn't scare him. He's too good for you and you must take care of him in the first place. It's a woman's job to make the man to feel good."


Niall just laughed when Sarah told him about her mom and that she hadn't had anything against a different kind of wedding.
"She loves us." said Niall content and hugged Sara. "It's good that she's not against us dear?"
Sara was still uncertain, because everything had changed overnight. Before Niall, had her mother nagging about that Sarah should be married in the church and the priest would give his approval. Now it was as if everything was forgotten. Her mom had changed all wacky ideas and went against her daughter. Sarah was glad that there wasn't trouble, but at the same time she questioned her own childhood. Growing up with one faith and then be told that it's not okay, it felt wrong. It was as if her mom had become a different person and turned around her own standards.
"Don't worry." Niall whispered and kissed her lightly. "Your family's perhaps about to let go of you? Someday you must be an adult and make your own choices."
She sighed
"But I've been brought up in the church and now it seems as my mom totally change that."
Niall smiled at her.
"Isn't it better that we can do what we want? Imagine if she had gone against us, telling us that we are doing everything wrong? That hadn't been fun?"
Sara laughed and agreed with him. Maybe that Niall was right. Sara had gone after her family claim her whole life and now it was time to leave the past behind. Niall was her future man and her mother had done what she could.


Eleanor took Sara up in the attic. She opened a dusty old trunk and took out a yellow old dress. She held it in front of her self and then looked at Sara.
"I will do it in order and change a bit of the style on the dress."
Sarah wrinkled her nose and gave the dress a cold stare.
"Shall I get married in a yellow dress?"
Eleanor laughed and shook her head.
"No, I'll get it to turn white again. Then I change  it a little. It will be like new."
Sara wasn't satisfied so easily and backed off a few steps. Eleanor saw her reaction but didn't give up.
"Do you know that Nialls mother once have had it on? There was a long time ago and at that time we had different rules and values."
Sara was surprised. She wondered how old Nialls mother had been. The dress seemed to come from the Middle Ages.
"Are you serious?"
Eleanor nodded.
"She was the last of the family who got married. We've lost the tradition of the road and you're took it in and back to us . ,We will also get married, that Louis and me. He believes that we must do it and I think it's a good ide."


Eleanor took down the dress and laid it on the kitchen table. She told everyone how she thought and immediately was all with her, but not Sara, on that idea.
"Please!" Niall whispered directly to her. "I want you to have something that comes from me and my mom was a wonderful person."
Sara sighed lightly.
"It sounded at Louis like he didn't know what wedding was. How is it that your mom got married and you've forgotten all about it?"
Niall paused and looked at Liam. There was silence throughout the kitchen and Sara felt discomfort in the body. She never got answers to things that happened a long time ago and everyone seemed to silence each other down. She became, this time, almost angry.
"Come on, did you forget everything from the past?"
Liam shook his head, but he avoided her gaze.
"No, but we might have lived away from tradition for a long time..."
Sara sighed
"Such fact's inescapable to listen to. You aren't old and you should know better!"
Niall tried to silence Sara, but she didn't give up.
"I don't know where you come from, what your mothers or fathers was. I know nothing about you, and now I'm going to marry a stranger?"
Niall blinked and looked devastated. Sara knew she had hurt him, but she wanted answers. She wanted to know.
"Can't you tell me about something that happened when you were little? What did your parents doing? When did they died? Where are your relatives?"
Liam looked at Sara and realized that she didn't give up. He sat down on a chair and looked straight into her eyes.
"Let's say some part to you, then! We come from a part of the world where we were pushed away. They killed our parents and we found comfort in holding us together. My mom died because she saved me. We have a story but we chose to put it behind us."

Sara let her eyes drift around the room and she looked at Eleanor.
"What about you, you aren't related with the guys?"
Eleanor became directly uncertain and she tried to catch Liam, so he would help her. Sara was immediately intrigued.
"You also running from a family that's dead or are you a criminal and hide yourself from your true identity?"
Liam got mad and stood up cold.
"Sara stop! Eleanor chose to leave her family because of Louis. She chose to live with us just like you choose Niall."
Sara sighed
"But I will not just run away from my parents."
There was silence again, and Sara realized that she wouldn't get anywhere with the arguments she had. There were secrets among this boys and this girls. They weren't ready to talk about it and Sara felt hurt. She wanted to know everything, but no one let her.
"I can promise you one thing!" whispered suddenly Harry. "We'll tell you it all the day when you are married with Niall."
Sara looked at him and actually looked Harry honest out.
"You mean it?"
He nodded and smiled weakly.
"We don't want our secrets to come out and we want to protect each other. You have to learn about it and help us to to protect us."
She sighed as she didn't understand what he was talking about.
"Protect you from what?"
Niall stood behind her and took his arms around her waist.
"From the persons who chasing us."
Sara was breathtaking.
"So you're a criminal?"
Niall smiled and shook his head.
"No, I promise you that we aren't criminals. We aren't dangerous and we don't want to hurt you."
Perrie was hoping that they would change the subject and immediately she pulled the dress up from the table and smiled at Sarah.
"Is it okay for you that I'm helping Eleanor with your dress?"
Sara nodded tired. She couldn't ask more questions and she knew she wouldn't get any more answers.
"We'll make it super stylish." whispered Eleanor uncertain. She looked at Sara and anticipated that questions would be asked again. But Sara just smiled and nodded weakly.
"It'll be good?"
Sophia stood up and smiled big.
"You know what? We all three make the dress ready to Sara?"
Perrie nodded right away and swallowed.
"Yes, because then we all helped her?"
Sara smiled and nodded. She understood that everyone cared about her, though they were secretive.
"I can arrange for jewelry." Eleanor continued with.
"Shoes!" Perrie shouted and pointed at herself. "I'll find a pair of stylish shoes to the dress."
Sophia laughed and then shook her head.
"This is going to be chaos?"
Liam agreed and hugged Sophia.
"But a wonderfully stylish chaos?"
Everyone laughed and the mood changed. Instead, they started coming up with suggestions for places to get married on. Louis knew about a neutral priest and Harry talked about that there was a wonderful lake nearby. The proposal was that Niall and Sarah would get married at the lake instead of in the church.

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