When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


18. More truth

One evening, everyone gathered in the dining room and Liam sat on the short side. Sara realized that it was a "meeting" and Liam had brought a lot of paper with him. She sat down next to Niall uncertain and tried to blend. She still felt like an ordinary girl, but knew she was a vampire.


"Okay!" Liam started with. "I gathered us today to talk about the future. We still got destroyer after us and we know the fact that they so far haven't found us. Sara will be trained and we have to make sure she learns the basics soon."
Niall took Sarah's hand in his and smiled at her. It was as if he wanted to be sure she was listening. Liam looked down at the papers and continued talking.
"We need to clean up the house after us and remove all evidence that we were there. Eleanor had proposed to burn down the house, but I think it would be wrong."
Sara balked.
"Are you talking about the house in the village?"
Liam nodded and looked at her.
"We got there to pick you up and now we don't need the house any more."
"But my family?"
Liam seemed to understand that she didn't share their opinion. He looked at her long and swallowed uncertain.
"You can't go back there. You can never visit the village again."
She was frightened and felt anguish.
"But my mother?"
Liam smiled weakly.
"Your mother has already moved on and she wasn't a good mother. Consider Sarah, you don't have much to get in the village."
Sara felt sad and she didn't want to listen more. She got up from the chair and left the room. She heard how all began to talk in the mouth of another. She couldn't just bother, and she went straight up to the bedroom and sat on the bed. The tears came and she wanted to leave the castle.


After a while Niall entered the room and he sat down next to her. He took her in his arms and hugged her gently.
"I love you." he whispered tenderly. "I know how it feels, but you have to understand Liam., He will do anything to protect us."
Sara wiped away tears.
"But you want me to leave it all behind me? Everything that I am and that I know?"
Niall swallowed and released her. He looked into her eyes and smiled weakly.
"Do you remember that I would protect you and love you for all eternity?"
She nodded and Niall continued.
"I know it hurts and I know you don't understand why, but in some time will all old stuff to blur and you feel it as a small memory." He wiped her cheeks with his hand. "I left behind me my brother, and he meant everything to me. I didn't see him after I became a vampire, but I kept him under surveillance."
She looked at him that he wanted to help her.
"But I have two parents who will not see me again."
Niall agreed.
"I know, but do you want them to know the truth, do you think your mom will be happier to know what we are?"
She nodded a little bit, but then she shook her head.
"No, she might say that I'm the devil, but I'm not sure. She changed opinions when you came to the village and she nearly dropped the religion."
Niall seemed to know about it and nodded.
"I know. Often when we show up., We have an unconscious effect on people."
she swallowed
"Why did you do it?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"When we initially should have blood we had to fool with us innocent victims. Nowadays, we buy blood on the black market and trying not to kill people."
She was surprised and met Nialls gaze.
"Blood Bank or what?"
Niall nodded
"We are peaceful and we don't want to harm anyone else. All we do is fight to live."
She understood what he was talking about and nodded.
"And if we don't drink blood?"
He swallowed.
"You die slowly and fades away. Your body stops functioning and you lie still for about ten years., It's a long time to suffer?"
She tried to think clearly and realized that there were many pieces left to learn. She looked down at her hands and swallowed again.
"How do I know if I need to drink blood?"
"You feel weak and becomes pale." was the reply. "You feel sick, but because we can't get sick, you realize that you must have blood. Are you out among the people, it can happen that you kill a guy or a girl to get the serve your needs."


Liam came in to them, and he looked uneasily at Sara. He came over to the bed and watched her closely.
"Is it okay?"
Sara nodded and took Nialls hand tightly in hers.
"Yes it's so okay as it can get."
Liam smiled weakly and looked at Niall. Then he set up a chair in front of her and sat down on it.
"Sara, we should have told you the truth, but nobody has done that before. Neither of us got to choose when we re-born as vampires. All I can comfort you by is that your life is going to be eventful. We don't stop at one place for a long time and we move around the world."
Sara chose to only nod in response. She felt that he still didn't understand what she was feeling. It was as if they were proud to be vampires, and that she should be proud. Sara wasn't proud.
"You need blood soon." continued with Liam. "I'll see by that you get it and then we need to learn some rules and what you can do. It's a different life ahead of you."
Sara continued to only nod in response. She didn't know what to say and what could she say? She was already sitting in the shit.


As soon as Liam had left them, took Niall again Sara in his arms. He kissed her softly and pulled her against him. Sara had no strength to resist, and she didn't said anything when he lay on top of her. She no longer knew if she loved Niall or if she even wanted to have a relationship. Despite this, she was aware that she had to swallow her pride. Once she had chosen him, and now she had to bite the bullet.

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