When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


20. First time to do that....

"We must leave the castle soon!" said Liam one day. He seemed worried and Sara saw that all seemed the same as he.
"Okay?" she whispered. "Why?"
Liam looked at her and he seemed pensive. It was as if he had much to think about and didn't know if he had time to answer her or not.
"Destroyers" he said shortly. "We have those trained to kill us and they're after us. You're pretty safe, since they don't know if you're a vampire or not."
Direct searched Sara after Nialls eyes, but he looked away and avoided her. She felt that it was something serious. Everyone seemed to lower the gaze and it was as if all the lost heart.
"So what are they doing?" she got up. Liam watched her carefully and swallowed.
"They know how to kill us."
"And how do you kill us?"
No one answered her question. Instead, everyone started to get ready to leave the castle.


Sara packed a bag with clothes, as she wanted to keep. Niall had explained that they had money and they wouldn't take more than they dried to carry on. Therefore all got a backpack. More than that would fit in the backpack wasn't allowed to take with.


They ended up at the train station and Liam bought tickets for everyone.
"Where are we going?" asked Sara, because she still wanted to know. Niall took her hand in his and smiled weakly at her.
"Liam never tell us about it. Would seekers find us, we don't know anything about each other."
She realized that they all was really afraid of those who were looking for them. It was as if you couldn't mention that hazards existed. Sara felt almost like a child and knew that Niall only wanted to protect her. Still, she wondered over who's it was that was looking for them.


The scenery outside the window was changed and they drove towards the airport. Liam rang to the flight and ordered tickets. Also this time, knew Sara not where they were going with the flight. It was as if the future was uncertain and she had no idea what would happen.
"Just take it easy!" Niall whispered to her. He sat beside her and seemed more worried than she was.
"It's you who should take it easy." she said. Niall just shook his head and looked at her.
"Sara, you are the one that has the greatest chance of survival, if they find us."
She didn't want to hear his words.
"I don't want to lose you!"
Niall smiled and he looked down at their hands. He blushed slightly and seemed pleased that she chose those words.
"I know!" he whispered tenderly. "But I'm the one who protects you, not the other way around!"


At the airport shared Liam out tickets. Sara saw right away that everyone would fly in different directions. She tried not to be afraid, but it felt strange not to share everyday life with everyone.
"You 're going to the north. " Liam said to Eleanor and Louis. Then he looked at Zayn and Perrie . "You go to China for a while, but you know where you going to contact me? "
Zayn nodded.
"Yes , and we 'll contact you as we always do?"
Liam nodded and then looked at Sara .
"You and Niall go to America and stay there,"
Direct Harry seemed not to like the idea. He stood next to Liam and looked down at the ticket he had.
"So I get to go alone?"
Zayn nodded and took his arm around Sophia's shoulders.
"Yes, but you can look us up in a month. Takes time before they lose tracks and we know that this is the best."
Sara couldn't stop staring at Harry. He looked at her in secret and she wondered if it was because of her that he seemed dissatisfied. Still, she released the thought and then looked pleased at Niall 
"So we're going to great country?"
Niall raised an eyebrow and nodded charming.
"Have you seen the Statue of Liberty?"
She laughed and shook her head. Niall gave her a kiss and smiled broadly.
"Then we get there and see how she looks."


It felt as if Sara had lost an arm, a leg or something worthwhile. It felt empty to just have Niall. They ended up in a crowded airplane and reached New Yourk late one afternoon. Niall had been there before and he knew all the streets. Sara wondered how many times in his long life he had been there. She noticed it right away and when they brought in at a hotel, she couldn't help but be curious.
"So you've been here before?"
He laughed and nodded
"A few times!" he replied and met her gaze. "I've been here and seen how everything has changed. It's pretty amazing how the country has developed."


As soon as they came into the hotel room, threw Niall himself over Sara and kissed her.
"Just you and me!" he mumbled and pulled her towards the bed. Sara giggled lightly and took her arms around his neck.
"Yes, there's no one else here?"
Niall put her down on the bed and immediately he lay on top of her. Sara giggled when he almost tickled her neck with his lips. Niall was quick and pulled off her dress. He had learned what Sara wanted and it wasn't long before she groaned under his power. Niall ripped off all her clothes and his hands were everywhere.
"I love you so much!" he groaned and began to undress himself. Sara spread her legs and when he penetrated, they became again as one body. It was as if their skin melted together and all the feelings came at the same time. Niall groaned against her lips and she felt how he got her to become as crazy. Full Nialls body was like an altar, and when they had sex, she loved to touch the altar everywhere. She didn't get enough of his naked skin and his soft lips. He kissed her so perfect and their tongues were crazy about each other. She moaned, she screamed and she felt him filled her with everything he had. Afterwards they landed on the mattress and was totally exhausted. They always gave everything and the whole body felt like a satisfied part.


"I want a baby!" whispered Niall right as it was. Sara was startled and just stared at him. Niall understood why she hesitated and he smiled reassuring to her.
"Vampires breeds normal children and you need not to worry that it will be tough. You have a woman's body and it's supposed to bear children."
She still hesitated and looked at him with wide eyes.
"And how are we supposed to take care of a baby?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"We can do it right now and we will be perfect as parents."
Sara sat up in the bed and shook her  head. She had a different opinion and didn't share the same joy at the thought.
"Niall, we can't have children." she got out. "A child shouldn't have to travel as we do and a child needs a home. We have no home."
He was disappointed and sat up beside her. She felt his hand caressing her bare back and he looked straight into her eyes.
"You mean you never want to have children?"
She swallowed
"Not as a vampire!"
Niall seemed to totally lose hope and jumped out of the bed. He put on his clothes and left the room without a word. Sara knew she had hurt him, but she really didn't want to have a child in the vampire world. She didn't want to force a child to move frequently and not stay in one place.


Niall didn't come back for awhile. Sara began to get worried and she felt the urge for blood started to came back. It was as if the sorrow of disappointing took the upper hand. She felt her whole body wanted blood and she could smell it from the street outside the hotel. There were many bodies to bite and there was blood to suck. Still, she tried to think clearly and well thought of everything that Liam had taught her. A vampire didn't kill a girl or a guy any time and she couldn't believe that the world was like a restaurant. Everyone had a right to live, but the blood tasted good.


After Sara had showered, put on her clothes and made ​​sure that she looked okay, hunger began to take over. She smelled the scent of fresh people and she could hear heart pounded in some bodies. It was as if her evil side didn't listening any more and as if the whole world revolved around food and blood. 


Sara left the room and went down to the foyer. She saw all people went around her, but she was only aware of their contents. She no longer saw men and women, she saw food. Their blood punpade around and just screamed for her teeth. She wanted to suck out their contents, and she wanted to feel the satisfaction of being filled. She saw how everyone was talking, was unaware of her presence and she saw their lives.


In the end, she left the hotel and went out into the street. Although there were people everywhere and everyone had what she needed. She couldn't tell the difference between children and adults. She only saw the blood in front of her. She saw their veins, their arteries and their hearts. She heard their pounding sound and how their skin was sweating. It was as if she understood everything and it was almost too much for her.


Sara came in at an old pub. It looked like an abandoned barn and everything was made ​​of wood. She saw the guys who flirted and she saw the girls that attracted. It was like a new world opened up for her. So many people and so little time. Her body screamed more and more with hunger. She wanted to bite them, she wanted to chew on them and she wanted to suck out of them all that was in their bodies. Slowly took the vampire over and she walked up to a guy. He stood at the bar and looked like a wimp. Yet she knew that he was gullible. He was such a guy who could fuck whoever he wanted, but not really inside of him. She landed next to him on a chair and didn't let him go. She had power over him and she could control him.
"Who are you?" he asked. Sara just wanted to eat and that's why she chose the easy way out.
"I'm Nelly! Who are you?"
The guy laughed a little bit and she noticed that he liked the attention.
"I'm Matt." almost whispered excitedly and he looked down at her breasts. Sara knew that he was in her power. She took up her breasts against him and took her arms around his neck.
"I know what you want." she whispered horny in his ear. "You want to fuck!"
The guy was startled, but didn't mind. Instead, he took his arms around her body and pressed her against him.
Sara laughed amused and nodded
"Now if it goes?"
He nodded and released her body. He took her hand and headed for the toilet, but Sara was quick to stop him.
"Not here!"
Matt looked at her again and she saw how horny he was. He wanted her and she wanted his blood.
"I live close by." he said and changed the path. He pulled her instead towards the door put and she felt his hand pulse blood around his fingers into his hand and up along the arm.


This was the first time as Sara killed a man. She pulled him into an alley and let him think that she wanted to have sex. She stripped him naked and laid him down on the ground. She saw the whole Matt's body screamed for more and he tried to get off her panties.
"You want to?" she asked. She played with the food and she saw that he didn't know about it.
"Yes!" Matt almost screamed and pushed up his hard part against her. "NOW!"
Sara laughed a little bit and bent over his body. She let her lips to kiss him and she rubbed against his member. He moaned loudly and she felt how his excitement was contagious. It was as if she had his feelings and that as if he gave her permission to read him.


Eventually she let her lips leave his lips. She slid down over his jaw and to his neck. Matt groaned loudly and grabbed her waist. He rubbed himself against her and she felt how hard his cock was against her panties. It made Sara just want him more, like food, and her lips reached his neck. She felt his throat with her tongue and felt the taste of blood attracted. She kissed his neck and let him think that he would get her. 


It was easy!

She stabbed with her teeth through ​​his skin. She felt how his blood was pumped into her and slowly but surely he faded away. He didn't have time to scream and he couldn't resist. She sucked until he took his last breath and slowly disappeared to the death.

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