When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


4. Different opinions

On Sunday, everyone went to church, but not the new members in the village. Sara puffed out and sat in a bench row. All were silent and it was as always solemn. The village priest Simon showed up at the altar, holding a normal church service. Right as it was, he changed topic and started talking about the strange customs.
"We will welcome the new ones!" he said in a solemn voice. "Although they're not treading our church, we will not turn our backs to them."
Sara just stared at him and then looked around the church. All smiled at the priest and it was as if everyone had changed their mind. Since when did they pass that one doesn't go to church? Sara wanted to say something, but dared not. She saw that all agreed with Simon and he continued to talk about how Jesus was a stranger when he began to speak to the people. He compared Jesus with the new arrivals and it had never happened.
"God loves all people!" he said with a high tone. "We will be copies of God and receive them with open arms."


After the service was Sara just quiet. She left the church and began to walk towards her home. She came halfway when Jon came up with her and stopped her.
"Will you not join us?"
She looked at him questioning and he realized that she knew nothing.
"We're going to the house in the woods and show that we welcome them."
She was breathless.
"Isn't that a bit weird to do?"
He laughed and shook his head.
"We have always been smug in the village and now we're going to change that. Why should we turn our backs when we can learn so much from them?"
For some reason took the curiosity over. Sara didn't want to go to the house, but at the same time, she wanted to see what happened there. She went with Jon and when they got into the woods, she got that strange feeling in her body again. It was a welcoming feeling, but at the same time unpleasant. She shuddered as if she was cold, but at the same time, she was hot. They came to the house and the front door was open. There were people everywhere and some had entered.
"They open the doors for us." Jon whispered to her. "So why shouldn't we open our doors?"
Sara didn't answer but went suspiciously after him to the house. She chose to stay outside but Jon went into their hall. She heard him laughing and eventually he went further into the house.


"Why don't you walk in?" suddenly she heard a voice ask her and she spun around. Louis smiled big at her and he looked confident. He watched her closely and made ​​her blush.
"It gets crowded?" she whispered, and immediately shook Louis on his head.
"My whole family want to meet my colleagues and you are our favourite."
She swallowed and didn't understand what he was referring to.
Louis nodded and took a soft hold around her waist. He led her into the hall and into a large living room. Direct showed up new faces and she greeted at Liam, Zayn and Harry. She also met their wives, Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia. Sarah's mom had been right. There was something special about them, but Sara was on guard. Why did they affected her and everybody else? What was it that was so special about these new people? They smiled, talked and laughed. They opened their arms to everyone and seemed to enjoy being the center. But why was everyone so gullible, so naive and so wimpy?


Right as it was Niall turned up and he stood far too close to Sara. He smiled charmingly and she got for the first time see that he had wonderful blue eyes. He charmed her with no words and made ​​her blush.
"Glad you dare come here." he whispered to her. "You belong to one of the few people who aren't like everyone else."
She just wanted to walk away, but something held her back.
"What do you mean?"
Niall laughed a little bit and looked closely at her. It was as if he was reading her and as if he knew everything. Yet he didn't know Sarah, and she knew that the people in the village didn't rat on each other to new residents.
"You are untouched!"
She choked and immediately she became angry.
"And who says stupid things to you about me? Sounds like you know it all, right?"
Niall immediately showed his palms, so she would calm down.
"No, I didn't mean it as a negative thing. It was meant as a compliment, and nobody has told us anything. We're just good at interpreting what people are like."
She blinked
"You have nothing with my life to do and I ..."
Niall took his hand over her mouth, and he caused her to be quiet.
"Sara, all isn't deadly serious and you should relax."
She blinked and felt herself bump against the wall. Niall didn't give up and stood before her. His eyes were so intense and he saw through her.
"I want to get to know you." he said, and seemed to believe that she wanted the same. "I will not hurt you and I'm not after to destroy anything. I just want to know who you are."
Niall smiled bigger and he raised an eyebrow.
"You're my kind of girl."
She just wanted to scream and she wanted to run out of the house, but her body was still standing there. She couldn't move and she was stuck in his power.
"How do you know?"
Niall leaned toward her and his lips almost touched her ear.
"I just know." he whispered hoarsely. "I know what I want Sara and you are perfect."
Thankfully, Louis came up to them. He smiled at Sara and then looked cool at Niall.
"You should take it easy brother. It's not the time to flirt now!"
Niall tore his gaze from Sara and looked at Louis.
"And you know that for a fact?" he got cold out. "I'm busy."
Louis made Niall to take a few steps away from her.
"The villagers see what we doing all the time and we have to sharpen us up." He then looked at Sarah and smiled charmingly at her. "My brother is a bit crazy. I apologize for his behaviour."


Sara left the house with mixed feelings. She still felt Nialls proximity to her body and it felt as if he stood in front of her. Still, she was aware that Niall was still left in the house and he wasn't beside her. Sara was pleased with the visit because she had seen that they weren't a sect. Still, she wasn't sure what she would think about it all. The boys and girls in the house was way too nice. It was as if they fussed and wanted everyone's concern. Yet they was cold and seemed to figure out what they would do so everyone would love them.


"You just narrow-minded." said her mother, when they were talking through the phone. "I talked to them and I think they're so gorgeous."
Sara sighed
"Don't you think it's weird that everyone loves them? Shouldn't there be a single person who doesn't like them?"
She heard a laugh
"Please, little darling. It's you who are against them, but the rest of us have realized that it's useless to be suspicious."
"But, Mom ...." she almost whimpered. "You usually tell me that you shouldn't trust a person, if you don't know everything about them. What do you know about Louis and the others?"
A new laugh
"Stop it, with your stupid thoughts. Allow them to come into your heart and do what Jesus did one time. He loved everyone and even those he didn't know."
Sara got angry
"Are you brainwashed?" she almost shouted straight into the handset. "Don't you hear how you sounds like?"
Her mother was startled and cleared her throat lightly.
"Now, you don't need to speak out against your old mother. I have nurtured you and learned a lot of things, but sometimes I may have been wrong." her voice was serious. "I may not be old enough to make my own decisions? But it gives you no right to say against me about this tropic."
Sara didn't know what she would say or do.
"Sorry!" she said. It was easier to end the conversation than to talk sense. "You may believe that you love them, but I will not let them into my life."
"You make your choice!" she heard a cold voice say. "I'm your mother, but that's all. Now if you want to be closed-minded, it's up to you."

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