When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


26. Destroyers and Death

"Sara, I will follow you!" Josh said as soon as he dared. "I know it may not be the best solution, but I will not lose you again."
Sara hugged him and looked into his eyes.
"Just to let you know about it! Being a vampire isn't a dream and it's anything but what the books are writing."
He laughed a little bit.
"And you don't think I understand what it means?"
She shook directly on the head
"I kill to live."
He kissed her tenderly and held her tightly in his arms.
"And? There are worse stuff. There are cannibals, abusers, murderers who kill for fun, I can found all the idiots on Earth, but only one Sara!"


They moved on. They went on the air travel and Sara hoped that they could leave the country without any problems. Niall remained on the sidelines and wasn't at all fond of Josh. Sara saw the cold gaze and she was just waiting for that Niall would get into a rage. Josh saw her anxious glances towards Niall, but chose to take her hand in his and calm her down.
"I'm not afraid of him!"
Sara sighed lightly and smiled at Josh.
"Neither am I, but he's like a ticking time bomb and I know that Niall doesn't like being here."
Josh looked down at the ground, thinking.
"Do we have to be with him? Couldn't Niall just continue alone?"
She shook directly on the head.
"I don't know everything yet and I'm a new vampire. Niall haven't taught me everything and I don't want to expose him to the solitude. It's not okay to not have company when you live on forever."


The plane landed in Sweden and they were quickly on open ground. Niall had begun to look in other directions, and after a while he came up to Sara.
"We have hunters behind us or somewhere in the aria!" he whispered, looking at her with a worried look. "We should come up with a plane and walk away from ordinary places."
Sara looked around and wondered of course how those destroyers looked like. She saw just ordinary people who lived ordinary lives and all looked fine print.
"How can I tell the difference between a hunter and a normal person?"
Niall looked for long at her, and he seemed to wonder how he would describe the hunters.
"You just see that they are here to kill. You see it in their eyes, in their way of looking at us and they have eyes trained to see us."
Josh heard what Niall said, and put himself into the conversation.
"If you dress up yourself into something else then?"
Niall laughed direct cold and looked at Josh with disgust.
"You shouldn't make suggestions. Can't you see that they look through everything? They see us even if we blend in among you mortal fools."
Josh was quiet, with the result that Sara was annoyed. She pushed Niall away and looked at him with a angry face.
"Treat Josh like he's like us. It's not his fault that we are hunted, and he wants to help."
Niall was furious now and didn't seem to care.
"He knows nothing about our lives and he has no idea of the dangers that exist around us."
She sighed
"And I also have no idea of the dangers." said she coldly. "You haven't learned anything and I don't know what they look like or what they do."
"But you're a vampire!"
She sighed again
"And? Difference's that Josh doesn't kill and we are murderers. You are defending a murderer!"
Niall was silent but his eyes said more. He wanted to scream at her, he wanted to shake her and he wished that Josh would disappear.


Right as it was Sarah heard how people started to scream and run. She spun around and saw three black-clad guys come against them. They had guns, crossbows, and looked anything but pleasant out.
"HUNTER" shouted Niall and more could she couldn't perceive. They started to run from the hunters. She heard the arrows went past her head and she saw how the arrows dug into innocent people. Sara had no time to see where Josh was, and all she had in her head was to hiding.


Sara was faster than Niall and she could feel the adrenaline in her body. She managed to run fast from the place and without thinking she slipped in behind a variety of trash cans. She laid down at the ground and closed her eyes. She stopped to think, and she tried to breathe calmly. She heard the hunters ran around. She heard screams and she heard the children crying. 
"Where the hell are they!" shouted one of the hunters. "Those fucking idiots got away!"
She wanted to take a breather, but the danger wasn't over. Instead, she tried to pull herself together and do everything possible to avoid being detected.


Sara lay on the ground in safely for one hour. When it had settled down at the airport she crawled away and saw that the ambulance was there. It was crawling with police officers and others who could help. Sara felt the fear came. Niall wasn't in the area and she didn't see Josh. She chose to go back to where the chase began. The only thing she saw was people who got help and people were crying. It was as if there was a war and everyone was scared. The panic in the eyes of the people was contagious and Sara felt she got panicked. The tears came and the anxiety. Sara tried to see if she recognized any of them all. It was as if she was looking at an ant hill and it just was filled with the wrong people around her.
"Josh?" she began to cry and tried haphazardly to get foreward. "Josh, do you hear me?"
No answer and no one seemed to notice her. She searched with her eyes, she used all the senses, and she tried to fight against the anxiety. She wanted to find him!


Right as it was found Sara view of Josh. He lay in a corner and it spilled blood from his mouth and chest. She ran up and threw herself over him. She held him up and hugged him hard. Josh coughed and he wheezed. She cried, she didn't see anything in front of her and she heard that he was injured.
"They hit me ... " he whispered, and she heard that his lungs were about to give up. She looked into his eyes and she saw how he slowly was fading away.
"No, Josh!" she whispered and wiped away tears. " You can't die!"
He smiled weakly.
"You told me that, as long as I live, we are together but it was a short time?"
She looked down at his chest and tore his shirt off. She saw the holes from the shots and how his skin was destroyed by the hits.
"no ... " she whispered and saw panic in his eyes. "Why?"
Josh smiled and slowly took his hand up. He caressed her face and looked at her with love.
"Maybe that's the point? " he coughed out. "I got to see you one last time and that's all?"


"Bite him!"
Sara spun on her head and saw Niall. He stood a bit away from them and he looked at her with understanding. She was startled and shook her head, but Niall didn't give up.
"Do you love him? Then you bite him. You bite him but you don't suck out all the blood from him. Then you let him bite you and there after he will become like us."
Sara was crying so that she couldn't think clearly. She looked back at Josh, who nodded a little weak.
"Please, I really don't want to die yet."


Sara had never wanted to create a vampire. She hadn't had a single thought on creating a partner, just because she wanted it. Still, she had now no choice. Josh was dying and she wanted him to live.


Niall helped her to get Josh into the toilet at the airport. Niall left them alone and she locked the door. Josh was lying on the floor and he was in pain throughout the body. He didn't release her with his eyes and managed to smile weakly.
"Come on bitch and bit me!"
She sat down on the floor and let her hand caress his cheek.
"Are you sure?"
Josh nodded and coughed. She got ready and then she bite him in the throat. She felt how she sucked out his blood and she felt his blood filled her with life. Then she brought Josh lips on her neck and she got him to bite her. She felt how his teeth pierced her skin and he sucked back his blood. It was as a recovery and she realized that he now would never die.

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