When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


19. Change in body

Sara had no idea how she would be or what it meant to be a vampire. It wasn't until she stood at the edge of the yard and heard voices. She looked around but she saw no one. Right as it was, she saw a car far away in the woods, and two people standing there. Sara was way too far away to hear them but still, she heard their voices as if they were standing in front of her. She was dumbfounded and her mouth dropped open.


"What's happening?"
Harry showed up, but she didn't let the people off with her eyes.
"I hear them!" she got up and swallowed. "I hear what they say and I hear exactly what they 're talking about."
Harry laughed a little bit and stood beside her.
"Welcome to your development. You will notice that your senses are changing and this is just the beginning."
She chose to look at Harry and noted that he looked fond on her.
He nodded happily and looked at her.
"That's what's wonderful. One hears all, you will just hear everything and you will be able to move faster. It's as if you become a superhero and has magical powers. At least at first."
Sara just stared at him and she tried to envision what it would feel like. Did he mean that she would be like Superman ?
"And that means?"
He took his arm around her shoulders and looked at her with satisfaction.
"That you will change in total and you don't know what awaits you. You will love it at first, but then there's nothing remarkable about it."
She assumed it sounded okay, but at the same time frightening.
"Thief Listened you trust me?"
Harry blushed immediately and she realized that they had done it.
"When?" she asked and swallowed. Harry didn't want to answer the question. Instead, he gave her a light kiss on the cheek and steered her toward the house.
"Don't ask what happened, Sara. We live just for the day. "
She went with him but wasn't satisfied with the answer.
"You guys are weird." she whispered. "You never say the truth and you're talking in riddles."
He laughed.
"It's because you asking too many questions. Enjoy instead of being here and try to let your doubts."


Niall came out of the house and saw them walking. Harry released directly hers shoulders and increased the distance between them. Sara laughed a little bit and looked at him with an amused look.

"Niall isn't jealous if we are friends."
Harry blushed and said nothing more to her. Instead he smiled at Niall, as if everything was as it should.
Niall looked at him coldly and the looked at they both closely.
"What have you done?"
Harry didn't seem to be himself and Sara was surprised that he seemed to react as if he were guilty.

"I hear voices!" Sara got out. "I stood in the yard and heard two people talking far away in the woods. Harry said that my senses are being developed."
Niall lit up and immediately he took her in his arms and hugged her.
"Congratulations honey!" he whispered in her ear and gave her a quick kiss. "That means you will soon be an evolved vampire."
Sara nodded and smiled weakly. Harry went straight into the castle, and she saw that he didn't seemed as happy as before.
"Why were you so angry with Harry?"
Niall sighed and released her.
"It's just a thing between us. There's nothing you need to know about."
As always, she didn't got clear messages and Niall avoided the truth.
"Why are you so secretive?" she asked directly. "I get no response, and sometimes it seems as if you don't want me to know about anything."
Niall seemed embarrassed and took her hand. He pulled her toward the door and looked down on the ground.
"Believe me, you don't want to know!"
She laughed and dropped the matter. She couldn't bother that Niall was the enemy of Harry or whatever it was.


It became a habit that Liam gave Sara a glass with blood. She became accustomed to the taste and pretty soon she discovered that it tasted okay. Her senses were strengthened and that meant many changes. She found herself longing for blood, and eventually she became addicted to it. She was amazed at how she was, but she didn't dare question it.


"You drink blood like it was water." Niall laughed at her. "I see that you love it and I see that you are enjoying it."
"I know..." murmured Sara directly and looked down into the empty glass . "I, myself, are surprised at how blood affects me. It 's like I feel a craving just we 're talking about the subject and when Liam gives me a glass, I have to wrap it as soon as I can."
Niall hugged her and put her glass on the bench.
"It's because you know you need it. A drug addict needs drugs and we need blood. The difference's that drugs destroy the body."
She smiled big. Every time she had been taking the drink, she felt great. It was as if the whole body woke up and just wanted to run around everywhere.
"I like the feeling."
Niall nodded and looked into her eyes.
"I see it and I know how you feel about it. It's a wonderful feeling that stays all day."


Sara's minds were sharp. She could hear how a spider was moving on the wall or how a leaf fell from a tree. She could make out everything that was happening around her, and sometimes it was just to much. Also changed all others. She could see how Eleanor looked at Louis and she could perceive how they longed for each other. It was all in the castle she could feel and after a while, she noted that although Harry had feelings. Every time Sara came into the room he was startled and she felt his eyes on her body. It occurred to her why Niall was so angry at him. Harry had feelings for Sara!

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