When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


27. Back to the beginning

The hotel was on the outskirts of the capital, and it took Josh a week to die and be resurrected as a vampire. He sweated, ached and lay in agony against the mattress. Sara didn't let him out of her sight and she stayed in the room all the time. At the end of the week came Niall into the room with a glass of blood. He gave her the glass and looked for long at her.
"You know that I will not stop loving you?"
She nodded and looked at him.
"I know!"
Niall smiled slightly and looked down at the floor.
"Sara, I leave you now. I make my journey alone and maybe I'll find a new partner one day, but I don't want to stay and see your love for Josh."
Sara wanted to say no, but she saw that Niall was serious. He sat down on a chair and gave Josh a quick glance.
"I'll look up Harry, since he's alone. Maybe we can all get together one day and laugh at this?"
She swallowed and nodded
"But I can't stand on my own, Niall. I haven't learned everything yet."
Niall met her eyes and smiled weakly. He looked at her with love and he showed that he believed in her.
"You fix it!" he whispered. "You're a survivor and I know that you now have Josh help. You aren't alone and should you need assistance you may find me."
"How do I find you?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"I'll find you when you least expect. Don't worry about that and try instead to be a good leader for Josh. Now he's your responsibility and it is you that shapes him."
She nodded and remembered how she herself had been at one time. She gave Niall a hug and held him tightly.
"I will miss you."
Niall squirmed out of her arms and stood up. He looked at her and nodded. Then he left the room.


Sara felt emptiness after Niall went away. She missed him and she realized that Niall had let her go. He was no longer her leader, her creator and her teacher. Instead he let her go and she was partly thankful for that. Josh came slowly back and Nelly arranged so that he got blood to drink. He soon became stronger and finally he seemed to be back.


"Now what?" Josh asked as they left the hotel. She smiled at him and took his hand in hers.
"I don't know."
He laughed a little bit and looked out on the street with new eyes.
"Everything feels so different, but not really."
She agreed and turned her steps along the street.
"You will change. You will have sharpened senses soon and in a few months, you're a vampire."
Josh looked at her with curiosity and seemed to want to know more, but Nelly just smiled at him and raised her eyebrows.
"I'll tell you nothing more. You will notice!"


By pure chance went Nelly and Josh back to England. Nelly felt that she needed to go back to the roots and she wanted to show him where she came from. Before they went back to Sarah's village, she dyed her hair and changed her appearance.
"If someone recognizes me." she said to Josh. He laughed a little bit and ran his hand through her ​​blonde hair.
"You were good looking as brunette?" he was amused, "But being blonde certainly has its benefits?"
She just laughed in response.


Sara was nervous when they came back to her home town. She recognized herself but much had changed since she left the village. The main street was the same, but it had been new business there. They stopped outside the school, and she gazed at the building.
"I worked here!" she whispered and Josh held her hand tightly. He saw at her she felt melancholy. Sara hadn't expected that certain things would be the same. She had hoped that she wouldn't recognize anything, but a lot were like before.
"And where did you live?"
Sara took Josh to her parents' house. A new family had moved in and they had renovated the entire house. She felt sad that her parents didn't live there, but maybe they moved when she disappeared? Even Sarah's house was still standing, but it was deserted. No one had moved in there and she saw how the tiles almost fell down.
"I lived here."
Josh frowned.
She smiled weakly.
"It wasn't as run down when I owned the house."


An old man stopped and looked at her for long.
"You remind me of a girl who lived here?"
Sara realized he recognized her, but she played like she was someone else.
"Yes, my mom comes from this place." she said, and the man lit up.
"Sara's daughter?"
She nodded and walked over to the man.
"Do you know what happened to her parents?"
The man laughed a little bit and nodded
"They've been dead for many years now. Shortly after Sarah disappeared, her father became ill and he died. Her mother lived until ten years ago."
Sara wanted to cry, but she kept hidden her feelings for the man.
"Where are they buried?"
He pointed toward the woods.
"A new cemetery is located behind the village."


Sara was surprised when the cemetery was at the same place as the old house in the woods. She couldn't help but wonder why, but she-mentioned nothing for Josh. Instead she looked up her parents' gravestone and stopped in front of it.
"Here rests Magret and Peter. Parents of a daughter, friends of the church and Christians."
Josh remained behind her and seemed not dare to say anything. Sara felt the tears came and she felt only sorrow.
"I thought they still was alive." she whispered. Josh took his arms around her body and held her tight.
"Everyone dies sometime."
She shook her head
"We don't die."
He kissed her lightly and then looked down at the headstone.
"I had wanted to meet them."
She smiled weakly and took her arms around his body. She leaned her head against his chest and let her thoughts spinning around.
"Mom would just think that I belonged to Satan. She was a true Christian."
Josh pulled his hands through her ​​hair.
"But it's not so bad?"
She laughed a little bit.
"Maybe not for us but she had died in a second if she had found out the truth. She thought Niall was an editing guy, but how wrong she had."
He laughed a little bit.
"Sometimes you're wrong, but so bad isn't it? Niall gave you life and you gave me the same?"
She looked up at Josh and met his gaze.
"Yes, we have eternity ahead of us?"
Josh looked into her eyes and he nodded with satisfaction.
"We have a long time to go before it's our turn?"
She frowned directly on the forehead.
"Our turn?"
Josh laughed a little bit and nodded
"I don't think we live in eternity forever but we may try to take advantage of the eternity we have!"
She laughed and nodded
"Okay we'll do it?"









I know! Shitty ending, but I've run out of imagination. I hope you liked my story and that it was exciting. Maybe not great but okay?? Write comment if you want.

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