When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


6. A night

Everyone seemed to know that Niall had been at her house. Sara came to the school and immediately she saw everybody's eyes on her. She didn't know if she would say anything or be quiet. It didn't get better when Jon's son Peter came up to her.
"Dad says you're with Niall?"
She blushed and was glad that in all cases there was one honest person in the school.
"We just ate food."
Peter giggled and he seemed to have a different opinion. He walked into the classroom but spun around and looked at her mischievous.
"Dad said that Niall loves you. He wants to kiss you!"
Sara just wanted to scream and tell him to be quiet. But she couldn't in front of the class. Instead, she snapped together and played like she didn't care. At the same time she cried of happiness inside. Jon had told Peter that Niall loved her? It was a great news and maybe it was only half the story, but still. Sara were split in two. She didn't still like the fact that they have the power in the village, but at the same time attracted Niall her fully.


After school she went past the garage and looked after Niall. She didn't see him and was disappointed. Maybe he kept himself away? She still went past the place and straight home to the house. She took the bag with the school paper and other in. She placed it on her desk and then sat down on the chair. Life felt so empty and she realized what she had missed. Everyone else had felt the love take over their bodies to many times, but this was the first time for Sara. Therefore, she was vulnerable and she felt that she lost her mind. Her thoughts were only on Niall and his face. She saw the slightest smile in front of her and how he gave her glances. She loved the attention and she just loved the feeling of having him there. She realized that she was on her way to fall for him. She realized that she was stuck in his net, and perhaps it was wrong of her to hope for more. She didn't wanted to live with his family and she didn't want to be like them, but still.....


That night was Sara in bed and just spun around. She couldn't fall asleep and in the end she chose to leave the bed. She went down to the kitchen and stood at the water tap. She took down a glass and filled it with water. Then she looked dreamily out the window and tried to convince the body that it was tired. Right as it was, she saw something move quickly across the grass. She was startled and froze. What was it? She got scared and backed off a few steps. She tried to looked around the yard and noted that it must have been her who imagined. Still, it felt so real. Maybe it was a bird? Or maybe a cat, but cats didn't run as fast as the shadow had moved.


After a while she calmed down and walked towards the front door. She unlocked the door and opened it slowly. She saw the street lamps, the grass and the path to her door. She went out on the stairs and watched the yard carefully. Right as it was, she jumped almost one meter up. Directly in front of her popped someone up and she was about to start screaming.
"No!" she heard Nialls voice and she calmed down. She saw that he was alone and he seemed harmless.
"What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"
He smiled big and gave her a long, intense gaze.
"I couldn't sleep and I wanted to walk pass your house."
She blushed and noted that only the two of them seemed to be awake.
"So you went all the way here from your house?"
Niall came up to her and nodded. She saw how he smiled as he used to, but he looked pale. It was as if he had lost the colour in his face or that he was sick.
"How are you?"
He laughed a little bit and looked down at the ground.
"It's just great. I will not stay, but wanted to see as if it was okay with you."
Sara felt her stomach tingled.
"It's great."
Niall came closer to her and in the end he was standing right in front of her. Sara felt how he almost touched her skin, and he seemed to want to do more than just stand there.
"Sara ..." he whispered hoarsely and let his lips brush against her cheek. "I want to do more with you, but I can't right now."
She wasn't prepared for his honesty. It made ​​her almost faint and she felt how her entire body shook with excitement.
"Why not?"
He let his lips slide down over her neck and he kissed her softly. He slid up over her other cheek and moaned lightly.
"The time hasn't come."
"What time?"
Niall smiled and looked straight into her eyes. He was only a few inches from her face and she could feel him breathing.
"You'll understand one day, but not this night."
Niall raised his hand and stroked her cheek tenderly. He groaned and she saw that he was suffering, but why? "You will be mine, but not now."
She realized what was happening.
"You have a girlfriend?"
Niall laughed slightly and shook his head. He let his hand slide down her throat and it was as if he inspected it carefully.
"No, I have no one else in my thoughts than you, but you're not ready yet."
Sara wanted to scream yes. She felt how she longed for him, she could feel it in her whole body, it was screaming for him and she was so close to tear off his clothes.
"Well,,,," she whispered, "I could give you everything now."
Niall released her throat and shook directly on the head. He watched her face carefully and then looked into her eyes.
"I promise, soon but not now."
He leaned forward and gave her a light little kiss on her lips. Then he smiled and backed off from her.

"I may peeks past your house tomorrow."
Sara wanted to scream no. She didn't want him to go, but she didn't know how she would tell him.


Once she arrived with the correct word, Niall had long since vanished away.

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