When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


21. A new friend

Niall was angry.
"You're crazy, we shouldn't kill that way."
Sara sighed and sat down on the couch.
"I was hungry and you disappeared, so what would I do?"
He looked at her and seemed to think through what had happened. Then Niall started to pack the bags.
"We must escape now!"
she sighed
"It was just a guy and who guess that a vampire killed him?"
Niall looked coldly at her and seemed not to understand.
"Sara, you don't kill like that and we have destroyer seeks for us. They will take us and they give us no chance to explain."
Sara stood up and walked over to him. She looked into his eyes.
"Come on, I was hungry and you weren't here., I couldn't stop myself and he died quickly."


Sara noticed a change between Niall and her. It was no longer romantically and it seemed like he avoided her eyes. Sara realized that he was disappointed in her, but what could she do? She tried to be herself, but something inside her changed, it ended up into something new. She no longer had feelings for Niall, though she loved him. Although she found that all her senses constantly played her prank. One day, she was good at listening, the next day she was better able to see small details. It was as if the body tested her and she couldn't land in a normal life.


One day she made the choice. She left the hotel and went out on the street. She had the backpack on his back and she left the city. She left Niall.


It was a relief to take care of herself. She knew Niall would get better by himself and that he would have a better life without her. She had no idea where she was going or what the day offered. The first thing Sarah did was to hitch a ride with a truck. She chose instead where he was going and she wasn't afraid. She felt secure in the role of vampire and she learned slowly to keep hunger under control. Eventually, she landed in a small village. It reminded her of her home town and immediately she felt like at home. There were small houses, old wooden houses everywhere and the pedestrian zone contained the main shops. A clothing store, a grocery store, shoe shop, flower shop and a few other small places. Eventually she stopped outside a window. There was magic items and wicca things. Her curiosity took over and she went into the store. She knew that this was not a good place for a vampire, yet she couldn't help.


Deep inside the store, there was a shelf with books about vampires. She took direct and went through them and wondered if it was something had been useful. She opened one of the books and smiled big:  "Vampires are just up at night!" Talk about the author had no idea what he wrote about. She put the book back and chose a new one. She went through and then. Eventually she found a fairly newly written book and it seemed to stick to the truth. Directly after she felt in the pocket if she had the money, so she could buy it. She didn't notice that one person who stood behind her and she jumped when she quoted him.
"Hi..." she heard a man's voice say, and she turned around to face him. There was a young guy and he smiled at her. "Shall you buy the book?"
she nodded
"But there's no money. I can't afford it!"
He looked down at her hand and noticed that she was almost broke. To her great surprise, he took the money from her and counted them.
"Well this wasn't much?"
She shook her head and looked down at the book. She wanted it, because she felt that the book was hers.
"You know what ...!" continued with the guy. "You get the book if you help me one day in the store?"
She was surprised and looked up at him.
"How do you mean?"
He laughed a little bit and watched her closely.
"My mom isn't here in a few days and I'm alone. Therefore it would be litter to have company and you look as if you need company too?"
She just stared at him
"I don't know you?"
He seemed not to care about that part.
"I know, but we can get to know each other?" he extended his hand. "My name is Josh and work here."
She chose to be accommodating.
"Nelly, but I'm just passing through."
Josh seemed to like her and she wondered immediately why. He went back to the counter and sat down on a chair. He showed that she could be there with. Sara nodded a little bit and came over to him. She pulled up another chair and placed it (with distance) beside him.
"Do you talk to strangers?"
He laughed and shook his head.
"There will not come many in here who don't live in the village. We don't have many customers at all. My mom is a witch and she has some odd ideas about it all. Village can't take us and we are a little outside the community."
She liked Josh. He seemed to be a conscious person and she asked directly why he stayed in a small village.
"Does your mom mind that I'm...."
He interrupted her
"She doesn't care about me so much. She's only happy if I take over her crazy thoughts." He then looked down at the book, which she still held. "And you like a little quirky things? Vampires?"
Sara blushed and nodded a little bit .
"I guess so?"
Josh looked at her closely and she wondered if he saw that she was a vampire? His eyes were intense and it was as if he was trying to see who she was.
"Where are you from?" he asked quickly. "I hear you're from England?"
She nodded a little bit.
"I'm from a village reminiscent like this place. I'm a teacher." she paused and realized that she shouldn't tell him more. Liam had said that they would be secretive and not talk about what had happened. "But let's talk about you instead?"
He laughed a little bit.
"There's not much to tell. I live here with Mom. I have no father and no siblings. I have always been odd and I have no friends."
Sara met his gaze and she saw only curiosity in him. He was an open person and he wasn't afraid.
"Why are you staying?" she got up and he seemed to have been waiting for that question.
"I have my roots here and my family has lived in the area for generations." He entered her eyes. "Therefore, I staying."
He thought as the old Sara. She recognized the thoughts and she understood him. He was like her twin and maybe he saw the same thing?
"So I thought like you." she got up. "Until I left the village."
He still looked into her eyes and he seemed friendly.
"Why did you leave it?"
Sara wanted to be honest. She showed the rings on her left hand and immediately balked Josh.
"You are married?"
She nodded and smiled weakly.
"But we didn't get the happy life that I wanted. I left him and continued my journey on my own."
Josh didn't let the rings with his eyes and after a moment's silence, he smiled weakly at her.
"How lucky that you weren't happy. I hadn't met you otherwise."
She blushed for the first time in a while and nodded weakly. She wasn't sure if he was flirting with her or if he just wanted to be friendly. He got her stomach tingle and emotions ended up in rebellion. She cleared her throat and didn't know what she would say. Josh laughed a little bit and let her go. He looked at the clock and then to the door, into the store.
"Should we do something?"
She was surprised.
"Like what?"
Josh stood up and walked over to the door. He closed it, locked and turned on the sign so the customers would see that it was closed. Then he looked at her again.
"I'll show you my place."

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