When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


7. A house

Sarah was in the village and the small grocery store. She picked up some food that she needed and right as it was she heard a ringing voice behind her.
She spun around and met Eleanor's face. Although they were almost strangers to each other, she hugged Sara and seemed happy to see her.
"Niall has told me so much about you. You should come over to us and eat one day."
Sara blushed and then she tried to think about an excuse. Eleanor looked so happy that Sara didn't dare say no.
"There's a lot at work." she said why. Eleanor laughed, sounding, and took her arm around her shoulders.
"Louis can help you? He's really good at correcting exams and ensure that job gets done in schools."
Sara hadn't thought of that part and didn't dare to contradict. Therefore Eleanor decided that Sarah would come over on Saturday and stay in their house during the day.
"You will not regret it."


As soon as Sara had come home to her own home she regretted it. Why had she agreed to it? Eleanor and the others weren't like normal people, and she didn't want to be with them. Still, she felt a certain joy in the evening and realized that she for the first time in a long time been invited out. It wasn't often that people invited her home and she felt a little tingle in her stomach.


On Friday, she had to make everything ready and prepare her self. She picked out a dress that looked pretty generic. She picked up shoes and everything that she would have. Then she bathed and scrubbed the entire body clean. She painted nails and did it right up until she nearly fell asleep from exhaustion.
"Now I'm ready!" she mumbled to herself and realized that she looked forward to the visit.


In the morning she ate an breakfast and then she began to fix her appearance. She smelled like summer and looked like she should. Sara knew she wasn't exactly stylish, but like the evening when Niall had come to her, she looked better than usual.


Sara walked through the forest and when she saw the house, she stopped. There was smoke from the chimney and she saw some cars parked outside the house. It looked so peaceful. Maybe her mother was right? Sarah would let them in, get to know them and give them a chance. She began to walk again and swallowed in order to stay calm. She only got into the yard, when the door opened and Niall came out. He almost ran to her and hugged her tightly.
"Thank you! You want to get to know my family..." he whispered tenderly. "They mean a lot to me and I want you to be a part of my family."
Sara was about to back away, but instead she swallowed the fear and released him.
"It was nothing ..." she whispered. Niall quickly took her hand in his and pulled her into the house. It smelled food and she heard laughter from all rooms. There was movement, sound, and somewhere played a radio music. Louis came out to them and he also hugged her. Sara wasn't used to hug or that people were so excited that she showed up. She blushed and then was hugged by everyone in the family. She felt silly, but tried not to show it.
"Come on!" exclaimed Eleanor immediately and pulled her into a large room with a large oblong dining table. There it was set with plates and there was a chair for everyone. "You'll sit next to Niall, we have decided."
Sara blushed and couldn't help but smile. Niall came after them and made sure that Eleanor released her.
"Take it easy!"
Sara just smiled and showed with the whole body that it didn't do anything.


It felt exciting when everyone sat down at the table and the food was passed around. Sara didn't know if she was hungry, but took a little of everything. Niall made ​​sure she got a drink and all talking to each other.
"Be not afraid." Niall whispered and looked at her. "We talk a lot and we are pretty loud."
Sara just laughed a little bit and started to eat the food. It was good and she tasted everything that she had put on the plate. In the end, she was satisfied.


"So Sara?" suddenly Zay out and looked at her. "You work in school and I understand that you were born here?"
Sara nodded a little bit.
"Yes, this is where my roots are."
"How does it feel?"
Sarah went quiet. What was that for an question? Zayn saw the fact that she fell silent. Instead of waiting for an answer, he continued.
"We have lived all over the world and we have forgotten where we come from. Weird, but it was long ago that our parents died."
Perrie giggled and nodded with opinions.
"You could say that we don't even know if we were born in England."
Sara thought it sounded weird.
"But you can't forget such an important part of your life? Don't you remember where you lived when you started school?"
"Yeah, maybe." Louis mumbled and seemed to give everyone a warning glance. "We remember a lot, but sometimes it's hard to keep up the memory."
Niall nodded and took his arm around her shoulder. He smiled at her and got her to stop wondering about a lot of things.
"I was born in Ireland." he said and then looked at Louis. "You were born in England and don't come and lie to her."
Liam nodded and he looked anything but happy. Sara wondered why they changed glances with each other. It looked as if they said things to each other, but their mouths were closed. She felt a little off, but put away the idea.
"We are a travelling people." explained Liam and looked straight at her. "We stay only a few years in the same place and then we travel."
Sarah wrinkled her nose and looked at them all.
"You aren't old, for how long have you travelled? It sounds as if you are older than you are?"
Quickly stood suddenly Eleanor up on the floor and looked at everyone.
"You have eaten up? Fine!" she began to pick up the dishes. "Bring Sara with you and show her around. Perrie and I do the dishes."
Niall took Sarah's hand and she had no time to argue. Instead, she followed him like a little puppy.


Niall showed her his room. It looked like a hotel room and was very clean. Niall showed her all his guitars and smiled big.
"We sing together sometimes and it's me who playing guitar, or Louis playing the piano." He spun around and looked at her. "Can you sing or play an instrument?"
Sara shook her head and sat down on his bed. She saw a bookshelf with very old books in. Niall had many things he probably had inherited, and she wondered if they were wealthy, or if they had inherited everything? The same thing happened in all rooms. They had a library with old books, an office that had pictures of dead people. It was as if they wanted to preserve the history and she was curious.
"You don't remember your childhood, but you have inherited much?"
Niall smiled faintly and appeared to look for an answer.
"We buy a lot too. Everything isn't from the family."
Nelly went up to one of the painted boards and saw a similarity between Niall and the man on the board.
"Your family?"
Niall laughed a little bit and blushed slightly.
"You can say that he's from my family."
Sara turned around to Niall and smiled at him. It felt like she learned more and more about who he was. She was just about to open her mouth, when the door flew up and Harry joined them.
"We're going to sit on the back on the yarn and Eleanor offers us wine."

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