When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


2. A day

Sara knew that it had moved in a sect in the house in the woods. All gossiped and talked about the new members of the village. Sara knew that the house had been deserted for many years and it was just great that someone took care of it, but still, it felt wrong to have a strange sect there. The village was Christian and every Sunday all went to church. It was a tradition that everyone followed and the church was always well stocked. 


Sara worked at the school as a teacher. She lived in a small house on the outskirts of the village, and she had her parents' home a few quaternary away. She had lived in the village all her life and only when she did the educating as a teacher, she had been away. It was as if she was stuck and couldn't get away. In a way it felt secure. Sara knew who the neighbours were and she knew everyone who lived there, in addition to the new people. In the graveyard was her entire family for generations buried and her parents' home had been inherited since the beginning. It was as if her whole story was in the village and only where it was known that she existed.


It was one of those typical day. She stood at the front in the classroom and told the students about the village's history. Daisy, a curious, mischievous tomboy, threw up her hand and direct Sarah smiled at her.
"Well, Miss!" she said, and her eyes twinkled. "Can't you tell us about the new ones?"
Sara looked at her.
"The new ones?"
Daisy nodded and Sara noted that half the class seemed to wanna know the same thing. Directly she understood that it was about the sect. She cleared her throat a little bit and sat down on the chair.
"I know nothing about the new people." she got out. "I just know that they moved here a few weeks ago and they live in the house in the woods."
Peter, another inquisitive student, threw up his hand and seemed to want to talk. He stood up so everyone saw him.
"Dad has been talking to them and one of them will be working in his garage."
Sara didn't like the idea that ​​the villagers let them in so easily, but there was nothing she could tell to the students. Instead she smiled and swallowed her own opinion.
"That's good?"
Peter nodded, and his face shone like the sun.
"And in the shop shall two of their wives work, but I don't know what they're name is."
Daisy had been captured by Peter's story and smiled directly at him.
"What's the guys name, that one your dad hired?"
"Niall Horan!" said Peter proudly and stretched himself. "He's Irish, I think, and he has no wives, so mom's sister flirts with him."
Sara felt that the topic was derailed and showed Peter that he could sit down.
"But now we have history and not gossip."


In the staffroom continued Sara to hear more gossip.
"One of them is Louis," said the headmaster Mr Smith. He smiled big and looked at everyone who was there. "He's a teacher and are thinking about to take a substitute service at this school."
Sara sighed and sat down.
"Is that smart? They're a cult and what I know, we haven't their core values​​?"
Smith laughed a little bit and looked at her.
"We need to welcome them into the community and show them our values. We must teach them that it's wrong, but we also have to accept them."
Sara didn't listen more to what he said. All that was in love with the new inhabitants, and it didn't matter that she was against them.


When the school was closed for the day, brought Sara her bike and rode home. She drove past the garage and got a glimpse on Niall. He stood with his head over one engine and seemed to fix the car. Peter's father Jon happily greeted her when he saw her come tramping, and she nodded back. She released Niall with her eyes and smiled quickly against Jon. It was a strange feeling that went through her body. She realized that everyone was curious, but she wasn't going to be like everyone else. She shouldn't seek them up or mix herself with their wives. Sara was a popular teacher and her students respected her. At first everyone thought that she couldn't cope with the profession, but after six months were all happy with her. She had obtained a permanent position at school and she was glad of it. Getting a job meant that she could stay there and she didn't have to leave her roots.


When Sara came to her house, she smiled at the walls. It was her home and she had renovated the entire house. She had decorated the rooms for newspapers and it all was among the latest that were available. Sara wasn't rich, but she really wanted that her house would reflect how she was as a person. She was meticulous, thorough, determined and had sound views. Many felt that she was like an old woman, but Sarah's parents had taught her to be moderate. She shouldn't take too much space and she should let others speak to the point. Sara was still a virgin because she was waiting for the prince, the right one to come. Not because she had so many choices in the village, but she knew that somewhere out there he was. Maybe it would take time to find him, but one day he would heal her. She would marry him in the church as a virgin, and she was careful to preserve her for his sake. Sarah's mother had repeatedly pointed out how important that part was.
"Whores spreads her legs and let any guy penetrate, but real girls holding her legs together."
Sara had heard those words since she was little and soon she had learned that sex was only for married people. Alcohol destroyed your mind and you wouldn't destroy the body with the liquid. Although there were a lot of other things that she hadn't been done, but Sara thought it was just great that her mom  was strict. It had shaped her, and she had become a confident girl. When her friends had been partying with the guys and danced, Sara had been sitting at home with the parents and done other things. In a way she regretted that she hadn't gone to school festivities, but no one had asked her, if she wanted to go there. Everyone knew how Sara was and that her mom didn't let her out. Maybe that was why she had also been bullied? No one had bullied her with words or blows. They had just avoided her. It was when Sara came to teach school that she had made ​​friends. There were all kinds of guys and girls and all endorsed her. It had gotten her self-confidence to increase and after that she chose to go her own way. No one could change her opinions and she stood firmly on the ground.

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