When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


5. A date?

Sara was in the classroom in time on Monday. She picked up what she needed and waited for the bell to ring in. Right as it was popped Louis up and he closed the door when he entered the classroom
"My brother..." he got out and looked at her uncertainly. "The rest of us, if you don't count Harry, have a partner and he has been alone for so many years. He isn't desperate, but I think he hurt you?"
Sara sighed direct and shook her head. She chose not to meet Louis glance and put the pens where they would be located. Louis came up to her and she could almost feel him close to the skin. It was as if she got a shiver through the body, a pleasant thrill .
"It's okay..." she murmured, and was startled when she felt Louis take his arms around her body. He almost forced her to hug him and he held her tenderly.
"We are afraid of losing you." he murmured against her ear. "You have more power than you can imagine and this affects my entire family."
Sara was quick. She squirmed out of his grip and looked at him coldly.
"Your family? Haven't you seen what you have done with the whole village and with my family? You come here, and thinking you own us?"
Louis seemed unsure and he looked at her with sympathetic eyes.
"I know we aren't like you people, but we can feel the love and we can feel hatred." he swallowed. "It's not about the village, Sara. It's about you."
She blinked and tried to show how brave she was. She wasn't afraid of Louis and she didn't want to play his game.
"I have class with my students in a few minutes. Could you be so kind to leave me alone?"
Louis stood still for a few extra seconds. He watched her carefully and then gave up. He looked disappointed down on the ground.
"I promise not to bother you more, but we can't let you go. You don't belong in this village and you don't belong in this school. You know about it, but you dare not let go."


Sara was angry. That family thought they knew everything. Okay that Louis was right that she wanted to leave the village, but her family and her story kept her still there. There were certainly those in the village that felt the same thing and it wasn't just she who was trapped. It was easy for Louis to figure out that part and he had no idea who she was. He didn't know what she did or where she was going. Did he wanted to get her to fall for them? Did he wanted to have sex with her, or was he looking for cheat the least easily fooled? She was just angry and when she left school that day, she was a thundercloud.


Something happened anyway in Sara. When she approached the garage, she stopped the bike and led it along the street. She hoped to see Niall, but was unsure if it was a good idea. When she came alongside the building she saw him. Niall stood by a car and wiped his hands with a towel. He looked down at the car, but slowly slid his gaze in her direction. When their eyes met, she stopped. She didn't know why or if there was a reason. All she knew was that she had to stay. Niall went gently out of the building and up to her. He was serious, but his whole face was so perfect. Sara felt her stomach tingled and her legs became weak.
"Hello there...." whispered Niall and came up with a smile. "On your way home?"
She nodded slightly and looked down at the ground. She blushed and didn't want him to see it. Niall was almost amused and smiled a little bigger.
"I'm off to work in an hour."
Sara wondered why he told her  that? She looked up and met his eyes again. Niall looked much happier, but he stood way too close to her. She felt she was drawn to him and for the first time in her life, she wanted to kiss a man. She tried to collect her thoughts, but everything just spun around.
"Can I buy you food?" he continued. "I make a delicious chicken casserole."
Sara wanted to say no, but she nodded and smiled.
"It would be good."
Niall lit up just more and quickly looked at the clock.
"I need to buy food, what I needed, and then I can come to you?"
Sara swallowed and nodded lamely. She noted that Niall didn't seem to want to go away from her. He stood and stomped in one place and was anything but confident.
"Do you drink wine?"
Given way not, but she wouldn't admit it. For the first time in her life, she agreed to wine.
"I buy a red wine." he said, looking down at the ground. "It goes with the chicken."


Sara had a clean home, but still, she began to clean when she came home. She panicked and even had time to shower. She chose new clothes, clean clothes and made herself look better against what she used to.
"Girls shouldn't wear make-up." her mom always had told her, but because they were now enemies, she didn't care about the conscience. Sara even took some perfume on her body. Normally she just smells like that on New Year's Eve, but she wanted to make a good impression. When she finally was finished, she saw herself in the mirror and was surprised. She looked good and for the first time in her life she wasn't a gray mouse. Mostly she wanted to rip off everything and be the old Sara, on the other hand she didn't. Niall would see a new girl, a pretty and confident girl. The question was why she wanted to put the energy on him?


Niall rang the doorbell and when she opened the door, he smiled at her. He had with him a bag of groceries and he held a wine bottle in his hand.
"Hi!" he said cheerfully, and looked much more alert towards before. "I brought everything that I need."
Sara walked away and opened the door. She expected him to step into the hall, but instead he remained outdoors. Niall understood her gesture and laughed a little bit.
"I can't enter a home unless I'm invited."
Sara laughed a little bit and blushed slightly.
"Welcome to my home!"
Niall laughed a little bit and step into the hall. She closed the door and then helped him to bring up his things on the kitchen counter. Niall said what he needed and she picked it up.
"And two wine glasses!" he said with an amused look. Sara felt how he watched her and actually she felt it throughout the body. "It will be your task to open the bottle."
She spun around and nodded.
"Shouldn't we have wine with the meal?"
Niall washed his hands and gave her a long inspecting gaze.
"I think you're the type of girl who isn't used to drink a lot of wine. That's why we drink it slowly so that it lasts throughout the dinner."


Niall knew what he was doing, and after half an hour smelling the kitchen food. Sara sat with her ​​glass of wine and watched as he moved in pots and shared the vegetables. She couldn't help but love what she saw. Niall had a perfect body. Not too much muscle, but he wasn't frail. His hair was mischievous and he looked like a schoolboy. What attracted Sara most was just his eyes. He gave her such glances as she had never got and he knew what he would tell her. It was as if he knew her and chose the talks based on her opinions.


"So how's it that you are single and live in this small place?"
She was startled and looked up at him. She was close to rebuff him, but something told her that he meant well. He didn't mean to pry, but he really wanted to know all about her.
"I was born here." she said honestly. "My family has lived here in generation and my family is here now. I haven't taken the plunge and flew out into the world."
Niall spun around and looked straight at her.
"Why are you afraid?"
She swallowed and felt it was a personal question. Niall noticed her reaction and smiled weakly.
"Okay, I reformulate my question." he smiled. "Why didn't you move out in the world?"
she swallowed
"I guess you're right., I'm afraid over what I don't know. Aren't you afraid at some point?"
Niall looked at her long and seemed to think through a great answer . He then lowered his eyes and blushed .
"I must admit it was a long time ago since I was really scared." he looked at her again. "And why are you single? You look good and you're fun to hang out with."
She blushed and avoided him.
"Maybe I have high standards?"
Niall laughed a little bit and walked up to her. He took up his glass and poured the wine in it. Then he sipped at it and looked at her again.
"You want to be seen, you want to be rescued, but yet you are afraid to let go. You are used to taking care of yourself."
Sara was breathtaking. He was right, but she didn't tell it to him.
"You have many opinions about me?"
Niall put down his glass and then sat down on the chair next to her. He looked straight into her eyes and seemed not to care that she was annoyed.
"I promise you one thing. I can take care of you and I can make you feel safe, if you'll give me a chance."


The evening flowed on as it should and pretty soon forgot Sara time and space. Niall gave her a wonderful meal and he made sure that she always felt glad. He even did the dishes afterwards and then they sat outdoors on her porch, looking up at a starry sky.


"Niall, I have to ask you something." Sara got out and Niall looked directly at her. She looked straight at him and met his gaze. "Why did you come here? There are thousands of homes for sale but you chose this village?"
Direct swallowed Niall and she saw that he wanted to avoid the topic. He looked like he didn't know what to tell her.
"It was random." he replied, but she saw that he was lying. "We went out and found the house. It suited us perfectly and then we felt safe in the woods."
She watched him closely and realized he had many secrets.
"Why me?"
This time he wasn't lost. He met her gaze and smiled.
"You're so pure."
Sara didn't like that word. Did he mean it as a compliment?
"So I'm clean?"
Niall laughed a little bit and nodded.
"Not many people in your age is clean. Most people today have multiple boyfriends or destroys the body with drugs. You haven't ruined your body."
"How do you know?"
Niall was serious, but his look was everything else. He looked at her and swallowed.
"I just know."


The time became late and in the end Sara had to ask him to go. Niall picked together his stuff, he would take with him and came out into the hall. Sara didn't know what she would say and this was the first time that she would say goodbye to a guy.

"You know what?" whispered Niall and came up to her. He put the bag down on the floor and took her face between his hands. "I'll be back, if I may?"
Sara didn't know what she would answer. She blushed.
Niall smiled and released her. He didn't want to let her go and he didn't want to go.
"Promise me you'll let me have the opportunity to get to know you."
Sara just nodded in response. Niall was satisfied and took up the bag again. He smiled at her and then he left her house.


Afterwards Sara felt an emptiness. She felt regret, but she didn't know what she was missing. She had never felt anything for a guy before and she had never let them into her home. Niall was her first on all levels.

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