When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


3. A change

Sara sat in the classroom and marked tests. She was in her own thoughts and didn't hear a knock on the door. Instead, she jumped almost up when someone came up to her and she looked terrified at the person. There was a younger guy. He had a suit on the body and he had one of those mischievous smile.
"Hello?" he said and laughed a little bit. "I didn't want to scare you, but the headmaster said I would go around and tell you all about who I am."
Sara straightened the dress and looked at him closely.
"So who are you?"
He held out his hand to greet her. Sara refused to give him her hand and looked at him coldly. Directly he became a little more serious.
"My name is Louis Tomlinson and I will be working here at school."
She balked. It was one from the sect. She wanted to throw him out, but in the corner of her eye she saw how the other teachers curiously walked past her door. Everything just to see him.
"Sara,,,!" she answered shortly. "My name is Sara Mc Feast."
Louis didn't seem the least bit interested in to leave her alone. He looked instead around the room and then let his eyes be stuck on her again.
"I've heard about you." he said kindly. "You're the one that never runs and nobody dared to argue with?"
Sara was about to make a jaws drop. She didn't think he was serious, but at the same time she wondered if that was what the other teachers had told him.
"How do you know that?"
Louis smiled broadly and raised his eyebrows.
"I see it in you and the principal talked about you! Your one of the best teachers in the school."
Sara didn't know what she would answer him. She just stared into his eyes and realized that he influenced her, but why and how? She did everything to be cold towards him, but something in Louis gaze attracted her.
"I fix some test!" she whispered therefore uncertain. "I need to work on!"
Louis smiled to her and quickly looked down at the papers in front of her. He began to walk toward the door, but stopped before he reached it. He spun around and looked at her again.
"It was nice to meet you Sara." he said with velvety voice. Sara almost fainted and swallowed. She just nodded and puffed out when he had left her alone. Talk about that he influenced her! What had happened? She usually couldn't be uncertain and she did now drop the words.


Louis began to work the very next day. All the teachers were like screaming fans against him and chased after him all the time. Sara kept her wing and tried not to make more contact with him. Still, she noted that he always made ​​her blush. As he walked past her in the hallway, he smiled at her and got out a friendly "Good morning!" He always made sure there was coffee in the break room and he was almost like a handyman. Sara realized that she couldn't resist him, but after a week it started yet to become quite normal again. She saw Louis some times and he seemed to see her. More didn't happen in a few weeks.


Her cycle broke down. One afternoon Sara went out to it and noticed that the tire was punctured. She sighed and decided still to bring the bike home. She came by Jon and his garage. Directly he came out and saw that she needed help.
"Stop for a cup of coffee, and I'll help you with the wheel!"
Sarah was grateful and nodded at him. She went after him into the garage and sat down on a chair. Jon came with a cup of coffee and then he began to take care over her bicycle tires.
"And how does it go for Peter in school?" he asked, like a normal dad always did. "I heard that he talks a lot?"
Sara drank the coffee and smiled at him.
"Well, he talks but he also has easy to learn., He's just inquisitive."
It was by pure chance that Sara started to look around in the garage. She had a sudden vision of Niall. He stood in a corner and was watched her carefully. It was as if he was staring and didn't let her go with his eyes. His eyes were intense and she got stuck in them. Niall was good looking and she noted that he had bleached hair. He had a more boyish look, but his eyes were out of the ordinary. They made ​​her almost breathless. Thankfully Jon saw who she was staring at and he smiled at Niall.
"This is Sarah, my son's teacher!"
Niall came straight up to her. He nearly devoured her body with his eyes and finally Sara blushed. She realized that his family was something extraordinary. Louis had caught her interest, but Niall was almost worse.
"Hi!" she heard Niall say, in the same velvety voice as Louis had. "My brother has told me a lot about you."
Sara blushed, against her will.
"Yes, he works at the school." as if Niall didn't know about that fact? Niall nodded and smiled big. Sara couldn't help but smile back. It was as if he caught her in a net and she couldn't escape. She wasn't solid or afraid, but it was a strange feeling in her body.
"Now your tire's repaired!" she heard Jon say and directly forced Sara herself to take her eyes off the blonde guy. She swallowed and stood up.
"Thank you!"
Jon smiled big and gave her the bike. She took it and noted that Niall still didn't let her go with his eyes. She had to say something to him and chose to be fast.
"Nice to meet you!" she said hoarsely to Niall and steered the bike towards the exit. She felt almost Nialls glances in the back and she had to collect her thoughts quickly.


When Sara came home she was quick to run in. She couldn't understand that these two guys influenced her like that. Normal men she had planed with a cool comment, but with them it was impossible. Niall had indeed seen through her and she still blushed.
"Stop it!" almost she screamed at herself. "He's a cult member, and you hate them. It doesn't matter if they are good looking and charming. You know better!"


In the evening, her mom called. As always answered Sara the phone and got to hear the latest about what the neighbours did.
"And the new people, living in the house ..." continued her mom, right as it was. "I've talked to their wives in the grocery store and they are so nice."
Sara was about to choke.
"What did you say?"
Her mom laughed lightly.
"Perrie showed me how to make pancakes that taste chocolate and Eleanor showed me how I would have my hair. They are so nice."
Sara had to sit down. Her mom hated strangers, and she used to talk bad about everyone. But why didn't she this time?
"Are you ill?"
Her mom laughed and Sarah heard that she was the opposite.
"Give them a chance," she said cheerfully. "I've talked also with Sophia and she's absolutely gorgeous. They're like you and me, but have chosen to live in one house. It isn't a sect, and they told me that they stayed together as a normal family."
Sara heard no more. She heard her mother was still talking about them, but in Sarah's head came a new thought up. How did they get all to be affected? It was like an epidemic and no one hated them. Sara remembered the many families who left the village, only because the gossip was mean and they all hated strangers. This time it was the opposite. Everyone just loved them!

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