Hollie In Wonderland

This is a story about me in wonderland!(made up)


2. Out the other end


 I looked out of the hole, I thought it was going to be some place bad, but it wasn't. I climbed down the shiny ladder over the other side of the garden, and I didn't believe my eyes!

There was a delightful,elegant and wonderful waterfall, it was beautiful and enchanting. Around the waterfall there were some odd shape trees and they were trees, but there leaves were fluffy and a pea green colour. The waterfall smelt like...................I don't really know what it smelt like, but it reminded me of Herbal Essences... although I don't know why. I could hear the water splashing down and I saw the sparkling and shimmering sunlight through the corner of my eye.But it was just so great and magical.

Then as I looked further over and across the garden or whatever the place was, I saw a huge long line of flowers, there was:

anemones,they had there own sort of smell, the petals were purple and the stamen was yellow with white little  things sticking out from the middle.

Then I saw one, only one anthurium it was pink, shaped a little bit like a heart and then it looked like it had a long and thin nose, but of course it didn't, flowers don't have noses,do they?The flower made me feel really happy.I also had no idea what that flower smelt of!

After that I saw another flower Cymbidium Orchid. Cymbidiums are unique due to the fact they appear in a wide range of Colors. Each flower has about five petals and the flowered are encapsulated between long, arrow leaves.I really loved the colour of the flower that I seen though, it was a really pale or baby pink colour with yellow seeds in the middle.

I thought that the mix of flowers were really nice and pretty, but my favorite was the Cymbidium Orchids because before my Grandmother died that's what she kept in her kitchen,and they were her favorite too!

Right over to the opposite side of the 'Garden'  there was a small but a comfortable- look cottage which I heard nobody in or seen nobody there but what I did see was when I looked up...

There was birds tat flew over the cottage.

There also were lots of decorative things around. I walked around the back of the cottage and there was a huge metal look castle, this was right over the other side, about a 3 mile walk there.

There was a nice statue and then some little ladybirds and butterfly's didn't literally but, filling the air!

There was also over the left hand side of the garden, there was a rain-forest in the middle of nowhere.

I thought to myself:

What did the mouse want?

Where did it go?

Why did it wake me?

What was this place?

How do I get home?..................

as magic as it was, I wanted to go home and go to bed because I went to bed at 10.p.m and got woke up by the mouse at 2.p.m.









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