Hollie In Wonderland

This is a story about me in wonderland!(made up)


3. Meeting the mouse

I thought I had a right to know why I was here and why I couldn't go back through the hole.

So I went on a little egg hunt although it wasn't for an egg, it was for a mouse. I ran for about 5 minutes, and something caught my eye, well I wasn't quite sure weather it was real, but it was. I saw four animals sitting a party table drinking tea and eating sandwiches. There was a puppy, a mole, a rabbit and of course the mouse. I approached the mouse.

"why did you bring me here, why can't I get back through the tree house hole?"

" I brought you here for a reason" said mouse

"why, why did you bring me here"

"we here are lonely"

"what do you want me to do about it?"

"hang out with us we are very friendly, wait, wait where's my manners...let's introduce ourselves"


"hi, I'm a mole as you can see and I'm called Joe"

"yeah, I'm a rabbit as you can see my name is snowy and by the way I'm also a boy"

"I'm a puppy a masculine puppy and my name is Zack''

''And then I suppose that leaves me, hi I'm a mouse obviously and my name is Squables."

"okay that leaves me, my name is Hollie and I  live over the other side."

"we no who you are" said everyone

I didn't quite understand what that meant, had they been spying on me or had I been here before. I remember actually, When I was about four I had a dream that I came to a place a lot like this!

But I remember meeting the Queen and she told me I was going to save Wonderland some day!

We played some cards and we played hide and seek!

























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