Something Great

Three best friends. Three crushes. Five boys. One chance. One million possibilities. Chloe, Lucie and Jess all move away in order to receive an education but little did they understand they had to abandon their five best friends. When opportunity reunites them their love is put to the test will they become closer or will their friendship be doomed. Tragedy strikes and they are yet again parted from their loves. Will they be reunited once more?...


25. What Makes You Beautiful

Lucie's P.O.V

I spat the water out of my mouth. And pushed the boat aside.

"Ni" I gurgled.


I leant forward and kissed him. I suddenly ducked underwater. Niall plunged under and dragged me up while I was choking with laughter.

"Luc, are you alright?" called Liam from his and Dani's placidly floating boat.

"We're fine, Li" I yelled, spitting out yet another mouthful of water.

"Good, job we're wearing our life jackets" whispered Niall.

"Oh, come here" I said, kissing him. We swam over to Dani and Liam's boat. I was about to climb up when Liam lifted me up onto the boat. It was a kind but unnecessary gesture. We flaunted to the pier where the others were waiting for us.

"Who wants ice cream?" Niall asked. Everyone agreed.

"I'll get it" said Niall.

"No you bloody won't, they'll be no ice creams left by the time you get back, I'll go" I said.

"I'll go too" offered Liam.

"So how did the boat capsize?" Liam asked.

"Oh, we were trying to wave to Claudia and Harry" I retorted.

"Honestly, where is this idiot van" Liam addressed nobody in particular.

We turned the corner to get to the ice cream van. Suddenly, Liam pushed me against the wall and kissed me...

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