Something Great

Three best friends. Three crushes. Five boys. One chance. One million possibilities. Chloe, Lucie and Jess all move away in order to receive an education but little did they understand they had to abandon their five best friends. When opportunity reunites them their love is put to the test will they become closer or will their friendship be doomed. Tragedy strikes and they are yet again parted from their loves. Will they be reunited once more?...


10. Truly Madly Deeply

Niall's P.O.V

I missed Lucie so much. I felt good to finally have her back by my side. I think she felt the same way. The reasons I concluded this theory is because:

a) She told me so.

b) She hugged me so tightly she nearly knocked me flying.

c) She wouldn't let me go for like, three hours.

I rather hoped our relationship developed. I really liked her.

"Luc can I ask you something?" I stammered bashfully.

"Of course" she beamed.

"Um... I was wondering if you would like out" I asked blushing beetroot.

She grinned from ear to ear.

"I would...yes" she replied, going a little pink herself. She reached up and kissed my flushed cheek and she hugged me even harder as if she couldn't bear to let go...

She fell asleep on my shoulder on the way home. I tucked a flyaway gold wisp behind her ear. I didn't want to wake her so h picked her tired body and put her to bed. I was turned too and lay down next to her on the cold soft pillow.

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