Something Great

Three best friends. Three crushes. Five boys. One chance. One million possibilities. Chloe, Lucie and Jess all move away in order to receive an education but little did they understand they had to abandon their five best friends. When opportunity reunites them their love is put to the test will they become closer or will their friendship be doomed. Tragedy strikes and they are yet again parted from their loves. Will they be reunited once more?...


41. One Thing

Person who took the 5 beautiful sexy ladies who are already taken by 5 amazing boys P.O.V

So we've got the 5 girls now its time to get revenge for something top secret which my boss won't tell me about but he's paying me to do my fav thing hurt people eg hit punch kick and to just beat them I have already beat the 2 girls I think are called Chloe and Lucie as they keep on shouting to each other "omg Lucie jess are you ok ?? " why does that Chloe care so much about her friends it's time to set the challenge only 4 people are going to go home let's see if she runs or lets the other 4 beauty's go home I'm really fallin for that jess she was resisting our kiss at first but now I think she likes it she kissed back Woe. now i need to go beat up Chloe and Lucie up again and I'm going to keep jess from danger the only thing that is going to hurt her is her friends.

I just walk in and Chloe is staring at her finger I look and see an engagement ring that is worth loads so I go up I kick her she doesn't react so I do it again and again and again but she still is staring at her ring and whispers a whimper and il be back don't worry zayn. So I grab her chin and move it so her head is facing me she still had her eyes glued on the stupid ring so I snatch it of her hand and say pretty but you don't deserve It she screamed as I threw it across the room she tried to run and grab it but I pushed her against the wall she slid down it and sobbed I turn around about to grab a rope to tie her but her little mate Lucie is stood behinds me and punches me and no one punches me I pushed her to the corner

"Who do you think your punching?" I said

" who does it look like I punched" she said (attitude )

"I don't take attitude either I am the boss her right now you will do what I say understand " I said

" no I don't understand I also don't understand why you took her ring and flung across the room now she sobbing and now you are hurting her" she said

" she deserves it " I said as I kicked her she yelled in pain she did it back I punched her head she fell to the ground and blood was everywhere I could hear jess yell stop it now I grab the rope and go back to Chloe she's gone.

I find her picking up the ring and I take it back of her and put it out of the window with a note saying I don't love you zayn and I never will so when he comes he will see and will be heart Broken.

"I said no phones " I yell at Lucie she called Niall and said "help I can't hold on any longer and I love you tell zayn Chloe loves him and someone took her ring she's heart broken and tell Louis jess loves " after that she didn't say anymore

"Lucie Lucie LUCIE no no no please stay with me no don't go open your eyes come on you can do it" Chloe cried I just left her when Chloe yelled

"Stop come back you have to call for help you can't leave her to die let everyone else go and you can keep me please" with that I I tied her with a rope and left I heard a door fall down Chloe was next to Lucie crying about her stupid friend and ring the boys were here time to get revenge.

Suddenly five boys who seemed to know the girls burst down the door. The dark haired one with a quiff hung around Chloe's neck, picking the knots of rope. The other one with curly dark hair ran for Claudia. The dark haired girl was embraced with a boy with cropped chestnut hair. Then a tall one ran for my Jess. The blond boy gasped and hung his head then ran for the lifeless body of Lucie.

"What have you done to her!?" screamed the blond one.

"Whatever I like" I retorted. I walked over to Lucie and yanked her off her feet. Her hooded eyes fluttered open. She fell down but the blond one who appeared to be her boyfriend caught her and held her in his arms. Now which of the boys looked more vulnerable? Hmm. The one who hugged Danielle.

"You!" I pointed at him.

"Don't hurt him" Lucie groaned in pain. He walked shakily towards me.

"Oi, James!" I shouted to my colleague "tie all the girls up!" He did.

"You have to make a choice now, mate" I said to the one who I heard being called Liam.

"I'm not your mate" he said "what kind of choice?"

"Which one is your girlfriend?" I demanded to know "and tie the Irish one up, he's not going to leave the blonde girl alone is he?!" The Irish one gave Lucie one last desperate kiss but she was slipping from consciousness already. She won't make it through the night. Great! We're going to be rich. Liam pointed awkwardly towards Danielle.

"Lovely. We have to have one of these girls work for us so you have to choose between Danielle and the dying one, Lucie is it?" Liam's eyes widened with fear and the Irish one beloved to be called Niall burst into tears. Liam hesitated for a minute or two.

"Lucie. I pick Lucie" a horrid silence flooded the room. Danielle's tears began to slide down her face.

"Li" she sobbed.

"Don't worry babe, we'll treat you nicely" James smirked. Lucie didn't comment she was either unconscious or dead. Maybe I'll get over Jess and fall for Danielle instead...

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