Something Great

Three best friends. Three crushes. Five boys. One chance. One million possibilities. Chloe, Lucie and Jess all move away in order to receive an education but little did they understand they had to abandon their five best friends. When opportunity reunites them their love is put to the test will they become closer or will their friendship be doomed. Tragedy strikes and they are yet again parted from their loves. Will they be reunited once more?...


23. Midnight Memories

Chloe's p.o.v

We set of to go to the beach I just got a seven seated car because we all ways have to sit on someone else now only 1 person has to share a seat. Of corse I would share with zayn but I have to drive as Jess hasn't got her divers licence yet and the last time I let Lucie drive my car well I think you know what happened she crashed my car into a shop window but the boys and Jess did warn me.

We arrived at the beach and Liam was acting all strange around Lucie I'm sure it's nothing though I mean its not like he has feelings for her he has his own girlfriend Danielle.

Afterwards we saw their was a speedboat ride we all looked at each other and nodded we ran to the bar and bought 8 tickets.

It was two per boat so me and zayn, Lucie and Niall, jess and Louis, Liam and Danielle, Harry and Claudia.

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