Something Great

Three best friends. Three crushes. Five boys. One chance. One million possibilities. Chloe, Lucie and Jess all move away in order to receive an education but little did they understand they had to abandon their five best friends. When opportunity reunites them their love is put to the test will they become closer or will their friendship be doomed. Tragedy strikes and they are yet again parted from their loves. Will they be reunited once more?...


42. C'Mon, C'Mon

Lucie's P.O.V

Emptiness. Darkness. That's all I saw. The only thing I recognised was Niall's fingers entwined in mine and voices saying: "Come on Lucie, come back to us"

The last thing I remember is Liam having to choose over me and Danielle. He chose me. Liam. The sweetheart. The downright idiot. He's really gone and done it now. Niall and the others are bound to be a little more than suspicious over Liam's conspicuous behaviour. And Danielle. Poor innocent Danielle. I don't even want to begin into the depth of Dani's emotions. Suddenly, sweet, familiar lips pressed onto mine, lifting me from this darkness and forcing my rhuemy eyes open. They all gave a half hearted cheer. I was alive. But this really wasn't the time for party poppers. Niall gently kissed me and I ran my fingers through his soft hair.

"Young love, how pathetic" said the brawly guy.

"I am going to kill you" said Niall, lunging for him. Of course, I would do the same if this was Niall but the others didn't really approve of yet another person slipping in and out of consciousness just like British rainfall. If Zayn wasn't the sensible being he was we would all be doomed. Zayn restrained Niall (and Louis, who was now standing by Niall's side, closing in on the abusive guy) from doing something manic.

"Please let us go" I croaked getting to my feet. Niall linked his arm through mine. Then I put weight on my left leg. The colour drained from my face and I fainted dead away...


Hey peoples. Hope you like this chapter this is were things start to get really intense.

Luc 💖💍

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