my chance


1. introduction

hi my names y/n and its always be my dream to sing and act so when my dad says that Jaden was one of my best friends until he moved to the usa when he was 6 and i was 4.i dont remember him but he will e staying at my place for a while because my mum and dad will be away.

i just got home from the last day of was the summer holidays but fortunatly i am going to be auditioning for a singing compatition so i get to have extra time off school as long as i still study.i personally dont think im that good at singing but iv always wanted to do acting.

i got changed into a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt."y/n come down we are going in ten i want to say bye"my mum shouted i can tell she in on the verg of crying i know she will miss me loads as i always do stuff for and with her.i slowly walk down stairs and start saying goodbye to my parents.

its time for them to go and my mum is crying her little eyes out. i watch as they drive down the road waving.

i go inside and chill until someone knocks on the door,i walk over to my mums room to see who it is and its only THE Will Smith.i ran my fastest and iv never run so fast i nearly fell down the stairs.i open the door out of breathe."hi y/n how are you wow your big now your what 12/13 now"he asks"ermm im ok and acctually im 16 almost 17 sir"i say not knowing what to call him"wow you are big now and please dont call me sir iv known you since you were born"he said starting to chuckle"ok will do"i say smiling"ohh my son will be looking after you for the summer until your parents get home if thats ok"he says looking into the house"ohh yh sure come on in and is it Tray or Jaden who will be looking after me?"i ask really exitedly"it will be Jaden since Tray has matches to play" my smile grows a million times wider.he just laughs and says"im going to go and fetch Jaden and his things i will meet you inside je says ushering me into the house.

while waiting i go and look in the fridge to see what food we have but to my luck we dont have any so i call for a pizza.suddenly i feel two warm arms snake around my was Jaden.i almost fainted but then i thought about what my dad had told me"y/n you grew up togther for four years dont fo mad"so i didnt."Jaden what are you doing?!?!"Will was looking angry but it snapped me out of my thougts at least."Jaden atop doing that you cant do that its y/n remember you said she was like a sister to you"Will atarted askig Jaden loads of questions"ohh right yhh sorry dad" he started to let go but something made me want him to leave his arms there so i started holding his hands.

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