my chance


2. friends

Will stood there in shock.he was staring at me then our hands then back at me.i ordered pizza if its ok with you JJ" i started a convo with Jaden as if Will had gone."omg yay your soo cool here"Jaden started letting go of one hand and then took his snapback off and placed it on my head."aww you look so cute i think you should keep it."

Jadens pov

omg she gave me a nickname omg im like dying she so pretty and cute she seems kind and she ordered us pizza we are gonna get on well.

"Jaden im going bye"Will said and waved as he turned and started walking out of the kitchen."whats his problem??"i asked Jaden staring into his beautiful big brown eyes."i dunno but we got six weeks together and i was just sayin hi he probs thinks we are flirtin ahaha"Jaden said cracking up.

*ding ding*

the doorbell went off and i im guessing its the pizza . i let go of Jadens hands kissed his cheek and ran to the door.i opened it payed the guy and shut it as fast as i could then took the pizza into the livingroom."JJ pizzas here come and get it"i shout i hear footsteps and Jaden runs in grabs the whole pizza and runs off upstairs so i chased after him but he barracaded the door so i cant get in.i started walkig down stairs into the kitchen and grab a bowl put some salad into it and start eating.

i hear footsteps and Jaden walks in and says"aww poor y/n are you eating rabbit food while i eat pizza"he starts bragging about how tasty it was"yhh the pizza i brought with my money but its fine im full i dont want any thanks for asking"i tell him walking to the door putting on a pair of shoes."what y/n were are you going?""out for a jog/run you wanna come?"i want to make him think im healthy and stuff but im not that healthy and i dont do much exercise."yhh sure what for tho you only had salad its not like you had a whole pizza?" i wanted to know why she was doing exercise i mean maybe she has thoughts that make her feel fat or something."aha i know but i just thought it would be nice cant someone go out for a bit?" " ermm yhh i guess ill come too if i can" i dont know why i asked if i can go with her but i guess it means i can spend more time with her.


sorry its so short hopefully ill have time later to add more on xxxxxxxxx

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