Stronger Than You Think

When Holly's parents are admitted to hospital after being in a car accident, she meets five boys who help her through the tragedies that follow. Will they be able to help Holly? Or will a face from the past put her back in danger?
A/N Contains swearing, sex references and abusive actions


48. #48 Beach Days

Holly's POV

So the gang were taking me to the beach. I am so excited! Like seriously! Harry can't even get me to shut up! I put on my bikini and pulled on my orange and purple patterned sun dress and my flip flops, made sure that everything was packed such as sun-lotion and towel then went and sat in the living room with Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry.

"Why are the others taking so long?!" I moaned, "Some of us would like to leave because they want to go and they're really excited!" I shouted so that the girls would be able to hear me which is when they walked out all wearing their beach dresses and flip flops or sandals with their bikinis underneath. 

"Lets go!" I said, grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him out to the car. I had said I would drive my Audi and Harry would come with me along with Dani and Liam. Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Aislin, Louis and El were all going in the mini-van thing that Paul had given them for the day. It was pretty cool actually with loads of seats but not enough for ten of us!

On the way there we had played many games such as truth or dare which turned out to be quite entertaining. 

"Holly, you go first!" Liam said

"Truth!" I replied

"Chicken, but okay, if you could be anything, what would you be?!" Dani said

"What! How am I meant to answer that?!" I said laughing because of the stupid question.

"Okay, let me rephrase that, if you could be any animal, what would you be?!" She said

"Easy, a unicorn!" I said and they all just turned to look at me with raised eyebrows. Then they all burst out laughing. We finally arrived at the beach and Harry quickly paid for parking as we unpacked all the stuff to walk onto the beach. It was quite deserted, except from a few old couples who were walking along the sand. 

I stepped onto the sand and immediately was calmed by the warmth between my toes. Thank god for the heatwave in April! I dumped my stuff with the others and took of my dress so I was just standing in my bikini. Which is when Harry grabbed me by my waist and kissed me passionately on the lips.

"You look so sexy right now! And you're all mine!" He growled into my neck in between kisses.

"Thanks lover boy! Now lets finish our game!" I said and the other looked at us inquiringly. "We played truth or dare on the way here!" I explained.

"Lets play! Niall?" Zayn said

"Dare!" He said laughing.

"Okay then, let me think! I dare you to go over to that old couple over there wearing Aislin's beach dress, walk past them, then walk back to us!" Perrie said and we all laughed as Aislin gave Niall her dress and he put it on over his trunks. He then walked past this old couple and walked back. The old people did the comedy thing where they took off their glasses and wiped them before putting them back on again. By the time Niall had gotten back we were all rolling around clutching our stomachs. It was so funny!

"Right, Holly..." Niall said.

"Dare!" I said quickly smiling.

"I dare you to walk over to that man and give him a kiss on the cheek and walk back!" He said. i looked at Harry and he nodded to signify he didn't mind. It was only a game anyways. So I walked over to the guy Niall had pointed at who was sat on the wall with his back to the beach. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and I kissed him on the cheek before turning to leave but the man had grabbed my wrist, turning me around to face him and his face was not one that I wanted to see. Ever. Again.

Because it was Joe. 

And that's when I started to scream. 

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