Stronger Than You Think

When Holly's parents are admitted to hospital after being in a car accident, she meets five boys who help her through the tragedies that follow. Will they be able to help Holly? Or will a face from the past put her back in danger?
A/N Contains swearing, sex references and abusive actions


44. #44 Dance: 3 Days To Go

Dani's POV

"Right, Harry, Liam, we're off!" I shouted and they came running through the hall. Harry gave Holly a hug and kiss before wishing her luck and Liam did the same to me. 

"Good luck!" Liam said.

"It's only a class you plonkers!" Holly and I said laughing. We continued to giggle until we reached the Royal Ballet School entrance. We ran inside and fixed our hair into a slick bun so it was out of our faces. We then went to get changed into our leotards. Holly was wearing a leotard which was black and lacy everywhere. 

I was wearing the leotard which Holly had bought me as a congratulations present when I told her I had gotten into the school. It was navy and crossed over across the chest and I was in love with it!

We walked into the studio where we met Madame Nettie (the dance teacher) and she started a warm-up where we did a variety of things to get our blood pumping, such as star jumps and running and basically just jumping everywhere! When we started stretching, the music changed to Best Song Ever and me and Holly received stares from the whole class as we giggled. 

We had finished the warm-up and stretches so we got to work learning a piece of work which, if agreed by the teachers, could be performed at the end of term show in early July which was due to be scheduled around the 4th? It was the day before Holly and Harry's one year anniversary. 

"I'm so excited for your birthday Hols!" I said in the car as we drove back from the studios. 

"When is it again?" She asked me.

"Holly! You don't even know your birthday!" I said in shock

"Haha, just kidding ya! I know it's this Friday, 25th April! Just please, no big parties!" She said.

I laughed and continued to drive. 3 more days to go!

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