Stronger Than You Think

When Holly's parents are admitted to hospital after being in a car accident, she meets five boys who help her through the tragedies that follow. Will they be able to help Holly? Or will a face from the past put her back in danger?
A/N Contains swearing, sex references and abusive actions


43. #43 Another Shopping Trip: 4 Days To Go

Perrie's POV

Aislin, Holly, Eleanor, Danielle and I had all agreed to go shopping. Somehow we had to trick Holly into buying a new bikini for Friday. It was Monday and Friday we were all going to the beach for Holly's birthday. She would finally be 19, it was cute because she was the baby of the group. We could only go today as it was the only day closest to Holly's birthday where we all weren't doing anything. Tomorrow, Dani and Holly had dance classes all day. On Wednesday, Eleanor had some classes at her university then had a photo shoot with Aislin in the afternoon. And on Thursday, I had rehearsals at the recording studio with the Little Mix girls. We had all decided to wear matching top crops with shorts and converse because El said she would get Lou to throw carrots at us and after past experiences, carrots at the head hurt. A LOT. 

Anyways, Holly wore a Wonder Woman top, El wore a Superman top (for obvious reasons), Aislin wore a Green Lantern top and Dani had a Batman top (again, for obvious reasons). I was wearing a Captain America top which was a gift which Leigh-Ann, Jesy and Jade had gotten us as a congratulations for out promise rings. They had given him a top with the Captain America logo on it as well. Trust those idiots to get us matching clothes!

We all piled into the taxi, laughing and talking about random things that had happened in the week. We then started to talk about how the boys had given us our promise rings. 

"Zayn took me to Big Ben and we walked around afterwards before going home" I said smiling and showing off the ring which I couldn't keep my eyes off of. 

"Harry took me to Trafalgar Square and he made me cry with what he says the softie!" Holly said.

"Lou took me to the London Eye and basically talked about carrots the whole time." El said and we all laughed because we could all imagine the scenario.

"Niall took me to London Bridge and it looked all pretty because it was all lit up, I think I saw you actually El, when we walked around afterwards!" Said Aislin as she looked at El.

"Really, huh!" El said, "Where did Liam take you then Dani?"

"Covent Garden, he was so romantic, we went to the Disney Store and he went on about being the Jessie to his Buzz" Dani chuckled along with us when she talked about the Toy Story innuendo. We arrived at the shopping center. We walked into Topshop and Dani immediately spotted a bikini in the corner of the shop. The bikini was yellow and had little flowers all over it. 

After Dani had payed for her bikini we went into Hollister where El found the cutest bikini which was a blue purple colour with little black dots all over it and after making sure she was happy with it, she payed for it, with a discount (lucky!) we walked out of the shop. 

Aislin and I begged the others to go into New Look and after they agreed, Aislin and I ran to the bikini section looking like little kids in a sweet shop. The biking Aislin had bought had plain blue bottoms and a blue and pink top half. Mine was black at the bottom and had pink and black floral patters all over it. 

"Just you left now Holly!" Dani said and Holly rolled her eyes.

"I need to find the perfect one!" She said as we walked into various shops such as H&M, TK Max and Republic. We were beginning to give up until we walked into Jack Wills and Holly ran over to a bikini which had a black top and bottoms, but the top had a mint green bow on it. It suited her perfectly!

"Right, let's go home! I'm exhausted!" Holly said as we piled back into the taxi, laughing about the events of the day. Only 4 more days!

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