Stronger Than You Think

When Holly's parents are admitted to hospital after being in a car accident, she meets five boys who help her through the tragedies that follow. Will they be able to help Holly? Or will a face from the past put her back in danger?
A/N Contains swearing, sex references and abusive actions


40. #40 El & Louis

Louis' POV

How did I get so lucky with such a sexy carrot princess? Eleanor looked amazing in her pink dress she had bought earlier that morning. I love her so much, I know she loves me back right?! And I can't wait for the day we get married and start a family of our own. Have our own little Tommo's and Calder's running around the place. I smile thinking about it sometimes, but not yet, El's still at school and she wants to do well with it. With all of these exams she's been preparing for at home, we haven't had much time to do things as a couple but hopefully tonight things will change. I took her to the car and made sure she was all buckled in before I drove off to the restaurant. We met the rest of the gang there and ordered our meal; El and I both had the spaghetti meal. When we had finished, I took her back to the car and started to drive.

"Babe, this isn't the way home" She said after a while of driving and talking about carrots.

"I know" I smiled

"Why aren't we going home?" She said curiously.

"That's for me to know and you to find out" I said tapping my nose with my finger which made her giggle. We finally arrived at out destination and Eleanor gasped as she saw the scenery. The London Eye was all lit up as it was about 11 o'clock at night. I must admit, it did look quite breathtaking. I tapped her on the shoulder and she looked at me so I kissed her quickly on the lips before kneeling down on one knee...

El's POV

He got down on one knee and my heart stopped beating momentarily. I smiled as he chuckled looking at my face.

"El, I have known you and we've been dating for a while now but I don't want that time to end yet. Hell, I don't want it to end ever! I want to grow old with you and get married, have a few children, a few grandchildren, hell even some great grandchildren if we ever live to the ripe old age of 300 years old! I want to marry you one day in the future. Until then, this is a promise. A promise that I will keep you away form anything that may hurt you now and forever. I want you to be my carrot queen someday and I want to be your carrot king, So Eleanor Calder, do you accept this promise ring?" Louis said laughing at his last sentence.

"Nothing would make me happier than becoming you carrot queen" I laughed as I hugged him. Then I crashed my lips on to him before we walked along the street holding each other and never planning to let go. 


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