Stronger Than You Think

When Holly's parents are admitted to hospital after being in a car accident, she meets five boys who help her through the tragedies that follow. Will they be able to help Holly? Or will a face from the past put her back in danger?
A/N Contains swearing, sex references and abusive actions


29. #29 Not Such A Great Night

Holly's POV

There were 3 weeks until opening night and I was fairly confident in myself. Harry and I had been dating for nearly 3 months now and we were still going strong. Dani and Liam were happy as were Perrie and Zayn and Louis and El. Niall had been texting and calling Aislin and I think he's met up with her a few times for coffee but nothing major. He says he just wants to get to know her for now. I really hope the best for Niall and Aislin seems nice, but if she hurts him, I will hurt a bitch. Ahem anyways...

It was Saturday and the girls, meaning Dani, El, Perrie and I were all going out. Just to a club, nothing fancy just a girly night out for a change and the boys were staying at home with the x-box and some beers and having a lads night in. I had just got out of the shower and dried my hair and straightened it and did my smokey eye makeup with a touch of red lipstick. I was wearing a black dress with black stiletto heels:


Perrie then walked into my room wearing a pink dress, looking adorable as per usual:

And El walked in wearing a blue and black dress:

"Come on guys" Dani called to us from the hall obviously getting impatient. We all walked out pass the living where the boys where all watching each other playing on fifa again. Dani walked in to see where we were and she looked hot wearing gold hot pants and a black top:

"Alright let's go!" I said pushing Harry off of me after he had kissed me and wished me a good night. The boys all shouted bye and we walked out of the apartment to the nearest club. 

At the club, Me and Dani naturally hit the dance floor and we danced for what seemed like hours. After a few drinks I was a bit tipsy but not drunk, Dani grabbed my arm and told me that she was going to get a drink at the bar with Perrie and El so I nodded at her because the music was so loud and she walked over to the bar which was visible from the spot on the dance floor. I kept on dancing with some other girls who were really drunk and it was quite funny dancing with them until someone grabbed my arm quite roughly.

"Ow! Dani, let go of me!" I shouted over the music but when I looked into the persons eyes, I found them to not be Dani's. Or El's. Or Perrie's. 

They were Joe's and he kept hold of me until we were out the back alley of the club where it stank of urine and smoke and alcohol. He was practically dragging me down this alley way now as I scratched and hit him on every part of his anatomy I could reach. 

"Get the fuck off me Joe!" I said, eventually wrenching my arm from his grip, rubbing it to get rid of the pain. He walked towards me until my back was pressing against the cold damp brick wall.

"Well hello again Holly. It's a shame it had to turn out this way" He smirked at me and I could smell the weed and alcohol rolling off of his tongue. Stoned and drunk again!

"I don't know or care what you want but let me go you knob!" I screamed at his face when he grabbed both wrists and pushed them up above my head and then slowly lifted my dress above my knicker line. I realized then what his intentions were.

"No, you wouldn't Joe! NO!" I screamed but no-one would hear my screams or pleads of help due to the music coming from the club.

"Shhh" Joe said as he unzipped his jeans and thrusted deep inside me causing me to scream in pain. I was crying now as Joe zipped up his jeans and walked off leaving me lying on the cold hard ground (haha) of the alley. 

"Until next time!" He said as he left the alley. After about half an hour of laying there silently crying and sobbing I stood up shaking due to the crippling pain through my lower stomach and began to walk home. Looking at my phone it was 3 o'clock in the morning and the girls would have been home by now so I began to walk the 10 minute walk back to Harry's and Lou's apartment with rips in my dress and tear trails down my cheeks. 

A/N OMG so this afternoon after school my best guy friend asked me to be his girlfriend but I said no because I didn't feel about him in that way and he looked really upset and now I feel bad :( What should I do :( Love you all <3

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