Stronger Than You Think

When Holly's parents are admitted to hospital after being in a car accident, she meets five boys who help her through the tragedies that follow. Will they be able to help Holly? Or will a face from the past put her back in danger?
A/N Contains swearing, sex references and abusive actions


10. #10 Niall Horan

Niall's POV

"Bacon's' on the table" I heard Zayn shout from downstairs. I threw the covers off of me and ran downstairs, happily finding out I was the first to the bacon. Holly was sat there on her phone. Harry and Louis had told me about Holly staying for a few weeks. 

At that moment the other boys, with the exception of Liam entered the kitchen and grabbed their helping of bacon. My helping was the biggest however Holly only had one rasher. I flicked one of my bits of bacon onto her plate when the boys had left the kitchen. 

"No thanks" Holly said to me, flicking the bacon back. My jaw dropped. Did she just refuse some fricking bacon! This is war. 

"Eat the bacon. It is law that you never refuse bacon" I retaliated.

"No it isn't" She said sticking her tongue out at me. I stuck mine back at her and she giggled.

"Do you wanna come to the hospital to see Liam? I can drive you if you want?" I asked.

"Sure, I'll come but I'll take my car so I can get to the studio and collect some stuff from home" She said.

Harry's POV

"Are we all ready?!" I shouted to the house. The boys and Holly ran out the door and got into their separate cars. Louis driving the Range Rover with Niall and Zayn whilst Holly was driving her Audi. I walked over to her car and climbed in, ignoring her stare, she hadn't agreed to take me to the hospital. But seeing as I was going to the studio with her this afternoon, I may as well. 

Holly's POV

"Why are you in my car?" I asked as Harry buckled his seat belt of the passenger seat. 

"Keeping you company" He replied. I didn't answer and flicked on the radio where The A Team by Ed Sheeran came on. I began to sing along as did Harry. The song had finished by the time we got to the hospital it had finished and we got out the car and walked up to Liams' room. 

"Tell me about Niall" I asked.

"Well, he likes his food; If he shares it with you, you must be one special person. He lived in Ireland but moved to London when One direction really kicked off" He said. 

"Oh" I said and we completed the journey in silence. 

A/N I am holding a competition to be Nialls girlfriend? Comment any names and I will pick the one I like most. Competition closes on Tuesday 7th. Love you all <3

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