Lost from the World: An Unexpected Alliance

In my previous book (Lost from the World) a 6th grade class went on a field trip into the Bermuda Triangle, their guide was killed, and they had no way to stop their boat...
Now they have discovered an ancient pyramid in the middle of the Triangle and are sucked inside it, Spartans take them to their emperor...


1. The Emperor

"We do not wish to harm anybody", Miss Kook replied, "I request that you show yourself!" she demanded.

"You wish to see me? HaHaHa! All in good time..." the voice said, "but for now, take them to the dungeons!, GUARDS!"

"Yes my Lord", the guards said.

"We mean you no harm!" Miss Kook pleaded!, "Please, just let us go!"

"I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request" (that means no). "ENOUGH! Now take them away, guards!"

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