Lost from the World: An Unexpected Alliance

In my previous book (Lost from the World) a 6th grade class went on a field trip into the Bermuda Triangle, their guide was killed, and they had no way to stop their boat...
Now they have discovered an ancient pyramid in the middle of the Triangle and are sucked inside it, Spartans take them to their emperor...


5. The Coming War

"GUARDS! Release the prisoners!" The Emperor said.

"Wait, Emperor, may i request that you let my cellmate out too? He told me he is a good fighter, but he never gets a chance to fight anymore." Miss Kook asked.

"Ohhh, very well! GUARDS! Release the scarred man too! You see, he never told us his name, he just spat at us and swore! So I am reluctant to let him out, but if you insist..." The Emperor said.

"I am guessing you have a lot of questions such as, what war? Why is there a war? Who started it? What is my name? No?" The Emperor asked.

"Well, yes but really i just wanted my class back with me." Miss Kook replied.

"And you will have them my dear."

"So, why is there a war then?"

"You see, a long time ago, my great grandfather defied Cervul, our neighbor and his kingdom. He did not take to this well, so he sent scouts to see if we were preparing for war, the scouts were killed by wolves, Cervul thought we killed them and he started a war that has remained to this day, that is why i need your help. You see, if you went as a spy into his kingdom and got to be a trusted member of the court, you could persuade him to see sense and stop this war, I do not want to kill anyone, I want this war to come to an end. It would take a while to get to be a trusted woman of the court, but, i have too much time on my hands, being emperor and all. Are you up to it?" 


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