Lost from the World: An Unexpected Alliance

In my previous book (Lost from the World) a 6th grade class went on a field trip into the Bermuda Triangle, their guide was killed, and they had no way to stop their boat...
Now they have discovered an ancient pyramid in the middle of the Triangle and are sucked inside it, Spartans take them to their emperor...


2. The Cellmate

"I can help you", he said.

Wait, looks like I'm getting ahead of myself, let me back up to about 10 minutes ago...

It all happened so fast, after their very, friendly, meeting with the Emperor the guards had pushed and pulled and shoved the class into one cell, and Miss Kook into another.

"Don't even think, about trying to escape!" the, nice, guards had screamed at them.

If the children were even thinking about anything, trying to escape was the last thing on their minds, Miss Kook thought as she sat in a corner of the cell, pouting in loneliness, with the children staring right back at her from the opposite cell. That's why she almost jumped out of her skin when a deep male voice coming from the other wall said,"I can help you."

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