Lost from the World: An Unexpected Alliance

In my previous book (Lost from the World) a 6th grade class went on a field trip into the Bermuda Triangle, their guide was killed, and they had no way to stop their boat...
Now they have discovered an ancient pyramid in the middle of the Triangle and are sucked inside it, Spartans take them to their emperor...


3. Escape?

"Where are you?" Miss Kook said, with an ounce of fear in her voice. A figure emerged from the other side of the cell, a scar covered half of his face. Some of the children screamed, others just stood there.

"Do you want my help or not?" he said.

"Of course we want help, er, help with what?" Miss Kook replied.

"Escaping of course!" he yelled.

"SHHHHHHH!" many of the children hushed him. " The guards, they're coming! They must have heard you!"

"Or they're giving us food, like they always do at this time!" he replied.

"Children he's right, I can hear the clanking of cups, or spears" Miss Kook tried to look calm in front of the children. As the guards came into view the class tried their best to look innocent, not like they were edging to get out of the cell, like they really were. But the guards weren't carrying food, in their hands they held crossbows, some crudely made handcuffs, and the dungeon keys. The children eyes were filled with fear completely now.

"The Emperor requests you come to him immediately!" one of the guards yelled, opening the cell.

"Well you can tell your Emperor, that I am disinclined to acquiesce to his request!" Miss Kook mocked. The guard reached over and slapped Miss Kook across the face.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Sally screamed. The guard slapped Sally too.

"Sally, stay out of this, please!" Miss Kook pleaded. And with that the guards took her toward the Emperor's throne room...

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