Lost from the World: An Unexpected Alliance

In my previous book (Lost from the World) a 6th grade class went on a field trip into the Bermuda Triangle, their guide was killed, and they had no way to stop their boat...
Now they have discovered an ancient pyramid in the middle of the Triangle and are sucked inside it, Spartans take them to their emperor...


4. An Alliance?

The guards pushed Miss Kook down a narrow hall, back toward where she had first met the Emperor. As they got closer to their destination (the Emperor's throne room) she started to see more guards that she had not noticed before, any chances of escape were futile. She wondered what the children were thinking right now, were they worried about her? Sally probably was. But her thoughts were interupted by a low and deep voice that she remembered belonged to the Emperor.

"I have a proposition to make, a deal" the Emperor said.

"And what is this deal, may i ask?" Miss Kook replied.

"Well, if you are willing, we shall become allies, you will help me in my war, and i will let you and your friends go back into your world, do you accept?" Miss Kook started to deny, but then she thought of the children.

"I accept"...


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