Smell like roses

I just wanted to write something different, so here it is. A story about one girl and one hell of weird boy.


8. Chapter 8.

"Kristen, honey I swear I was looking for her, but she just went missing..."

"I know, babe please stop making this your fault, she got drunk on purpose"

"We should let her get some rest."


Well thats interesting, I am in Kristen´s bed, Harry is checking if I am breathing every hour and all I am thinking about, is that i shouldn´t got so much drunk. Oh wait, no, there is this another thing, Niall. 

He and his Barbara. Shit.


"Good morning sleepyhead", Kristen said, while pouring apple juice into her mug.

"I am so sorry, please, believe me, I didn´t want this to happen, I am really sorry...", I said as I sit on a sofa.

"I know, I know, that´s okay Mia",

"By the way where´s Harry, I want to apologise to him as well",

"He went home, to his mum, I am sure you´ll have chance to say him your sorry", she laughed and in that moment I realized, that she finally found someone who´ll be there for her. Harry is perfect to be honest. As much as I want to be happy for her, I can´t. Niall was with a girl this whole time. Well, basically I was that girl, while his beloved Barbara waited for him in his apartment. This is sick and ridicilous. I know we said nothing about love or emotions, but at least I reasured myself I am a huge mess. Even bigger mess, without him. 


I said goodbye to Kristen and went straight home. I can´t go to work today, I look awful so I called Mandy and told her I have flu. As i am unlocking doors to my apartment I smell something familiar. 


"Hey", its him.

"How the hell did you get here?" I sound scared, but I am not. I am not even surprised he found a way to unlock the door.

"I am sorry", he didn´t even answered my question.

"You look awful", I stare at him.

"I said I am sorry, Mia",

"I don´t care", I went straight to the kitchen and poured myself some water.

"Look I am sorry you don´t care, I am sorry you had to met Barbara, I am sorry you had to watch me with her..."

"You´re such a fan of yourself, of what you do, or how you feel, it´s alright, I get it, it is my fault I started to like you, this shouldn´t be so complicated, just go home to your girlfriend and to your life, nothing´s changed, I´ll continue to live mine", I interrupted him and looked him in the eyes.

"You don´t understand, everything´s changed!" he shouted at me, and suddenly his eyes got wider,

"We don´t have to be ordinary Mia, we can be in each other lifes, we have to, please say you want to be with me", he grabbed my wrists.

"I won´t, stop saying these things for God´s sake! You can´t treat people like shit all the time! Please leave me alone.."

"It´s easy Mia, just admit you want to be with me, in the second you´ll do that, I am done with Barbara, I swear", I cant believe he just said that.

"I don´t know which mentally challenged human being would say something so fucked up, like you did, universe is not turning around you Niall! Wake up, I won´t say it, so forget it and go home",

"You don´t have to say it, just admit it, you can´t stay away from me, as much as I can´t stay away from you", he doesn´t even know how right he is.

He stepped towards me, grabbed my hand and holding it so tightly that my arm could fall off.

"You can have your Barbara and forget about me, if thats what you ask, and now let off me and go away or I´ll call the police, I am not joking", I just can´t deal with this anymore.

"That´s not what I meant,... Mia, please, reconsider this, just, just think about it, okay?", reconsider what, he want to be with Barbara, or with me, does he just can´t have no one? I am not the one who says I need him.

"Bye Niall", I opened the door for him, he just looked at me, put his head down, and left. I hate that I love the scent he left in my aparment.





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