Smell like roses

I just wanted to write something different, so here it is. A story about one girl and one hell of weird boy.


7. Chapter 7.

Everything seems cool now. The Bartender is cool, the drinks are cool, I am cool. Wow, I am so wasted. But, what the hell, I deserve every single shot I just poured into myself. Forget the world Mia, forget him.

“Mia, hey! I thought you went home”, a familiar voice approached me.

“Harry! Son, I didn´t go. I´ve decided to stay and drink a drink or two. Haha drink a drink, you get it right?”, said drunk myself.

“Jeez, you´re drunk, I should better take you home”,

“No, you´re drunk, I should better take you home!”, why am I embarrassing myself,                                       

“Alright, I should call Kristen, just wait here, do not go anywhere, do you understand? Just stay here!”, he is pointing a finger on me, why is he so anxious about? I am just a little drunk that´s all.

“Alright”, as soon as I said it, Harry disappeared in the dark.

Look, I am not going to stay here, or wait for Harry to take me home, I don´t want to go. What if I just runaway? That´s probably a good idea.

As I am walking through the crowd, I can see people drinking, dancing, laughing. God, it feels weird, it´s like I don´t want to do this pointless things, I don´t want to dance with random guys and wait for them to finally touch my butt. It´s childish, and stupid and lame and oh my God Niall. He is coming right in front of me.

“Well, well, look who´s here”, that Irish asshole,

“Give me a break, please”,

“You do please, a lot Mia”, shit, he is so annoying,  I can´t believe it,

“I am sorry but as I remember I told you to fuck off, so if you could just…”,

“Hey, babe, who are you talking to?”, a brown-haired girl, with strangely huge mouth suddenly appeared on Niall´s shoulder.

“Yes, Niall, who are you talking to?”, I said ironically,

“Ehm, babe, it´s my friend, Mia. Mia, this is my girlfriend, Barbara”, he awkwardly smiled and touched his lips with his ring hand.

“I am, Barbara, nice to meet you!”, her hand waving all around my face.

“Oh hey”, I faked a smile, a really good one, and sipped my drink.

“Do you, want to come with us? You seem really lonely here”, she is annoying as fuck, besides, I don´t like her accent.

This just not happened. If I´ll go, maybe Harry won´t find me. If I don´t go, I won´t be laughing at weird Barbara. Ehm, this is tough.

“Sure”, I said in a second and I can see Niall´s surprised face.

She took his hand and showed me to follow them. They were holding hands, whispering lovely-birdy-shit into each others  ears. How pathetic.

Oh, we´re here. This kind of looks like the VIP section, there is like four or five huge tents, with pillows and fabrics. We are going into one tent, far away from the others, it´s the biggest one. There is so many people, sitting here, drinking, I hope Harry´s not here.

“Heey, everyone, this is Mia, Niall´s friend”, she pointed at me like I am the new kid in the class and  laughed.

Niall is just sitting here, holding her hand, not even looking at me. Little fuck. How can he not look at me, after all those things he told me outside.

“So, Mia, what do you do?”, someone approached me. I think it´s the guy sitting just across, he is wearing a black shirt and black jacket, basically he is all in black. I can´t see his face properly, maybe because of the whiskey, but, he looks fine.

“Ehm, I work in a marketing?”, I said unsurely,

“Interesting, that’s from where  you know Mr. Entrepreneur here?”, yeah, it´s him, the guy across.

“Oh God, no”, I awkwardly laughed and looked at him.

“I am Zayn, by the way”, he shake my hand and smiled at me.

“Hi Zayn”, I smiled back.

Everyone is having a good time, they are talking to each other, telling cheesy jokes about whores and money.

A girl, sitting next to me, her name is Alisha or Talisha or something, went to the bar and as soon as she left, Zayn, that across guy, sit right next to me. I can finally see Niall looking. It seems like Zayn really got his attention, what about a little game Niall?

“So, Mia, how are you tonight?” I can taste a vodka from his breath, vodka and cigarettes. He seems more drunk than me actually.

“Better, really better”, I flipped my hair behind my ear.

“What about a little chat Mia?”, suddenly I can feel his hand on my tight, travelling up and down my knee.

I looked at Niall with just one eye, and of course his Irish lips are all over Barbara´s face. She is touching his hair, and moaning into his ear. Ew.

“What do you want to chat about Zayn?”, I whispered into his ear,

“Anything!”, he said with a smirk,

“You know what? I don´t like talking”, I said and grabbed his head into my hands, kissed him so passionately, his lips could have burnt from the heat.

Me and Zayn are having a little bit of a kissing romance over here, this is fun. Watching Niall´s face is fun, his cheeks are getting more and more red, his eyes more widen. I think I achieved what I´ve wanted.

“I need to go for a sec, ehm I´ll be right back”, I grabbed my coat and went to the ladies room.

As I am walking towards the door, I can feel a hand on my shoulder.

“What do you think you´re doing?”, oh, my old friend Niall stopped and came to say hi, I assumed.

“What do you, think I am doing?”, two can play this game.

“Are you trying to make me jealous, Mia?” he smirked.

“I am just kissing your friend, I have no intentions to make you jealous”,

“Sure, ehm, I just wanted to tell you, that you should stop”, what did he just say?

“Why should I?”,


“Because, what,  Niall?”,

“Because I don´t want you kissing him, or anyone.”,

“That´s the thing darling, I can kiss whoever I want to”, I looked straight into his eyes.

“Kiss me, then”,

“No? I don´t want to kiss you”,

“Oh, you do…”, God, I do, how is he doing this.

I am looking at him, for like a twenty seconds, not saying anything.

Suddenly my hand finds his, my lips so close to his, barely touching when his hand travels all around my back. Fuck! We finally kissed, his touch is so urgent, fuck, fuck, fuck, that´s all I can hear in my head. I am literally trying to catch my breath.

“The things you do, when you speak, or when you are kissing someone, it´s so amazing, I am amazed by you Mia, when I saw you kissing Zayn, I just wanted to take you away and do unspeakable things to you…”, I don´t understand him, or me. Why am I constantly putting myself in danger? But his hands are so soft, and…, that´s quiet it. I don´t like this guy, I don´t like the way he makes me feel around him. I don´t want to be with him, just because he has soft hands. I am not anyone´s hostage, or a toy, definitely not a toy. I won´t let myself to keep any deeper emotion towards him. I just can´t.

“So, ehm, I should better go…”, I put my coat on and tried to find my phone.

“O-okay, well, wait, you won´t even say goodbye to Zayn?” he laughed.

“Sure, tell him I say hi”, I said embarrassedly and runaway.


“Miaa! What the fuck??” Harry screamed out of his car. Shit. He found me.

“Get in! Now!!”, why is he so angry.

I stepped into his car and sit next to him.

“Why did you disappear? I told you to stay there, and you didn´t. Fuck Mia, I was scared something happened to you!”, he acts like an older brother I´ve never had.

“I am sorry, I was with this guy, Zayn, or so, I am sorry, can we go home now? Please?”, I buried my head into my hands.

“You were with Zayn? Malik? That Zayn?”, he is laughing now.

“I don´t know maybe, why?”, and then it hit me, Zayn is his friend! The one who threw up that party! Alright, maybe I should have said goodbye.

“God, Mia, nothing, it´s just, nothing, let´s get you home”, he turned the engine on and all I can remember is Harry, driving me through the London streets, home.

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