Smell like roses

I just wanted to write something different, so here it is. A story about one girl and one hell of weird boy.


5. Chapter 5.

It´s about 2 in the morning when my phone beeped,

“Can I come in?”, it´s a text from Niall. Suddenly I hear a loud knocking. He is at my door, at 2 am, oh boy. I moved myself away from bed and went to open the door for him.

“Hey”, he says and immediately grabs me by my hips, his lips meeting mine, I can feel his urge for me, it, or whatever this is.

“You can´t just show here, in the middle of the night”, I say between the kisses.

“I can tell, you don´t mind, so..”, he is right, I want it just as much as him.

Few minutes later, we´re both lying in the middle of my living room completely naked. I hate him because of the control he has over me, I don´t even know him, he doesn´t know me, we are complete strangers who fuck from time to time, pretty ridiculous.

“I like you Mia”, his face turns to mine.


“I like you too”, why the fuck you have to speak out loud Mia?

“We should hang out more”, translation: we should fuck more. God, I know nothing about this guy.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure”, he answers.

“What do you for living? I mean, I don´t know what´s your job, or where do you live, anything..”.

He´s smiling, why the hell is he smiling.

“I own some corporations, nothing serious”,

“Yeah, nothing serious about that”, I laughed ironically.

“It´s not like I am working for”, he emphasise vogue.

“Ha-ha, someone is being funny”,

“I am funny all the time”, he tries to sound serious,

“I can tell by the amount of laugh we have since we´ve known each other”, he knows I am talking about sex.

“Someone is being ironic”.

“Me? Never! By the way, it´s three in the morning, December, and we are lying on the floor, naked, I don´t want to get cold”, I stood up, grabbed myself a blanket and threw Niall another one.

“Thanks”, he smiles, “Can I use your  bathroom?” he asks.

“Sure, towels are in the top shelve”, I blinked and pointed at the bathroom.

He is back, he´s been in the shower for 5 minutes. Oh my strawberry shower gel smells so much better on him.

“It´s really late, I should probably go..”, his hands touching the back of his head. He is cute just in his black jeans without his shirt.

“Yeah, I mean, ehm, it´s pretty late, if you want to stay here till the morning…”, I don´t think he wants to.

“Sure, If you don´t mind of course, I can sleep on a couch”, did he just say yes?

“We´ve shared some pretty intimate moments, I don´t think its necessary for you to sleep on the couch, you can sleep in my bed.

He just smiles and gets into my bed. I can feel the cold breeze when he slides under my duvet. Oh alright, he is so hot, I don´t mean hot like hot, but literally hot. But I don´t mind, I am so tired I just want to fall asleep.

“Good night Mia”, he says and I can feel his voice on my back.

“Good night Niall”, I said and fell asleep.


It´s morning, 8 o´clock, Niall´s still asleep and I am making toasts. I don´t know if he likes them, but who doesn´t?

I sit at the table, reading newspapers and sipping my black tea.

“Hey, what time it is?”, someone who looks like a five year old boy, holding a blanket all around him, talks to me.

“8 am, I didn´t want to wake you up, cause I didn´t know..”,

“It´s okay”, he smiles, “Hm, I smell toasts, can I have some?”.

“Sure”, I moved from my chair for bread when he stops me.

“Oh, I can make some by myself, just tell me where do you keep the ingredients”, he laughs.

I smiled, pointed at the bread and kept reading the papers, it´s weird having someone here, in my apartment just in boxers and socks.

“Me and my friends are having a party tonight, you should come”, he suddenly sits next to me.

“Yeah, well, thank you for the invite, I´ll take it into the consideration”, who speaks like that?

“Some girls would just say sure or no..”, there is a silence lasting a nanosecond when he continues, “But you´re not some girls”, he murmured and sipped his coffee.

“Yes, I would be pleased to go!”, I said ironically .

“That´s the talk!”, he smiles. The problem is, I really do want to go and see him tonight, agrh, what´s wrong with me?


After I got back home from work, I am trying to find something serious to wear tonight, okay, it doesn´t have to be so serious. I don´t even know what party is it. Niall texted me the address but didn´t say what are they celebrating. After a while of staring at my closet, I´ve decided to go for my flower skirt, black jacket and black boots. I think it should be fine.

I am standing outside, waiting for my taxi to come. It´s been a few weeks since he stole me one. Oh Niall, you must be a wizard when you talked to me to go tonight.

It´s so crowded here, so many people, oh, I know that girl! She works for DKNY, I see some familiar faces here but not the most familiar to me. I need a drink, I came to the bar and ordered a whiskey. I can feel the eyes looking at me, girl, sitting lonely at the bar, someone would say I need a company.

“Hello”, someone´s voice woke me.

“Hi”, please don´t be some creep.

“Harry!!”, I shout as I can finally see someone familiar.

“What are you doing here?”.

“Oh, Zayn, my friend, it´s his party, what are you doing here?” his eyes all widen, I am so glad to see him.

“What a coincidence, my friend is throwing this party as well, our friends must be friends..” we both laughed.

“It seems like it, what are you drinking, can I get you something?”, he points at the bartender.

“Whiskey, but I am good, besides, is Kristen here?”,

“No, she´s working on some art project, she is picking me up tonight actually”, as he finishes the sentence, I can see Niall. He is somewhere in a group of a people, I can see some pretty girls around him. Shit. Never mind, I just want to say hi to him, or  just see him or whatever,

“I need to go to say hi to my friend, see you around?”,

“Sure, just call me if anything, alright?”,

“Thanks Harry”, I smiled and went to Niall, as I am getting closer and closer, I can see it. He is here with someone. Her hands meeting his arms and hair. Fuck, fuck. He kisses her, she kisses him back. Fuck. Why am I still walking towards him? Stop it Mia, just stop, turn around and go away. I don´t know what to feel, shit, I know we´re not dating but.

“Hey!”, it´s him, he saw me.

“You come!” he says in excitement.

“Yeah, I did”, calm down Mia, play it cool.

“Is that your girlfriend?” Shit! Why did you have to say that?

“Oh, you mean Barbara? Well, technically, no but practically yes”, he smiles. After what he just told me, he is smiling.

“So you have a girlfriend but you don´t mind fucking me, is that it?”, he got to be kidding me.

“Stop it Mia! We said no emotions, stop doing it”, he still laughs.

“You´re unbelievable!”, I sighed and turned to leave.

“You and I, it´s just sex, nothing more and nothing less, I don´t know why is it such a big deal?”,

“Look, I don´t give a shit about our relationship, but how can you do this to your girlfriend, you just have no shame!”, fucking prick.

“That´s not your business Mia”,

“You´re right, bye Niall”, and I left.

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