Smell like roses

I just wanted to write something different, so here it is. A story about one girl and one hell of weird boy.


4. Chapter 4.

It´s morning, I can feel it by the light in my room. Please, tell me yesterday was just a dream. Shit. It wasn´t. He is lying beside me, in my own bed. Fuck! He looks good in my bed to be honest, his blond hair on my dark blue sheets. Stop it, it was as mistake, you just didn´t have it for such a long time, and you just want to feel again, it was just a distraction, you hate that guy Mia so wake up!

As I am taking the hot shower, the whole night is just playing in my head.

“Morning”, he murmured when I entered my room just in my towel.

“Hey, I didn´t want to wake you up so…”, I said and sit on the corner of the bed.

“Thank you..”.

“You´re welcome”, shit, this is awkward.

“Look, I don´t want things to be awkward Mia”, too late Niall.

“Me neither…”.

“So, yesterday was…”, he didn´t finished his sentence when I interrupted him.

“Fun!”, I shouted.

“I was about to say amazing, but yeah, it was fun, we should do that again sometimes”, what did he just say?

Keep thinking Mia, last night was fine, but you can´t say yes!

“Sure”, what the fuck did I just say.

“You´re surprising me Mia!”, he smirked.

Yeah, I am surprising myself as well.

“No feelings, no love, no responsibilities, agree?”, he is smart.

“Agree on that”, I smiled and move myself away from the bed.

“Where are you going?”, he asked.

“To work, you´re not going?”.

“I am, I was thinking about now,…”, he moved himself away either, came to me and took my hand.

Why can´t I resist him? I hate him, I really do, but there is something and I can´t control myself.

“I think we have something about an hour left, so..”, and my lips touched his.


“We should eliminate the costs, which should raise the seasonal income. We should concentrate mostly on a financial profit this time of the year…”, I don´t even know what I am talking about right now, I can see Tom´s and Charlie´s faces, the only thing I am thinking about, is last night and morning.

“And, this is everything, we´re done for today, see you all next Tuesday”, I picked my notes, everyone left the room, except Charlie.

“Ya all shining today, I can tell you fucked today”, Lord praise Charlie´s mouth.

“What?”, just be like you don´t know what she´s talking about.

“Don´t do that “what” thing on me Mia, tell me! Who it is!?”, she asked and sat on a table.

“You don´t know him..”.

“I know it! Is it someone from the office?”.

“No, I am telling you, you don´t know him”. I won´t tell her anything, she has the biggest mouth in the west London.

“Okay, I´ll figure it out later, you want to grab some lunch?”.

“Thanks God! Course I do, let´s go to Darcy´s”.

Alright, today´s work is over, Kristen called me earlier today, I am about to go her place before I go home.

I hate this traffic! It´s all windy and rainy outside, I am late for more than 30 minutes already, shit!

I am finally in front of her door, her door bell is not working so I have to knock.

“Oh, Hi!”, some curly boy is standing in Kristen´s doorstep.

“Hello, ehm, is Kristen home?”.

“Of course, let´s go inside. I am Harry by the way, we´ve never met before I guess”, he shook my hand and gave me a strong hug. He is cute.

“I am Mia, Kr..”, he didn´t let me finish,

“Kristen´s sister I know, ehm sorry, she is in the living room..”, he nervously pointed at the hall and touched his lips with his huge hands. He is perfect for Kristen, literally.

“Sistaaa! Why so late?”.

“Sorry, fucking traffic, stupid weather..”.

“It´s okay, Harry was about to go when you knocked, by the way Mia, this is Harry, Harry this is Mia”, she introduced us.

“Yeah, we´ve met in the hall already love”, Harry kissed Kristen´s cheek,

“I really need to go now, lovely to meet you Mia!”, he hugged me again, then kissed Kristen on her forhead.

“Say hi to George from me!”, Kris shouted from the living room.

“Sure I will! By love, by Mia!” he shouted from the last time and all I could hear next was the doors shut.

“Who is George?”,

“His manager”, manager?

“Harry has this band, he plays in some clubs in London, they´re really good, we´ve met on their show few months ago”, wow too many information about this Harry.

“So Harry is in the band yeah? Cool!”.

“Yeah, he is, cool”, her eyes sparkled.

I thought he is in band when I saw him. He had this black tight jeans, white shirt, a flannel jacket and small black hat on his dark hair. Handsome indeed.

“Is he a singer?”.

“Yes, he-sings-incredibly, seriously, the reason why I fell in love with him, is his voice, I mean I love him all, it´s just his voice, I´ll take you to the show someday, you´ll love them, I know you´ll do.

Oh Kristen, you love this Harry boy so much, I can tell by your talk. I love being-in-love Kristen, I remember when she dated Anthony, she wanted to buy me a car that time, hah.

“I am glad for you Kristen, I really am, you deserve it, him, Harry”, I smiled and grab her hand.

“He pulled me out of the blue Mia, I´ve never thought it would happen to me, but it did, he makes me a better person, you know the best, how I was, and what I felt about love..”, yeah I know, you are, were, like me.

“And what about you? Someone in the sight?”.

Why do people ask questions like this.

“Well.. no, no one”.

“Few seconds of hesitation Mia, who is it?”, fuck! How does she do this?

“Just some guy I´ve met the other night, nothing serious…”,

“Be careful Mia, playing games is not good, alright?”, we´re not playing games, we just do fun, what´s wrong about that?

“I will, don´t worry, you know I don´t fancy love, so..”.

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