Smell like roses

I just wanted to write something different, so here it is. A story about one girl and one hell of weird boy.


3. Chapter 3.

He sits on his chair and sips his whiskey while I am carefully watching him do that. I hate this man. I know his kind, I bet he treats girls like shit, driving around in his roofless car, running some serious business which is just an excuse for fucking his assistants.

“So Mia, what about you, what´s your plans for the future?”, I hate Mark´s questions.

“Well, I don´t know, I don´t have things figured out yet, unlike these two,”, I pointed and Bree and Greg.

“I know, I know, I know, you´re too complicated!”, laughed Mark.

“Please, shut up Mark”, we all laughed.

“God, Mia, what is the God´s plan for you”, he continued and I grinned at him. All my friends know I am too weird, too busy to have some boyfriend, too dreamy to have someone real.

“I am about to have some cigarette, anyone?” I pointed at the box in my hand.

“No one?, I get Bree, but what about the others, don´t be all moralistic all of a sudden”, I joked while putting my coat on.

“Alright, I´ll be right back,”, I grabbed my hat and went outside.

I like being in Soho, I like the air here.


Please, don´t him again.

“What.”, I said and light up my cigarette.

“I wanted to apologise, again, for leaving you there, at the bar”.

“Ehm, okay, but there is nothing to apologize for”,

He is quiet.

“I am used to being left up”, I said and faked a smile.

“You´re really tough Mia, never met someone like you before”, he is standing outside just in his black jacket.

“Say something, it´s a compliment”.

“Alright then, see you inside, besides, I don´t like girls smoking”.

“Well, I don´t like you so…”, I finished my cigarette, looked directly into his eyes and went inside.

“Oh Niall, we were just wondering when are you going to L.A, again!”, asked Debbie and pouted her lips. I think she likes him. What´s wrong with her?

“Ehm, next weekend, James arranged some meetings for the new project there”, Niall sat on his chair with his cheeks all red from the cold.

“What about Anne? Is she okay with you moving from one place to another all the time?”, Debbie asks and ordering another ginger bear for her.

Who is Anne? His girlfriend? I can´t believe someone would want him as her boyfriend, he is ridiculous.

“Sh-she is okay, a bit tired of all this shit but, yeah, we´re fine”, I can´t believe he smiled at me when he finished his sentence. I don´t care he´s doing amazing with his girlfriend.

The night went by and we all were really tired, Bree and Greg took their taxi to Westminster, Debbie and Mark took the train, and then, there was me, standing outside the pub, waiting for my taxi.

“You need a ride home?”, an irish voice asked me.

“I am fine, thank you”, I responded and pull my coat even tighter, it´s so cold tonight.

“I didn´t know you can be thankful Mia”.

Is he serious?

“First of all, I hate the way you say my name, so please don´t, and second of all yes, I can be thankful, thank you for noticing!”, how I hate this guy.

“Is this all because I took you taxi earlier this night?”, he laughed.

“Yes?”, Is he retarded?

“I said I am sorry!” he laughed harder.

“I know you did, I just don´t think you truly are..”.

“I don´t understand why is it such a big deal, how many times do I have to apologise to you?” why is he looking at me like this?

“I don´t know how many”, I said and looked at my watches.

“You´re being ridiculous Mia!”, I thought I mentioned that name thing before.

“Thank you!”,

“You´re thankful for weird things”,

“I know”, I smiled, finally.

“You´re standing here for like ten minutes, let me drive you home”, he offers.

“You came here by a taxi, do you remember?”.

“I did but I get my car arrived here”, he said and pointed at his black Range Rover.

“I thought you´re car hasn´t got a roof…”, I murmured to myself.

“What?”, he askes.

“Nothing, ehm, okay, you can drive me”.

“When I drive you, will be that taxi thing forgotten for good?”.

“Sure”, I nodded. Of course not, I´ll remember that for the rest of my life. Just because you´re being nice, once for the whole night, it doesn´t mean we are friends. Even tough, I hate him less, then I did when the evening started.

“Good”, he smiled and picked car keys from his pocket.


“So, here we are”, he said and turn the engine off. It was a nice ride, we weren´t talking much, I like it that way. But why did he turn the engine off?

“Yeah, ehm, thank you for the ride, really”, why am I being so nice to him, he is a prick.

“It´s noting, anytime”.

Why are we still sitting inside? Why am I still not leaving?

I looked at my hands when all of a sudden I felt his lips on mine. His hands on my hips, trying to reach my naked skin underneath the clothes. What is he doing? What am I doing? I am lost in my thoughts and his hands all over my body.

“Why don´t you stop me Mia?” he askes between the kisses.

“I told you not saying my name like that”, I continued kissing him.

“You´re interesting, M-i-a”, he whispered into my ear.

“Just kiss me”, I said back, and at that moment, we were both doomed. 

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