Smell like roses

I just wanted to write something different, so here it is. A story about one girl and one hell of weird boy.


2. Chapter 2.

Fucking prick, what does he think? If I ever meet this guy, I will slap him, I swear I will. Now I am standing and waiting for another taxi to take. Thank God, some is just arriving.

As I am getting out of the car, I see Greg with Debbie outside, smoking as usual.

“Hey felaz, sorry I am late, but some fucker took my cab, anyway, is Bree inside? I need to talk to her..”, I put the strands of my hair away and took the hat off, we´re still outside.

“Sure, she is inside with Mark and Niall”, said Greg and finished his cigarette. I wonder who´s Niall, never heard of him before, he must be Mark´s co-worker or something.

“Mia, hey!”, Bree waved at me to see her, as I am walking to their table, I am putting my coat off, ready to finally sit somewhere warm.

“I am so glad to finally see you Bree, you´re always working…”, I kissed her on the cheek.

“I know, I am so sorry, but things are going to change now so…” she mysteriously smiled and bite her lip.

“What do you mean by, things are going to change now, besides where is Mark, I need to ask him about my laptop, it´s not working again..”, I looked around to see him somewhere.

“He must be somewhere with Niall…”she looked around too and sipped her strawberry juice.

“Alright, and who´s that Niall again? I´ve never heard of him before”.

“Oh, I didn´t tell you? He is my brother, well technically, step-brother, he is Rick´s son from the first marriage”, Bree looked surprised I didn´t know about him.

“I see now, by the way how is Rick and Charlotte?”, I said and waved at the waitress.

“They are in Morocco now, Rick has some business there, so he took mum on a trip” Bree smiled and took Greg by his hand.

Oh, finally I see Mark, coming inside with someone. Wait, that someone is blond, wait, that someone is tall, wait I know that someone. That someone is that fucking stealer! I can´t believe, he is Niall! Idiot. I want to say something but I am afraid it´s going to be much vulgar.

“Mia, this is Niall. Niall this is Mia”, Bree introduced us and moved her chair for Niall to sit next to her.

“Oh I know Niall, right? We´ve already met today, few hours ago, or am I wrong?, I said sarcastically waiting for him to say something.

“Yes, we´ve met by stupid circumstances, please let me apologise for my behaviour, I didn´t want to get you mad Mia”, he said with his foxy eyes and I can tell he´s making fun of me.

“I have this feeling you did”, I faked a smile and sit at the table. Oh God, where is the waitress, I need a drink, she must have seen me.

“I don´t have any idea what´s going on right here, but me and Greg want to tell you something”, Bree grabbed Greg´s hand even tighter.

“We are pregnant!”, Greg shouted. “Technically, Bree is, but yeah, we are going to have a baby!”, Greg sounds so excited. Oh my God, I can´t believe it. Greg is going to be a dad, the man who vomited on me so many times, is going to be a father. I am happy for them, for Bree, she is going to be an amazing mum.

“Congratulations! I am so happy for you, seriously!” I hugged Greg and Bree and sit on my seat again. Then Mark and Debbie did the same. Her idiotic brother kissed Bree on a cheek and whispered something into her ear.

 I need a drink.

“I am going at the bar, does anyone want something?”, I asked and pointed at the bar. “More strawberry juice for you Bree?”, I smiled and Bree nodded.

“One whiskey and one strawberry juice, please.”, I told the bartender and leaned myself against the bar, watching Greg and Bree. I don´t think I´ve ever seen Greg so happy. I turned around as soon as my eyes noticed Niall, walking to the bar. Please don´t go here, please don´t go here.


“Mia”, my name sound weird in irish. The way he said my name like a gentleman wants me to punch him even more.

“Niall”, I ironically said back and sipped my whiskey.

“Why don´t you come to the table and drink with us?” he smiled and pointed two fingers to the bartender.

“I am sitting with us, if you were to busy to noticed, I just wanted some time, and a drink”, I harshly said back. His hand went through his blond hair.

“I´ve noticed many things Mia, we like the same drink for example”, he winked and sipped his whiskey. I don´t remember the bartender giving him the glasses on the bar. He must see how annoyed I am by his present, so why is he still here?

“Do you know Bree from work?”.


“Yes, I did some things for Burberry a few years ago..”.

“I see, Bree told me you´re working for uk vogue, something like, marketing analysis, am I correct?”, how does he know that?

“Alright, I am going to sit at the table…”, I finished my drink and looked at Debbie, showing some pictures to Bree.

“Wait,”, suddenly I feel his hand on my shoulder.

“I am really sorry for taking that taxi, If I knew it´s you, I wouldn´t do that”, he thinks I don´t see his fake puppy eyes?

“So if you knew you were about to steal a taxi from your sister´s friend, she was about to see and tell her about her pregnancy, you wouldn´t steal my fucking taxi? Is that what you´re trying to say?” I said and proudly waited for his answer.

“Ehm, I recon, yeah”, he shook his head not understanding me at all. Oh, he is laughing at me now.

“I just wanted you to know I am sorry”, he laughed and went at the table.

Really stupid move Mr. Niall, really fucking stupid.

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