3Girls 2Boys 1Big Adventure

When Lily meats 2 nice twins that take her in. She quickly takes advantage of their parents money. Though she is a nice girl, she just cant stop.

Read this story to find out the different ways Lily uses the twins money.


3. Thank you

~~“Steve?” I ask like a question but I know it is him. He is dressed in all black. He is a nice, tall, strong, guy. He’s the one that saved me in the mall. So he’s one of my good friends at the mansion. I wonder if he wants to play the game too.
  “Yes it is he,” Steve says in a deep voice.
 “Do you need something?” I ask in my angle voice.
 “I heard you guys are going on a trip. So I thought I could help.”
 “Help with what?”
 “You know. Drive the RV. Drive you to the airport. And do what I do now. Be your guys’ bodyguard.”
 “Fine. Fine. You can come with us. But what about your family?” Steve has a wife and two kids.
 “My wife is going to Florida with the kids to meet their grandparents.
 “Oh, Ok,” I smile and give him a great big hug. “You’re a life saver! I didn’t know who could drive an RV on so short notice. You totally saved me. Thank you.”
 “You’re welcome,” we both brake the hug and I go back to counting.
---Later That Day---
 “So that’s what Steve said. He’ll be our chaperone and driver,” I finish telling the story to the others. They all look like it’s a great plan.

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